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Full text of "Manual of the Rhode Island society of the Sons of the American revolution, 1910-1920 inclusive .."

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of the 

iSh^^^ Jli^lan^ g^nrirly nf thp 

§xini^ at tlir Amrriran Srunlutinu 




IJI|n&^ KahmJi 6'flnplg 


^nna of tl|p Am^rtrau iR^hnUttton 

1910 to 1920 inclusive 

Organized February 1, 1890 
Incorporated February 18, 1891 



(Enmmtttrr mt Jpuliltraltnn 

George Franklin Weston 
Wilfred Harold AIunro 
Clarence Arthur Cotton 
Dr. George Thurston Spicer 
Howard AIillar Chapin 
Edward I!owen Ha^elin 
Hkrrert Morton Clarke 

Table of Contents 

Committee on Publication 4 

Officers at the Time This Pubhcation Was Ordered 7 

Contents of First Manual, Published in 1892 17 

Contents of Second Manual, Published in 1900 19 

Contents of Third Manual, Published in 1911 21 

By-laws • ^^ 

Officers of the Society— 1921 37 

Officers of the Society Since Organization 39 

List of Members ^'^ 

Records of Revolutionary Ancestors 73 

In Memonam 

Honor Roll of Men Associated with the World War U9 

Address by President Clarke on Presentation of War Service 
Medals to Members and Sons of Members 151 

Address on Presentation of War Service Medals to Representa- 
tives of Deceased Members and Sons of }^Iembcrs 157 

General Nathanael Greene Homestead Association 161 

General Greene Memorial Association 167 

Poem— Rhode Island's Fourth of May, 177G 169 

Chapters of the Rhode Island Society l'^2 

Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers l'''^ 

List of Illustrations 

General Nathanael Greene Homestead - 

Herbert M. Clarke " 

St. George Leakin Sioussat 

Clarence Arthur Cotton ^^ 


.y^i . • 

Rev. Alfred H. Wheeler 

Dr. George Thurston Spicer 


6 1. 3. ^otietg of li|p B, A. il. 

Edward Bowen Hamlin 13 

Howard Millar Chapin •■ 1-t 

George Corlis Nightingale 16 

Governor Elisha Dyer 18 

Arthur Wellington Dennis 20 

John Edward Studley 22 

John Prescott Farnsworth 35 

Governor Charles Warren Lippitt 38 

Christopher Rhodes -15 

William Chacc Greene -It) 

Governor Charles Dean Kimball 71 

Henry Van Ambufgh Joslin 12y 

Joseph Balch 141 

George Carpenter Arnold 142 

Thomas Allen Jenckes 148 

War Service Medals 156 

Henry Clinton Dexter 159 

General Charles Wheaton Abbot, Jr 160 

Frederick Dickman Carr 166 

George Franklin Weston 168 

Howard Vernon Allen 171 

Arthur Preston Sumner 174 

MAY 1^ '??' 






St. George Leakin Sioussat 

Clarence Arthur Cotton 

Dr. George Thurston Spicer 

Rev. Alfred H. Wheeler 

Edward Bowen Hamlin 

Howard Millar Chapix 

(EDutrnts nf Prrbinus ilssura 

uf thr 

Ami^rtrau ISntnlnttnu 

First Published in 1892. 
Second Published in 1900. 
Third Published in 191 i. 
Present Issue in 1921. 

George Corlis Nightingale 
President, 1900-1901 

(Eantputs of IFtrst ilanual 
Publtfilipii in 1S92 

Act to incorporate. 


List of Officers 1890. 1891. 1892. 

Names of Members and Ancestors. 

Anniversary Dinner in Com ME^roRATioN of First American 

Fleet Under Commodore Esek Hopkins. 
Connection of R. I. with the Formation of the American 

Annual Meeting June 4, 1892. 
Revolutionary Events Outside R. I. in Which R. I. Men 

Were Present. 

Governor Elisha Dyer 
President, 1903-1904 

(HanUntB of ^eronb iHanual 

18il3 to 1B99 inrluainp 

fubltat|e& 1900. 

Bristol Chapter No. i. 

By-Laws of the R. I. Society, S. A. R. 


Constitution and By-Laws of the National Society. 

Historical Addresses. 

List of Illustrations. 

List of Members, R. L Society, S. A. R. 

List of Members Who Served in the Spanish War. 

Officers S. A. R.. 1899-1900. 

Officers Since Organization. 


Names of Ancestors. 


Presidents' Addresses. 

Proceedings of the Annual Meetings from the Third to the 

Ninth Inclusive. 
Reception in Honor of General Horace Porter. 
Report of Committees, Registrar, Secretary, and Treasurer. 
The Dooley Letter. 

Arthur Wellington Dennis 
President, 1904-1905 

(EontFuta of (ill|tr& Hanual 

lann to i9ia 3uriuBtup 

fubltsliPti tit 19 U 

Officers of the Society, 1910-1911. 

Officers of the Society, 1900 to 1910. 

Charter and By-Laws. 

List of Members. 

Records of Ancestors. 

In Memoriam. 

Chapters of the R. L Society. 

General Greene Memorial ^Association. 

Graves of Revolutionary Soldiers. 

Events Relating to the American Revolution. 

Capture of Prescott. 


John Edward Studley 
President, 1905-190(5 


of thr 

IShufir jHlauJi ^nrtrty nf lt|^ #nnB nf 
tl|^ Auti^rtrau ISrunluttmt 

Amended November 17, 1920 
Effective on and after February 22, 192 1. 


(These amended By-Laws were unanimously adopted at 
a regularly called meeting of the Society held November 17th, 
1920, when it was voted that they should be and continue in 
effect, February 22nd, 1921.) 



Section i. The name of this Organization shall be 
Rhode Lsland Society of the Sons of the American Revolu- 



Section i. The purposes of this Society are patriotic 
and social ; to cherish and maintain among ourselves and our 
descendants and in the community the institutions of Ameri- 
can freedom ; to perpetuate the spirit and memory of the 
deeds of the patriots who achieved American Independence 
and who secured to us the blessings of liberty ; to promote 
the fitting celebration of anniversaries commemorating the 
events connected with the War of the American Revolution ; 
to collect and preserve documents and relics relating to said 
war ; and to promote social intercourse and friendship among 
its members now and hereafter. 



Section i. Any man shall be eligible to membership in 
this Society who, being at least twenty-one years old and a 

26 ISi. 3. ^ortply nf tl|r i>. A. i^. 

citizen of good repute in the community, is the lineal descend- 
ant of an ancestor who was at all times unfailing in his loyalty 
to, and rendered actual service in the cause of American Inde- 
pendence, either as an officer, soldier, seaman, marine, militia- 
man, or niinuteman in the armed. forces of the Continental 
Congress, or in any one of the several Colonies or States ; or 
as a signer of the Declaration of Independence ; or as a mem- 
ber of a Committee of Safety or Correspondence ; or as a 
member of any Continental, Provincial, or Colonial Legisla- 
ture ; or as a recognized patriot who performed actual service 
by overt acts of resistance to the authority of Great Britain. 
Sec. 2. All applications fo.r membership in this Soci- 
ety shall be in duplicate, upon blank forms furnished by the 
Society, and each application shall be accompanied liy a mem- 
bership fee of $5 (covering application fee $i, membership 
certificate $2, and first year's dues $2), which shall be re- 
turned if the ap])licant is not accepted. Such applications 
shall be submitted to the Registrar for examination and shall 
be reported by him to the Board of Managers and if the appli- 
cant is the resident of another State, having a Chapter of the 
National Society, the Secretary shall give thirty days' notice 
to the Secretary of the Society of such State that such appli- 
cation is pending before this Society and will be thereafter 
acted upon. The applicant shall become a member of the Soci- 
ety when his application shall have been approved l)y the 
Board of Managers anrl l)y the Registrar General and when 
he shall have subscrilied to the Charter and By-Laws. 



Section, i. The application fee shall be one dollar and 
the yearly dues shall be two dollars and such assessments as 
the Society shall order from time to time, not exceeding the 
sum of three dollars for any one year. The payment of fifty 
dollars bv a member at any one time shall consti-tute him a 
life member, and he shall thereafter be exempt from the pay- 

lij-ICauia 27 

ment of annual dues ; and any amount so received shall be 
set aside and invested as a permanent fund, the income only 
to be used for such purposes as the Board of Managers shall 
determine. Annvial dues shall be paid to the Treasurer on 
or before the 22nd day of February in each year, but mem- 
bers joining- the Society during the last quarter of the year 
ending February 21, shall not be liable for the payment of 
dues for the year preceding. 

Sec. 2. The Treasurer shall notify any meml)er nine 
months in arrears, and non-payment of dues within three 
months thereafter shall be regarded as terminating the mem- 
bership of such person unless he shall present a satisfactory 
excuse acceptalile to the Board of Managers. 



Section i. A meeting of the Society for the election of 
officers and other business shall be held annually in the City 
of Providence on the 22d day of February at 12 o'clock, noon, 
at such place as may be designated by the Board of Managers. 
The following shall be the Order of Business for the Annual 
Meeting: i. Reading and approving the record of the last 
Annual Meeting; 2. The President's annual address; 3. The 
Secretary's annual report ; 4. The Treasuer's annual report ; 
5. The Registrar's annual report; 6. The reports of Commit- 
tees ; 7. The election of Officers. Delegates, and Alternates ; 
8. Unfinished business; 9. New business. 

Sec. 2. Upon the completion of such business as 
shall l)e appropriate to the Annual ^Meeting, it shall adjourn, 
and the adjourned meeting of the Society shall be held on 
the same day, or some o^ther day, at a place which shall be 
provided by the Board of Managers, where a dinner shall be 
served, at which the retiring President shall preside. Included 
in the exercises attending the annual dinner shall be a toast, 
"To the Patriots of the American Revolution." Whenever 
the 22d of February shall fall on Sunday, the Annual ]\Ieet- 
ing shall be held on the following day. 

28 H. 3. i>0rtpty of tV ^, A. S. 

Sec. 3. The Society shall hold at least one meeting 
in each year for the purpose of celebrating some event in 
Revolutionary History, at such time and place and in such 
manner as may be determined by the Board of Managers. 
At any meeting of the Society a quorum shall consist of ten 

Sec. 4. Special meetings of the Society may be 
called by the President, and shall be called by him when 
directed so to do by the Board of Managers, or whenever 
so requested in waiting by at least fifteen members. There- 
upon the Secretary shall mail to each member a notice of 
such meeting and of the business to come before it. at least 
forty-eight hours before such meeting. 



Section i. The officers of this Society shall consist of 
a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, 
Historian, Chaplain, l^oet and six members, who together 
with the Presidents of such Chapters as now or hereafter may 
be organized shall constitute the Pioard of Managers. These 
officers excepting the Presidents of the Chapters shall be 
elected by ballot, by a majority of the members voting at the 
annual meeting, and with the exception of the six members 
of the Board of Managers elected at large shall hold office 
for one year from the adjournment of such annual meeting 
or until their successors are duly elected. On February 22, 
1919. two members of the Board of Managers shall be elected 
to serve for three years ; two members to serve for two years 
and two members to serve for one year, and thereafter at 
everv annual meeting two members of the Board of Managers 
shall be elected to serve for three years. 


Section i. The President, or, in his absence, the Vice- 

President, or, in the al)sence of lioth the President and Vice- 
President, the Chairman pro tern, shall preside at all meetings 
of the Society and of the Board of Managers and shall have 
the casting vote. The presiding ot^cer shall preserve order 
and shall decide all questions of order suhject to appeal to 
the meeting. He shall present an address in writing at the 
annual meeting at the end of his term of office. The Presi- 
dent and Vice-President shall not he eligible for re-election 
as their own successors. In the event of the absence or death 
of the President, the Vice-President shall perform all the 
duties prescribed for the office of President. 



Sectiox I. The Secretary shall conduct the general cor- 
respondence of the Society. He shall notify members of their 
election to meml)ership and to office, and of such other mat- 
ters as the Society may direct. He shall have charge of the 
seal and such records of the Society as are not herein espec- 
ially in charge to the other officers of the Society, and together 
with the presiding officer he shall certify all acts and orders 
of the Society. He shall, under the direction of the President 
or the presiding officer, give notice of the time and place of 
all meetings of the Society and of the Board of Managers. 
He shall give such notice of the votes, orders, and proceedings 
of the Society and of the Board of Managers as they shall 
direct, and he shall submit a report in writing at each annual 
meeting. As a guide to the Board of Managers in admitting 
new members, the Secretary shall make known to all members 
of the Society all applications for memliership at least ten 
days before the meeting of the Board, when such applications 
shall be acted upon, and shall request all members to make 
known any reason for the non-acceptance of any application, 
stating that such communication shall be regarded as confi- 

30 il. 3f. ^nrtftg of tt|P ^. A. ®. 



Sectiox I. The Treasurer shall collect all clue.-^. assess- 
ments and cash contributions from the members and shall 
receive all moneys intended for the Society. The Treasurer 
shall deposit all money received by him in bank in the name 
of the Society. He shall make payments therefrom only for 
the benefit of the Society and in such sums as the Society or 
Board of Managers shall direct or upon the order of the Sec- 
retary countersigned by the President. He shall keep a true 
account of his receipts and disbursements, and at each annua! 
meeting he shall make a full report to the Society. The liooks 
of the Treasurer shall at all times l)e open to the inspection 
of the President and Board of Managers and Auditing Com- 



Section i. The Registrar shall examine all applications 
and proofs of membership and shall report his opinion thereon 
to the Board of Managers. He may return imperfect and 
incorrect applications to the applicant iov completion or cor- 
rection. He shall forward to the Registrar General one copy 
of such applications as have been approved by him and 
accepted I)y the Board of Managers, and he shall preserve 
one copy in the files of his office, making record of the same 
in a book prepared for that purpose ; and from time to time 
he shall have the originals suitably l)()und for j^reservation. 
He shall have the custody of all the historical, geographical 
and genealogical ])ooks. papers, manuscripts, relics, etc., of 
which the Society may become possessed. He shall be auth- 
orized to deposit such books, ])apers, manuscripts, and relics as 
may be necessary for their proper safety and preservation in 
the Rhode Island Historical Society and he shall cause them 
to be marked. "The Property of the Rhode Island Society of 
the Sons of the American Revolution." He shall receive 

ly-iCauifl 31 

twenty-five cents for recording each accepted application, and 
he shall submit a report in writing at each animal meeting. 



Sfxtion I. The Historian shall keep a record of all 
facts in connection wilh the Society which he shall judge to 
he of historical value, and he shall deliver an address in writ- 
ing at each annual dinner. The same person shall not be 
elected Historian for nu)re than three consecutive years. 



Si'XTioN I. Tlie Chaplain shall conduct such devotional 
and religious services as may be called for in the course of 
business or exercises of the Society. 



Skctiox I. 11k" Hoard of Managers shall consist of the 
President. \'ice-l'resident, Secretary, Treasurer. Registrar, 
Llistorian, Chaplain and Poet, six persons elected upon the 
Board of Managers as ])rovided in ARTICLE VI.. and the 
T^-esidents of the local Cha])l(.'rs. 'I'he Board of Managers 
shall judge of the qualifications of the applicants for mem- 
bershi]! ; they shall have control and management of the 
affairs of the Society; they shall ajipoint an Auditing Com- 
mittee ; they shall have power to fdl all vacancies. 

Six". 2. ( )ne of the o])jects of the Society being the col- 
lection and ])reservrUion of documents relating to the War of 
the American Revolution, it shall be the duty of the Board of 
Managers from time to time to provide for the publication of 
a volume under the general title: "Manual of the Rhode Island 
Society of the Sons of the .\merican Revolution." which shall 
contain besides the yearly reports and proceedings of the 
Societv, the names of members admitted from time to time. 

32 IS. J. Botim of ll]p i*. A. S. 

with an account of their ancestors' services in tlie Revokition, 
and such papers or documents as may be obtained by the 
Society outside of the Pul)hc Archives relating to the Ameri- 
can Revokition ; the cost of such manual to be paid by the 

Sec. 3. The Board of Managers is hereby authorized 
from time to time, to frame, adopt, and amend such Rules 
and Regulations, consistent with the Charter and r)y-Laws, 
as may be necessary in their conduct of the business of the 
Society. Such Rules and Regulations can only be amended 
upon proposal in writing at any meeting of the Board and 
adoption of such proposed amendment at a subsequent meet- 
ing thereof. 

Sec. 4. Regular meetings of the Board of Managers 
shall be held on the third Wednesday of Januar}', April, July, 
and October of each year. Special meetings may be called by 
the President at any time, and shall be called upon the written 
request of any three members of the Board of ^lanagers, or 
of any fifteen members of the Society. At all meetings of 
the Board of Managers three members shall constitute a quo- 



Section i. At each annual meeting there shall be 
elected by ballot one delegate at large and one alternate and 
one delegate and alternate for every fifty meml)ers or for a 
fraction of twenty-five or over, and an alternate for the Presi- 
dent or Vice-President, who shall be authorized to represent 
this Society at meetings of the National Society of the Sons 
of the American Revolution. These delegates or alternates, 
if the delegates are unable to act, together with such ofificers 
as are provided for by the Constitution of the National Soci- 
ety, shall comprise the representation of this Society in said 
National Society. The President shall be a member, ex-offi- 
cio, of such delegation. 

ii^y-ICauifi 33 

Sec. 2. At each annual meeting the Society may nomi- 
nate one member for election, as Trustee, to represent this 
Society in the National Society as provided by ARTICLE V., 
Section 2. of the Constitution of said National Society. 



Section i. The seal of the Society shall be two inches 
in diameter and shall represent a lighted beacon surmounting 
a hill enveloped by thirteen stars, the whole encircled by a 
band one-quarter of an inch wide, upon which shall appear 
the legend in raised letters : "Rhode Island Society of the 
Sons of the American Revolution, Organized February i, 
1890." The words "Organized February i, 1890," being placed 
at the l)ottom of said band. 


Si-:CTiON I. Ten members of this Society residing in any 
county, town, or city of this State may send a written recjuest 
to the Board of Managers asking authority to associate as a 
Chapter this Society in such county, town, or city, and 
the Board of Managers may grant such request. 

Sec. 2. Local Chapters shall be known as the 

Chapter of the Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the 

American Revolution. No. . Each Chapter shall have a 

President. Secretary, and Treasurer, and such officers as the 
By-Laws of the Chapter may determine. The President of 
each local Chapter shall be ex-officio. a member of the Board 
of Managers of the State Society. 

Sec. 3. No person shall be admitted into a Chapter as 
a member until after his admission into the State Society, in 
the manner provided by the By-Laws of this Society and 
until he has paid his annual dues and fees as provided by said 
By-Laws. And any member suspended or expelled, or in any 


34 K H. ^oriptg of tt|F B, A. S. 

way losing- his membership in the State Society, shall there- 
upon cease to be a member of the Chapter. 

Sec. 4. Each Chapter may make By-Laws, Rules and 
Regulations for its government, provided such By-Laws, 
Rules and Regulations do not conflict with the Charter and 
By-Laws of this Society, nor with the Constitution and By- 
Laws of the National Society. 

Sec. 5. Each Chapter by its Secretary shall send annu- 
ally to the Secretary of the State Society a report in writing 
of its proceedings during the preceding year together with 
sny suggestions it may deem pertinent to the welfare of the 
State organization. 



Section i. These By-Laws may be amended at any 
regular meeting of the Society or at any special meeting called 
for the purpose, provided that the proposed amendment or 
amendments shall have been clearly set forth to the entire 
membership of the Society not less than ten days prior to such 
meeting; and such amendments shall become effective only on 
approval by two-thirds of the members present. 

John Prescott Farxsworth 
President, 1906-1907; Vice-President, 1905-1906 
Poet, 1901-1905, 1908-1912, 1913-1915, 1919-1920 

(iffirera of tl|e ^ortpty 
Elected February 22, 1921 

President — Francis Eliot Bates. 
Vice-President — Clarence Arthur Cotton. 
Secretary — Theodore Everett Dexter. 
Treasurer — William Luther Sweet. 
Registrar — George Thurston Spicer. 
Historian — Howard Millar Chapin. 
CJiaplain — Rev. Frederick Spies Penfold, D.D. 
Poet — George Franklin Weston. 

Members of Board of Managers for Three Years 
Frederick Dickman Carr 
John Simmons Palmer, 2d 

Members of Board of Managers for Tzvo Years 
George Harwood Newhall 
Wilfred Harold Munro 

Members of Board of Managers for One Year 
Addison Pierce Munroe 
Albert Lawton Calder, 2d 

Delegate at Large 

Herbert Morton Clarke 


Arthur Preston Sumner 
William Howard Walker 
William Luther Sweet 
George Thurston Spicer 
Wilfred Harold Munro 
William Mabley Muncy 
George Franklin Weston 


Benjamin Franklin Tefft, Jr- 

Samuel Powel 

Robert Foster Chambers 

Joseph Balch, Jr. 

Eleazer Bartlett Homer 

Mahlon Myron Gowdy 

Frederick Dickman Carr 

Go\"ERNOR Charles Warren Ltppitt 
President, 1908-1909 

(iffirrrs nf tljr ^urt^tg 


®ffirf ra of the ^amt^ 



*REV. E. BENJ. ANDREWS, LL.D. {prclimi- 

n ary o rgan isatio n ) 


















































































3. ^nripty of tl|p ^. A, 


GEN. WILLIAM T. l:5ARTON {preliminary or- 





















1 891 









































191 1-] 




















(§ffirrrs of tl|p ^orirtg 43 


liminary organisation 1890 

died in office, Aug. 10, 1918 

acted as Secretary until annual meeting, 1919 


EDWARD FIELD {preliuiiuary organization) 1890 

EDWARD FIELD 1890- 1894 







DR. GEORGE THURSTON SPICER 1919. now in office 



♦ALFRED STONE 1893-1895 


EDWARD FIELD 1897-1901 





1907-1910, 1917-1920 



HOWARD MILLAR CHAPIN 1920, now in office 


44 K 3. ^nripty of tltr ^. ^. iS. 


*OLNEY ARNOLD, II {prcUminary organization) 1890 

OLNEY ARNOLD, II " 1890-1898, resigned 







1901-1905, 1908-1912, 1913-1915. 1919-1920 


WILLIAM CHACE GREENE 1907-1908, 1912-1913 


GEORGE FRANKLIN WESTON 1920, now in office 



I 893- I 894, I 897- I 898. 1899-1931 

1 894- 1 895, 1 896- 1 897, 1 898- 1 899, 1904-1912 




REV. ALFRED H. WHEELER 191 9-1 921 


Christopher Rhodes 

Secretary, 189:]-1918 

Died in Office August 10, 1918 

William Chace Greene 
President, 1909-1910 

ffitat nf ilnnb^ra 

ffitBt 0f iMrmbFra 

Members of the Society February 22, 1921, including the names of the 
ancestors of members admitted from 1910 to Feljruary 22, ig2i. 

State National 

No. No. 

52 ABBOT, CHARLES WHEATON, Warren, R. I. 6852 

Col. U. S. A. Retired 
215 ADAMS, GEORGE ALLEN, Wickford, R. L 9765 

423 ALDRED, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Providence 20673 
527 ALDRICH, EDWARD KIMBALL, Jr., Providence 29077 

Great-great-grandson of John Henry Riedel 
531 ALDRICH, STUART MORGAN, Providence 29081 

Great-great-grandson of Gideon Burgess 

Great-great-great-grandson of Peleg Williams 
406 ALLEN, CHARLES HENRY, East Greenwich, R. I. 20656 
520 ALLEN, FREDERICK RICHMOND, Providence 27195 

Great-great-great-grandson of Hezekiah Allen, Jr. 

Great-great-great-grandson of Asa Mason 

Great-great-grandson of Simon Davis 

Great-great-great-great-grandson of Daniel Whitney 

Great-great-great-grandson of Eleazer Fuller 
275 ALLEN, FREDERICK WILLIAM, Providence 12675 

265 ALLEN, HOWARD VERNON, East Greenwich, R. I. 12665 
2yy ANDREWS, GEORGE, Washington, D. C. 14227 

Brig-Gen. U. S. A. Retired 
329 ANGELL, JESSE HEALY, Providence 17004 

587 ANGELL, WILLIAM CURTIS, Providence 32487 

Great-grandson of John Angell 
46 ANTHONY, EDWIN PERKINS, Providence 6846 

556 ARMINGTON, ARTHUR HERBERT, Providence 30381 

Great-grandson of John Medbery 
636 ARMINGTON, HERBERT HAMLIN, Providence 3491 1 

Great-great-grandson of John Medbery 

Great-great-great-grandson of Samuel Viall 
40 ARNOLD, GEORGE CARPENTER, Providence 6840 


50 U. 3. Variety of tl|e ^, A. U. 

214 ARNOLD, GEORGE ULRIC. Bristol, R. I. 9764 

133 AUSTIN, ARTHUR ERNEST. Providence 7983 

394 AUSTIN, WILLIAM ALDEN. Providence 18819 

629 BAILEY, RALPH EDGAR, Providence 34904 

Great-great-great-grandson of Nathaniel Fanning 

578 BAKER, MATTHIAS WISEN, Providence 32478 

Great-great-grandson of Joshua Pendleton 

579 BAKER, MATTHIAS WISEN. Jr.. Providence 32478 

Great-great-great-grandson of Joshua Pendleton 
Died October 14. 1920 
621 BAKER WALTER MASON. Providence 34070 

Great-great-grandson of Joshua Pearce, Jr. 
487 BALCH. JOSEPH, Providence 25962 

Great-great-great-grandson of Joseph Balch 

New York City 20653 
323 BANGS, CURTIS HENRY. Providence 15498 

507 BARKER. EDGAR RICHARDS. Providence 27182 

Great-great-grandson of Edward Richards 

Great-grandson of Jesse Richards 
126 BARKER, ROBERT LEWIS, Pawtucket, R. I. 7976 

244 BARNARD, CHARLES ALONZO, Providence 11019 


Pawtucket. R. I. 25951 

Great-great-great-grandson of Jonathan Thayer 
601 BARTON. JAMES AMOS, Providence 34050 

Great-great-grandson of William Barton 
189 BATES. FRANCIS ELIOT. Providence 8039 

409 BATES, JOHN ALEXANDER. W. Greenwich. R. I. 20659 
469 BATTEY, CHARLES WALTER, Providence 23544 

Great-great-grandson of Nelson Miller 
468 BATTEY, JOHN MASON, Providence 23543 

Great-grandson of Nelson Miller 
Died February 14, 1916 
100 BECKWITH, TRUMAN. Providence 6900 

506 BEMIS. JOHN RICHARD. Spring-field, Mass. 27181 

Great-great-grandson of James Bemis 

iCifit 0f MtmbetB 51 

505 BEMIS, REUBEN SAMUEL, Providence 27180 

Great-great-grandson of James Bemis 
367 BILLINGS, HERBERT FRANKLIN, Natick, R. I. 18117 
70 BINNEY, WILLIAM, Jr., Providence 6870 

86 BISBEE. WILLIAM HENRY, Brookline, Mass. 6886 

Brig.-Gen. U. S. A. -'"•■- 

288 BIXBY, ERNEST MERLE, Providen^c'e 14238 

503 BLANDING. WILLIAM OLIVER, Providence 27178 

Great-grandson of Jabez Bullock 
Great-grandson of Christopher Blanding 
Great-great-grandson of Sylvanus Martin 
239 BOGERT, THEODORE PEACOCK. Providence 11014 
155 BOSWORTH, ORRIN LUTHER, Bristol, R. I. 8005 

223 BOURN, AUGUSTUS OSBORN, Bristol, R. I. 9773 

483 BOURNE, FRANK BAYLIES, Providence 25958 

Great-grandson of Stephen Bourne 
Great-grandson of Asa Dean 
328 BOWDITCH. WILLIAM JOSEPH, Providence 17003 

462 BOWEN, AMOS MILLER, Providence 23537 

Great-grandson of Nathan Bowen 

590 BOWEN, DONALD FLAGG, Providence 32490 

Great-great-grandson of Jabez Bowen 

179 BOWEN, FRANK, Providence 8029 

21 BOWEN, HENRY, Providence 6821 

591 BOWEN, JOSEPH, Providence 32491 

Great-great-grandson of Jabez Bowen 
209 BOWEN, RICHARD MARTIN, Providence 9759 

25 BOWEN, WILLIAM MANUEL PERES, Providence 6825 
310 BRAY, CHARLES DUDLEY, Foxboro, Mass. 15485 


Riverpoint, R. I. 32482 
Great-great-great-great-grandson of Benjamin Mason 

North Scituate, R. I. 34067 
Great-great-great-grandson of Abraham Brower 

52 IS. 3. ^oriely of tl\t B. A. 1. 

488 BROWER. LEON WILLIAM, Providence 25963 

Great-great-great-grandson of Abraham Brovver 

478 BROWER, SAMUEL HENRY, North Scituate, R. I. 25953 

Great-great-grandson of Abraham Brower 

163 BROWN, ARNOLD CLEVELAND, Providence 8013 

598 BROWN, HAROLD LAWTON, Edgewood, R. I. 32498 

Great-great-great-grandson of Israel Angell 

136 BROWN, HARRIS WILBUR, Bristol, R. I. 7986 

116 BROWN, HENRY MARTIN, Providence 7966 

576 BROW^N, HENRY SEABURY, Detroit, Mich. 32476 

Great-great-great-grandson of Israel Angell 

49 BROWN, ROBERT PERKINS, Providence 6849 

289 BROWNELL, EDWARD IBARRA, Providence 14239 


Portsmouth, N. H. 14240 

Commander. C. E. Corps, U. S. N. 

Little Compton, R. I. 30392 

Great-grandson of Sylvester Brownell 

Great-great-great-grandson of Thomas Church 
351 BROWNING, WILLIAM ARNOLD. E. Greenwich 18101 
589 BUBIER. CHARLES WARREN, Providence 32489 

Great-great-grandson of John Gould 
528 BUCKLIN. DAVID WATERMAN, New York City 29078 

Great-great-grandson of Elisha Waterman 
Died October 22, 1918 

East Greenwich, R. I. 27187 

Great-great-grandson of Elisha Waterman 
628 BUKER. HENRY, Providence 34903 

Great-great-grandson of Nathaniel Bacon 
594 BURGE. WILLIAM JAMES, Edgewood, R. I. 32494 

Grandson of James Birge 
614 BURGESS, GIDEON ALBERT, Greenville, R. I. 34063 

Great-great-great-grandson of Peleg Williams 
633 BURGESS. PAUL STEERE. Kingston, R. I. 34908 

Great-great-grandson of Isaac White 

Cist uf MembnB 53 


Providence 17018 
226 BURLINGAME, HIRAM. Newport, R. I. iiooi 

548 BUXTON, GONZALO EDWARD, Providence 29098 

Great-grandson of James Buxton 

58 CADY, ALFRED EUGENE, Providence 6858 

57 CADY, LOUIS EDGAR, Providence 6857 

249 CALDER, ALBERT LAWTON. 20, Providence 11024 

448 CALDER, RICHARD LEWIS, Providence 21573 

Great-grandson of Barnard Eddy 

Ceased to be a meml)er January 15, 1919 
489 CAPRON. FRANK JENCKS, Providence 25964 

Great-grandson of Joseph Capron 
470 CAPRON, GEORGE NASH, Providence 23545 

Grandson of Joseph Capron 
452 CARPENTER, ELIAS, Cranston, R. I. 23527 

Great-grandson of Uriah Carpenter 
146 CARR, FREDERICK DICKMAN, Providence 7996 

368 CARR, IRA FRANKLIN, Providence 181 18 

429 CHACE, EDWARD GOULD, Brattleboro, Vermont 21554 
457 CHACE, JAMES EDWARD, East Greenwich, R. I. 23532 

Great-grandson of Maxelon Chace 
Died Octol)er 15, 1917 
399 CHACE, THOMAS WILSON, East Greenwich, R. I. 18824 
440 CHAMBERS, ROBERT FOSTER, Providence 21565 

264 CHAPIN, CHARLES VALUE, Providence 12664 

585 CHAPIN, HOW^^RD MILLAR, Providence 32485 

Great-great-grandson of Seth Chapin 
530 CHAPMAN, WILLIAM LOUIS, Providence 29080 

Great-great-grandson of John Mansur 

Great-great-grandson of Jonathan Pollard 
418 CHILD, WILLIAM BULLOCK, Warren, R. I. 20668 

473 CHURCHILL, HERMAN, Kingston, R. I. 23548 

Great-great-great-grandson of Samuel Doty 

Great-grandson of John Churchill 
3^7 CLARKE, HERBERT MORTON, Arctic, R. I. 17012 

54 IS. 3. ^oriftg nf ll|p #. A. 5&. 

635 CLARKE, PRESCOTT ORLOFF, Providence 34910 

Grandson of Pitt Clarke 

Providence 21553 
577 COLLETT, GEORGE HENRY, Providence 

Great-great-great-grandson of Jehial Bryan, ist 
453 COLLINS. FREDERICK IRVING, Providence 23528 

Great-grandson of Noah Ely Hubbard 

East Greenwich, R. I. 34054 
Great-great-grandson of William Comins 

Oaklawn. R. I. 34074 
Great-great-grandson of Benoni Latham 
85 CONVERSE, WALDRON HOWARD, Providence 6885 
181 COOK, CHARLES NOURSE. Woonsocket, R. I. 8031 

515 COTTON, CLARENCE ARTHUR, Providence 12355 

Great-grandson of Melvin Cotton 
Great-great-grandson of Thomas Cotton 

474 CRANE, CHARLES DODD, Saylesville, R. I. 23549 

Great-great-grandson of William Crane 

Resigned January 15, 1919 

185 CRANSTON, FRANK HILL, Providence 8035 

516 CRANSTON, WILLIAM IRA, Edgewood. R. I. 27191 

Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Cranston 
535 DAMON, SAMUEL CHESTER, Kingston, R. I. 29085 

Great-grandson of Benjamin Damon 
6o2 DANE, EARLE BALCOM, Providence 34051 

Great-great-grandson of Elijah Ball 
291 DARLING, JOHN OLIVER, Providence 1424] 

127 DAVIS, JEFFREY, Providence 7977 

14 DAVIS, NATHANIEL FRENCH, Caml)ridge, Mass 6814 

North Kingstown, R. I. 30391 

Great-grandson of Aaron Turner 

Great-great-grandson of Pardon Davol 
307 DENNIS, JOHN RHODES, Providence 15482 

iEiBt af MtmbttB 55 

217 DeWOLF, JOHN WINTHROP, Bristol, R. I. 976^ 

227 DEXTER, HENRY CLINTON, Central Falls, R. I. 11002 

500 DEXTER, ROSCOE MORTON, Pawtucket, R. I. 25975 

Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Tingley 

250 DEXTER, THEODORE EVERETT, Central Falls 11025 

317 DROWN, CHARLES LINCOLN, Providence 15492 

521 DYER, CLIFFORD GREENE, Providence 27196 

Great-great-grandson of Oliver Jillson 

309 EARLE, COURTLAND COOK, Anthony, R. I. 15484 

134 EASTON, FREDERIC WILLARD, Pawtucket, R. I. 7984 

Pawtucket, R. I. 23538 

Great-great-grandson of William Eddy 

Great-great-grandson of Isaac Barker 

281 EASTON, ROBERT BARKER, Pawtucket, R. I. 14231 

397 EDDY, FORREST GREENWOOD, Providence 18822 
484 EDDY, JOSEPH THOMAS ADAMS, Providence 25959 

Great-grandson of James Maxwell 
Died January 28, 191 5 

599 EDINGER. McDONALD LOW, Apponaug, R. I. 32499 

Great-great-great-grandson of Jacobus Low 

410 ELDRED, RHODES UPDIKE, Providence 2o(;)6o 

341 EVANS, GEORGE WARREN. Providence 17016 

439 FADES, GEORGE LEWIS. Providence 21564 

366 FALES, RUSSELL CURTIS, Providence i8n6 

398 FANNING, MARTIN SMITH, Providence 18823 
620 FARNSWORTH, CLAUDE JOSEPH, Providence 34069 

Great-great-grandson of Amos Farnsworth 

338 FARRALLY, JOSEPH FRANKLIN, Bristol, R. I. 17013 

New Haven, Conn. 25960 

Great-great-great-grandson of Richard Fenner, Jr. 

390 FIELD, GEORGE FRANCIS, Providence 18815 

198 FIELD, HAROLD GRINS, Providence 8048 

325 FIELD. HENRY HUNTINGTON. Providence 15500 

431 FISHER, CHARLES NELSON, Jr., Providence 21556 

56 K J. i>iuiflg of tl|P B. A, H. 

509 FISHER, MARSHALL ELWOOD, Providence 27184 

Great-great-grandson of Samuel Fisher 

432 FOSTER, CHARLES SAMUEL, Central Falls, R. L 21557 

496 FOSTER, CHESTER CURTIS, Pawtucket, R. I. 25971 

Great-great-great-grandson of Israel Arnold 

402 FOSTER, JOSEPH HENRY, Riverside, R. I. 20652 

292 FOSTER, SAMUEL JAMES, Jr., Providence 14242 

54 FOSTER, WILLIAM EATON, Providence 6854 

297 FOWLER, HENRY THATCHER, Providence 14247 

w. Woonsocket, R. I. 7995 

623 FRANKLIN, FREDERICK HOVEY, Providence 34072 

Great-great-grandson of Nicholas Branch 

Central Falls, R. I. 25974 

Great-great-great-grandson of Ralph Freeman, Jr. 

498 FREEMAN, JOSEPH WOOD, Central Falls, R. I. 25973 

Great-great-grandson of Ralph Freeman, Jr. 

355 FREEMAN, OTIS MASON, Providence 18105 

112 FRENCH, CHARLES HENRY, Pawtucket, R. I. 7962 

539 FRENCH, WALTER EVERETT. Providence 29089 

Great-great-grandson of Ezra French 

269 FRY, WILLIAM CONGDON, Providence 12669 

546 FULLER, CALEB ALLEN. Providence 29096 

Great-great-great-grandson of Stephen Fuller. 

Great-great-great-great-grandson of Robert Drake 

419 FULLER, ERNEST LINWOOD, Providence 20669 

545 FULLER, FREDERIC HENRY, Providence 29095 

Great-great-grandson of Stephen Fuller 

Great-great-great-grandson of Robert Drake 

383 GALE, CHARLES ANDREW. Providence 18808 

627 GALLUP, ALGERNON STERRY, Centreville, R. I. 34902 

Great-grandson of Samuel Robbins 

66 GAMMELL, WILLIAM, Providence 6866 

523 GANTS, SAMUEL LEVI. Providence 27198 

Great-great-grandson of Joshua Randall 

Ciflt of mmbprfi 57 

550 GARDNER, GEORGE WARREN, Providence 29100 

Great-g^reat-grandson of Ezekiel Gile 
Great-great-grandson of Joseph Greeley, Sr. 
Great-great-grandson of Samuel Gardner 
Great-great-grandson of Christopher Sargent 
Great-great-great-grandson of Robert Sargent 
321 GAY, WILLIAM HENRY, Providence 15496 

371 GLADDING. THEODORE ORMAN. Bristol, R. I. 18121 
461 GLEASON, PHILIP TRAIN, Providence 23536 

Great-great-grandson of Phineas Gleason 
Ceased to l)e a member October 20, 191 5 

479 GOFF. EDWARD EVERETT, Cranston, R. I. 25954 

Great-great-grandson of John Hathaway 

Died February 9, 1920 

164 GOFF. ISAAC LEWIS, Providence 8014 

^92 GOFF, ISAAC LEWIS, JR., Pasadena, Cal. 25967 

Great-great-grandson of Enos Dean 

480 GOFF, WILLIAM DAVID, Providence 25955 

Great-great-grandson of Enos Dean 

Pawtucket, R. I. 18825 
513 GOULD. MARSHALL HOPKINS, Boston, Mass. 27188 

Great-great-great-grandson of Esek Hopkins 
456 GOWDY, MAHLON MYRON, Providence 23531 

Great-great-grandson of Samuel Gowdy 

449 GREENE. CHARLES FRANKLIN, Cranston, R. I. 21574 

Great-great-grandson of Samuel Spencer 

Transferred to Illinois Society. January 19, 1916 

Z2 GREENE. CLARENCE HENRY, Providence 6832 


Riverpoint, R. I. 34905 
Great-great-great-grandson of Christopher Greene 
350 GREENE, SPENCER BENJAMIN, Providence 17025 


Washington, R. I. 34073 
Great-grandson of James Greene 
176 GREENE, WILLIAM CHACE, Providence 8026 

237 GREENE, WILLIAM RAY, Providence 11012 

58 IJ. J. ^nriplg nf % B. A. S. 

540 HADLEY, RALPH VINCENT, Providence 29090 

Great-grandson of George Hadley 
Died December 19, 1918 

532 HALE, CARLETON, Alvarado, Vera Cruz, Mexico 29082 

Great-great-grandson of Thomas Johnson 

533 HALE, GORDON DYER, New York City 29083 

Lieut. Commander ( M. C.) U. S. N. 

Great-great-grandson of Thomas Johnson 

24 HALE, WENDELL PHILLIPS, Providence 6824 

228 HAMLIN, EDWARD BOWEN, Providence 11003 

261 HAMLIN, RICHARD ELY, Providence 12661 

565 HANDY, RUSSELL HOWARD, Manville, R. I. 30390 

Great-great-grandson of Timothy Ketcham ' 

537 HARRINGTON, ERNEST STONE, Dallas, Texas 24508 

Great-great-great-grandson of Andrew Waterman 

195 HARRIS, ERNEST AYRES, Providence 8045 

56 HARRISON, GEORGE ARNOLD. Providence 6856 

218 HARVEY, EDWIN BATES, Providence 9768 

529 HAYWARD, RALPH ELDREDGE, Providence 29079 

Great-great-grandson of Samuel Hayward 

542 HAYWARD, WALTER, Wickford. R. I. 29092 

Great-great-grandson of Samuel Hayward 
Died June 26, 1919 
609 HAZELTON, WILLIAM FREDERICK, Providence 25493 

Great-grandson of Thaddeus Hazeltine 

393 HODGES, CARROLL BORDEN, Lt. Col. U. S. A. 18818 

603 HOLLINGTON, RICHARD DEMING, Providence 34052 

Great-great-grandson of Solomon Deming 

595 HOMER, ELEAZER BARTLETT, Providence 32495 

Great-grandson of Jeduthan W^ellington 

519 HOWE, CLARENCE RAYMOND, Providence 27194 

Great-great-great-grandson of Nathan Plowe, Sr. 

344 HOY, ALBERT CHARLES, New York City 17019 

Providence 15479 

216 IRONS, CHARLES FREDERICK, Providence 9766 

ICt0t nf mrmbprs 59 

450 JACKSON, HENRY GREENE, Riverpoint, R. I. 21575 

Great-great-great-grandson of Christopher Greene 

451 JAMES, HENRY MORRIS, Providence 23526 

Great-grandson of Joseph James 
Died October 24, 1916 

435 JAMES, WILLIAM IVES, Providence 21560 

259 JASTRAM, EDWARD PERKINS, Providence 12659 

170 JENCKES, JOHN, West Barrington, R. I. 8020 
69 JENCKES, THOMAS ALLEN, Providence 6869 

494 JENCKES, THOMAS ALLEN. JR., Providence 25969 

Great-great-grandson of Jeremiah Jencks 

Auburn, R. I. 25956 

Great-great-grandson of John Cole Jewett 
518 JOHNSON, JOSEPH HARRIS. Providence 27193 

Great-great-grandson of Harris Chadwell 
Died April 3d, 1916 
583 JONES. LOUIS EDWIN, Norwood, Ohio 32483 

Great-great-grandson of Robert Kyle 
Z77 JOSLIN, ROYAL KNIGHT, Washington, D. C. 18802 

Lieut. (M. C.) U. S. N. 
335 KALLOCH. LEWIS HOWE. Providence 17010 

525 KELLEY. ARTHUR LIVINGSTON. Providence 27200 

Great-great-grandson of Micajah Kelley 

171 KENNON. CHARLES EDWARD VERE. Providence 7002 
318 KIMBALL. CHARLES DEAN, Providence 15493 
538 KING. VICTOR HAROLD, Providence 29088 

Great-great-great-great-grandson of George Williams 
Great-great-great-grandson of Abiel Williams 
339 KINGSBURY, GEORGE NELSON, Providence 17014 

333 KNIGHT, EDWIN RHODES, Jr., Providence ....17008 

334 KNIGHT, EUGENE WESLEY, Providence 17009 
347 KNIGHT, HENRY DYER, Providence 17022 
177 KNIGHT, RUSSELL WINCHESTER, Providence 8027 
219 KNOWLES. EDWIN. Providence 9769 
563 LANSING. GEORGE DOW. 2nd, Providence 30388 

Great-great-great-grandson of Uriah Eager, Jr. 

60 la. 3. ^ortptg of tlip i>. A. H. 

99 LAWTON, GEORGE ROBERT. Fall River, Mass. 6899 

168 LILLIBRIDGE. BYRON JESSE, Providence 8018 

East Greenwich. R. I. 18814 

178 LIPPITT, CHARLES WARREN, Providence 8028 

514 LIPPITT. CHARLES WARREN. JR, Providence 27189 

Great-great-grandson of Charles Lippitt 

608 LIPPITT, GORTON THAYER, Providence 34057 
Great-great-great-grandson of Seth Thayer 

79 LIPPITT, HENRY FREDERICK, Providence 6879 

592 LITTLEFIELD, IVORY. Providence 32492 

Great-great-great-grandson of Joseph Bancroft 

593 LITTLEFIELD. JAMES BANCROFT, Providence 32493 

Great-great-great-grandson of Joseph fiancroft 
396 MADISON, GEORGE WARREN, E. Grenwich. R. I. 18821 

Providence 11015 

Providence 27177 
Great-great-great-grandson of Nathaniel Manchester 

Bristol, R. I. 7999 
284 MANTON, JOSEPH POTTER. Jr., Providence 14234 

465 MARTIN, FREDERICK ROY, New York City 23540 

Great-great-grandson of Gideon Martin 

213 MASON, FLETCHER STONE, Providence 9763 

446 MASON, FRANK MANLEY, Providence 21 571 

Great-great-grandson of Thomas Clarke 

60 MASON, ORRAY TILLINGHAST, Providence 6860 

482 MATHEWSON, CHARLES SMITH, Providence 25957 

Great-grandson of Joseph Capron 

E. Greenwich. R. I. 18813 
613 MATTESON, HERBERT ALLEN, Phenix, R.I. 34062 
Great-great-great-grandson of Sylvanus Martin 

ICiBt of iMftttbpra 61 

380 MAYS, HARRY MAXWELL, Providence 18805 

610 McCRILLIS. ARTHUR MILTON, Providence 34059 

Great-great-grandson of Robert McCrillis 
Great-great-grandson of John Loomis 
Great-great-grandson of Daniel Hopkins 
Great-great-great-grandson of Daniel Wood 
Great-great-great-grandson of Simeon Harrington 
584 MEADER, LEWIS HAMILTON, Providence 32484 

Great-grandson of Hezekiah Wetherbee 
534 MEANS, PHILIP CORYDON, Santa Barbara, Cal 29084 
Great-great-great-grandson of Nehemiah Porter 
Great-great-grandson of Seward Porter 
Zy(> MEDBERY. CHARLES VASEL, New Berlin, N. Y. 18801 
415 MERCHANT, GEORGE BROWN, Providence 20665 

190 METCALF, HAROLD, Wickford, R. I. 8040 


Camp Benning. Ga. 20671 
Lt.-Col. U. S. A. 
562 MOULTON, RICHARD LEONARD, Cranston. R. I. 30387 

Great-great-great-grandson of Caleb Moulton 
442 MOWRY, ELISHA CAPRON, Providence 21567 

511 MOWRY, LESLIE FOWLER, Providence 27186 

Great-great-grandson of Philemon Munroe 
560 MOWRY, PERCY REED, Providence 30385 

Great-great-grandson of Philemon Munroe 
477 MUNCY, WILLIAM MABLEY, Providence 25952 

Great-great-great-great-grandson of Samuel Smith 
138 MUNRO, WALTER LEE, Providence 7988 

loi MUNRO, WILFRED HAROLD, Providence 7951 

295 MUNROE, ADDISON PIERCE, Providence 14245 


West Asheville, N. C. 23541 
Great-grandson of Isaac Pierce 

East Providence, R. I. 30383 
Great-grandson of Isaac Pierce 

62 SI. iJ. i'flrtetu of t{?e ^. A. S. 

555 MUNROE, PHILIP ALLEN, Providence 30380 

Grandson of Isaac Pierce 

597 NEWBERRY, BARNES, Providence 30521 

Great-great-grandson of Amasa Newberry 
Great-great-great-grandson of William Handy 

443 NEWHALL, GEORGE HARWOOD, Providence 21568 


East Greenwich, R. I. 25961 
Great-great-grandson of George Brown 
Great-great-grandson of Christopher Gardner 
Great-great-grandson of Christopher Robinson, Jr. 
Great-great-grandson of William Taylor 
Great-great-great-grandson of John Williams 

188 NICHOLS, CHARLES LEMUEL, Worcester, Mass. 8038 

326 NYE. WALTER CALVIN. Providence 17001 

370 ORR. CHARLES SUMNER, Providence 18120 

425 PADDOCK, MINER HAMLIN, Providence 20675 

586 PADDOCK, STEPHEN DAVID, Providence 32486 

Great-great-grandson of Stephen Eaton 

303 PAINE, HENRY JOSHUA, Foster, R. I. 15478 

455 PALMER, JOHN SIMMONS. 2nd, Providence 23530 

Great-great-grandson of Richard Palmer 
Great-great-grandson of Jonathan Simmons 

359 PALMER. WILLIAM HAILES. Providence 18109 


Providence 8043 

517 PARKHURST. EDWARD CLINTON, Providence 27192 
Great-grandson of Jonathan Parkhurst 

541 PAYNE, GEORGE WILSON, East Providence, R. I. 29091 
Great-great-great-grandson of Nathaniel Martin 

464 PEARCE, EDWARD DOUGLAS, Providence 23539 

Great-grandson of Joseph Carlo Mauran 

47 PECK. ALLEN MILLARD. Providence 6847 

312 PECK, CYRIL FRANCIS, New York, N. Y. 15487 

2Iiflt of Msmbtta 63 


Barrington, R. I. 18803 

23 PECK, JAMES GARRISON, East Providence, R. I. 6823 

600 PENFOLD, FREDERICK SPIES. Providence 24327 

Great-grandson of John Spies 
526 PERKINS, WILLIAM LENOX, Pawtucket, R. I. 29076 
Great-great-grandson of Ebenezer Perkins 

536 PHILBRICK, ARTHUR LLOYD, Providence 29086 

Great-great-grandson of Samuel Philbrick 
365 PIERCE, BYRON AINSWORTH, Providence 18115 

45 PORTER, HENRY PERRY, Providence 6845 


Arnolds Mills, R. I. 34906 
Great-great-grandson of Mowry Potter 
Great-great-great-grandson of Charles Tillinghast 

Memphis. Tenn. 34068 
Great-great-grandson of Mowry Potter 
459 POTTER, HENRY OLNEY, Providence 23534 

Great-great-grandson of Emor Olney 
Died April 30, 1920 

458 POTTER, WILLIAM ALFRED. Providence 23533 

Great-grandson of Emor Olney 
Died May 8, 191 9 
340 POTTER, WILLIAM PRESCOTT, Providence 17015 

580 POWEL, SAMUEL. Newport. R. I. 32480 

Great-great-grandson of John Cox 
Great-great-grandson of Barnabus Binney 
Great-great-great-grandson of James Angell 
Great-great-great-grandson of Nicholas Brown 

549 POWERS, LESLIE CORNELL, Providence 29099 

Great-great-grandson of Jesse Fuller 

493 PRESTON, HOWARD WILLIS, Providence 25968 

Great-great-grandson of John Preston 

64 K J. i'nriptB of t^t 0, A. SI. 

319 PRICE. WILLIAM HARRICOTT, Havana, Cuba 15494 
570 PULLEN, WALTER KENYON, Providence 30395 

Great-great-grandson of William Kenyon 

Orlando, Florida 21566 

East Greenwich, R. I. 34060 
Great-grandson of Nathaniel Stone 
561 REED, JAMES EMERY, Centerdale. R. I. 30386 

Great-grandson of Philemon Munroe 

East Greenwich, R. I. 34907 

Great-grandson of David Cady, Jr. 

196 REYNOLDS, CHARLES STEPHEN. Providence 8046 

202 RHODES. ARTHUR AUGUSTUS, Providence 9752 

475 RICE. HERBERT AMBROSE, Providence 23550 

Great-great-grandson of Ezekiel Bates 

West Barrington, R. I. 27183, 
Great-grandson of John Rogers Richmond ■ 
Died November 11, 1918 
III RICKARD, JAMES HELME, Woonsocket. R. I. 7961 

Wakefield, R. I. 12662 

Wakefield, R. I. 6892 
387 ROBINSON, SAMUEL RODMAN, Wakefield, R. I. 18812 
416 ROPER, CHARLES FREMONT, River Point, R. I. 20666. 

San Francisco, Cal. 30394 
Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Roper 
246 ROSE, HENRY BRAYTON, Providence 11021 

Great-great-great -grandson of Benjamin Tallman 
547 RUSSELL, ALBERT IRONS, Providence 29097 

552 RUSSELL. CHARLES ALBERT. Providence 30377 

Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Tallman 

IGtat of fHputbprH 65 

612 SACKETT, HENRY WESTON, Providence 34061 

Great-great-grandson of Adnah Sackett 

109 SANFORD, LeROY SPRAGUE. Providence 7959 

445 SARGENT, WILLIAM PARKER, Providence 14044 

Great-grandson of John Sargent 
Great-great-grandson of Nathan Miller 

504 SAUL, IRVING MASON, Providence 27179 

Great-great-great-grandson of Henry Somerby 

360 SAYLES. ALBERT HARDIN. Pascoag, R. I. 181 10 

490 SAYLES. FRED LINCOLN, Pascoag, R. I. 25965 

Great-great-grandson of Israel Sayles 
622 SCOTT. CLARENCE WATSON, Conimicut, R. I. 34071 

Great-great-grandson of Abel Brown 
422 SEARS, ARTHUR ALDEN, Providence 20672 

379 SEYMOUR. WALTER FRANCIS, Providence 18804 


Pawtucket. R. I. 25966 
Great-great-great-grandson of Caleb Potter 

336 SHEPLEY. GEORGE LEANDER. Providence 17011 

107 SHURROCKS, WILLIAM OTIS, Medford, Mass. 7957 

Philadelphia, Pa. 25688 
Great-great-grandson of Theodore Middleton 

Pasadena, Cal. 6889 

294 SMITH. AREA DIKE, Phoenixville, Penn. 14244 

354 SMITH, CHARLES EARLE, Oak Lawn, R. I. 18104 

Narragansett Pier, R. I. 17005 

559 SMITH, FRANK BAILEY, Washington, R. I. 30384 

Great-grandson of Silas Bailey 

36 SMITH, FRANKLIN AUGUSTUS^ Jr., Providence 6836 

233 SNOW. LOUIS FRANKLIN, Providence 11008 

510 SOLOMON, WINFIELD SCOTT, Providence 27185 

Great-great-great-grandson of Martin Sensenderfer 

242 SPELMAN, FREDERICK BROWN, Duluth Minn. 11017 

66 m. 3. ^orirly nf % ^. A. iH. 

568 SPENCER. WILLIAM ARNOLD, Edgewood, R. I. 30393 
Great-great-gTeat-grandson of Robert Rhodes 

497 SPICER, EDWARD SHELDON, Providence 25972 

Great-great-grandson of Josiah Wood 

362 SPICER, GEORGE THURSTON, Providence 181 12 

Great-grandson of Joseph Spicer {Suppleiiieiita! ) 
596 SPICER, WILLIAM ARNOLD, Providence 32496 

Great-great-grandson of Joseph Carpenter 
381 SPOONER. EDMUND, East Greenwich, R. I. 18806 

201 STEARNS, CHARLES FALCONER, Providence 9751 
293 STEARNS. WALTER HENRY, Pawtucket. R. I. 14243 
447 STEVENS, CLARENCE MANN, Providence 21572 

Great-great-grandson of Stephen Cohvell 
553 STEMINS, LEVERETT COOPER, Warwick, R. I. 12138 

Great-grandson of John Jencks KiUon 
Died May 30, 1920 
471 STE\'ENSON, GEORGE LEON, Edgewood, R. I. 23546 

Great-great-great-grandson of Dudley Cohnan 
Died October 31, 191 8 

Providence 8033 


Pawtucket, R. I. 181 13 
114 STUDLEY, JOHN EDWARD, Providence 7964 

90 SUMNER, ARTHUR PRESTON, Providence 6890 

460 SW^EET, LEPRILETE, Providence 23535 

Great-grandson of John Dunham 
Great-grandson of Gideon Sweet 
Great-great-grandson of Solomon Dunliam 
Great-great-grandson of Barak Bullock 
Great-great-grandson of Thomas Carpenter 
Great-great-grandson of Edward White 
Great-great-grandson of Amos Mason 
Great-great-great-grandson of Calel) Mason 

417 SWEET, WILLIAM LUTHER, Providence 20667 

172 TAFT, ROBERT WENDELL, Providence 8022 

ICiat of mpmbera 67 

557 TALLMAN, HARRY CARR, Providence 30382 

Great-great-grandson of Benjamin Tallman 

221 TANNER, HERBERT SANFORD, Providence 9771 


Quaker Hill, Conn. 30396 
Commissary Steward, U. S. N. 
Great-great-great-grandson of Isaac Pierce 


Narragansett I'ier, R. L 23529 

Great-grandson of William Taylor 
551 TAYLOR, LYNDON BIGELOW, Camden, N. J. 24331 

Great-great-grandson of John Boynton 


Anthony, R. I. 30389 
Great-great-grandson of Jonathan Lillibridge 
72 TEMPLE, WILLIAM HENRY GILES, iVovidence 6872 

543 THOMAS, ARTHUR ABBOT, Providence 29093 

Great-great-great-grandson of Samuel Fames 
Great-great-grandson of Caleb Barstow 
Great-great-great-great-grandson of Daniel Fames 

358 THRESHER, HENRY GILBERT. Pawtucket, R. I. 18108 


Providence 27197 
Great-great-grandson of Oliver Jillson 
132 THURSTON,^ HORACE, Kingston, R. I. 7982 

159 TIFFANY. EBENEZER. Barrington, R. I. 8009 

243 TILLINGHAST, CHARLES FOSTER, Providence 11018 

Providence. R. I. 21562 

572 TILLINGHAST. GARDNER. Providence 30397 

Great-great-great-grandson of Charles Tillinghast 
235 TILLINGHAST, GEORGE HALL, Providence iioio 

306 TILLINGHAST, GEORGE LEON, Providence 15481 


Providence 20654 

68 K 3. i>flripl9 of ti}s ^. A. S. 


Providence 34056 
Great-great-great-grandson of Daniel Tillinghast 
364 TILLINGHAST, JOHN AVERY, Providence 181 14 


Providence 6843 

Providence 6834 

Providence 34053 
Great-great-grandson of Daniel Tillinghast 
68 TOWER, JAMES HENRY, Providence 6868 

626 TYLER. ALBERT, CentreviUe, R. I. 34901 

Great-grandson of James Tyler 
634 TYLER, EARL ALBERT, Pawtucket, R. I. 34909 

Great-great-grandson of James Tyler 
48 \TALL, WTLLIAM ANGELL, Providence 6848 

113 VINCENT. WALTER BORADEL, Providence 7963 

374 WALDRON. LEWIS BRADFORD, Bristol, R. I. 18124 
501 WALKER. WILLIAM HOWARD, Providence 27176 

Great-great-grandson of John Walker 

574 WALKER. WILLIAM RUSSELL. Providence 30399 

Great-great-great-grandson of John Walker 

575 WALKER. WILLIAM HOWARD. JR., Providence 30400 

Great-great-great-grandson of John Walker 
315 WARDWELL. HEZEKIAH CHURCH. Bristol, R. I. 15490 

Great-great-grandson of Joseph Greene 
554 WARNER. ALBERT LOOMIS. Pawtucket, R. I. 30379 

Great-grandson of Daniel Tro\vl:)ridge 
384 WARREN. JOSEPH ARNOLD. New Orleans, La. 18809 

Great-great-grandson of James Fletcher 
386 WATERMAN. LEWIS ANTHONY, Providence 18811 
524 WATSON. BYRON SPRAGUE, Providence 27199 

Great-great-great-grandson of Moses Pearson 

Great-great-great-grandson of William Waterman 
95 WEBB, GEORGE HEBER. Providence 6895 

ICifil of ilmbfra 69 

588 WEIS, FREDERICK LEWIS, Lincoln, R. I. 32488 

Great-great-grandson of Lemuel Clap 
Great-great-grandson of Jonathan Blake 
Great-great-great-grandson of Benjamin Richardson 
Great-great-great-grandson of John Phipps 
Great-great-great-great-grandson of Jedediah Phipps 

615 WEIS. ROBERT LEWIS, Lincoln, R. I. 34064 

Great-great-great-grandson of Benjamin Richardson 
286 WESTON, GEORGE FRANKLIN, Providence 14236 

472 WHEELER, ALFRED H.. Providence 14083 

Great-great-grandson of Joseph Wheeler, 3d 
617 WHITE, HENRY ARTHUR, Leicester, Mass. 34066 

Great-great-grandson of Ehenezer Foster 

616 WHITE. HERBERT OTIS, Providence 34065 

Great-great-great-grandson of Ehenezer Foster 
467 WHITE. HUNTER CARSON, Beloski, Mississippi 23542 
Great-great-grandson of Augustus Johnson Lewis 
Great-great-grandson of John Kelton (Kilton) 
Great-great-grandson of Nathan Hicks 
Great-great-grandson of Aaron Thrasher 
Great-great-great-grandson of Isaiah Lindley 
Great-great-great-grandson of Arthur Thrasher 
Great-great-great-grandson of Stephen Cooper 


Great-great-grandson of Isaac Marshall (Supple- 
in cut al) 
Great-great-grandson of Samuel Woods {Supple- 

495 WOODWARD, CHARLES DANIEL. Providence 25970 
Great-grandson of Ephraim Woodward 


Providence 34055 
Great-great-grandson of Ephraim Woodward 

300 WRIGHT, ALBERT HENRY, Providence 14250 

302 WRIGHT, NATHAN MANCHESTER. Providence 15477 

70 iR. 3. ^onrly of ll|p ^. A. iS. 

581 YOUNG, CHARLES WILLIAM, Providence 32481 

Great-great-great-grandson of John Daggett 

There have been admitted to memljership in the Society 

since its organization 636 

Losses for various causes 244 

Present membership Feb. 22, 1921 392 

Governor Charles Dean Kimball 
President, 1911-1912 

SlFrnrba at Seuolutinnarg Anr^Htora 

Errar^fi of iSebaluttouary Aurrstora 

of members admitted since 1900 

HEZEKIAH ALLEN. JR.: Of Dedham, (Dover) Mass. 
Captain of the Dedham 4th Precinct Company. Suffolk- 
Regiment. Sept. 19, 1771. Appears on Hst of Capt. Ebe- 
nezer Battle's Company for special service— some 6 days. 
Battle of Lexington. April 19. 1775. 

Frederick Richmond Allen, Great-great-great-grand- 

ISRAEL ANGELL: Of Johnston. R. L Commissioned 
Major m 1775; Lieutenant-Colonel in 1776; Colonel in 
1777. As Colonel in 1777 he had command of 2d batta- 
lion from Rhode Island in army with Washington at 
Delaware. In 1780. in New Jersey with 170 men he 
defended a bridge against 1500 men for forty minutes, 
wh;le Gen. Washington was changing his position. Wash- 
ington complimented him on his liravery on this occasion 
in a letter to the Governor of R. I. Col. Angell received 
two gold medals in testimony of his bravery in the war. 
one from Gen. Washington and one from the Marquis de 
LaFayette. He was a personal friend of Generals W^ash- 
ington and LaFayette. and also of Count de Rocham- 
beau. by whom he was held in high esteem. 
Harold Lawton Brown, Great-great-great-grandson 
Henry Seabury Brown. Great-great-great-grandson 

JAMES ANGELL: Of Providence, R. I. Colonel of isr 
Providence County Regiment of the Militia of the Colony, 
^774-75- Appointed on a Committee to revise the Alilitia 
Laws. Dec. 1774. Appointed on a Committee to take 
charge of all the cannon, powder and all other warlike 
stores at Providence. April, 1775. Appointed on a Com- 
mittee to draw an act for raising- and equipping a body 
of minute men for the defence of the Colony. Jan.. 1776. 
Samuel Powel. Great-great-great-grandson 

76 IS. J. ^ortplg of tl|P i>. A. 1. 

JOHN ANGELL: Of Scituate, R. I. Lieutenant-Colonel 
of 2d Regiment, Rhode Island Militia, May, 1778. 
William Curtis Angell, Great-grandson 

ISRAEL ARNOLD : Of Smithfield, R. I. Enlisted Dec. 7, 
1776 to Jan. 7, 1777; Feb., 1777 for 2 months; Jmie, 1777 
for I month; Sept., 1777 for i month; 1778 for 3 months ; 
1779 for 4 months, and served as Sergt. in Capt. Samuel 
Day's Company, Col. Jabez Bowen. In 1778 he served as 
teamster during Gen. Sullivan's expedition to R. I. 
Chester Curtis Foster, Great-great-great-grandson 

NATHANIEL BACON: Of Gorham, Maine. Private in 
■the Penobscot Expedition of 1779, Capt. Alexander Mc- 
Lellan's Company, Col. Jonathan Mitchell's Regiment — • 
to prevent the British from establishing a military post 
near the mouth of the Penobscot River, July 7-Sept. 25. 
Henry Buker, Great-great-great-grandson 

SILAS BAILEY: Of Westerly, R. I. Private in Capt. Still- 
man's Company, Militia, Westerly, 1776. 
Frank Bailey Smith, Great-grandson 

JOSEPH BALCH: Of Boston, Mass. Captain in Col. 
Thomas Craft's Regiment in the Massachussets Train of 
Artillery. — Service during 1 776-1 777. 
Joseph Balch, Great-great-great-grandson 

ELIJAH BALL: Of Lancaster, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Benjamin Houghton's Company, Col. John Whitcomb's 
Regiment which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 
to Cambridge. Sergeant, Capt. William Greenleaf's 
Company, Col. Job Cushing's Regiment. He enlisted 
Sept. 3, 1777 and was discharged Nov. 29, 1777. Service 
3 months, 7 days. ist. Lieutenant, 5th Company, Col. 
Josiah Whitney's (2nd Worcester County) Regiment. 

. List of Officers of Massachusetts Militia, commissioned 
June 17, 1779. 
Earle Balcom Daxe, Great-great-grandson 

JOSEPH BANCROFT: Of Reading. Mass. Sergeant on 
Lexington Alarm Roll of Capt. Thomas Eaton's Com- 
pany, Col. Green's Regiment which marched on the 
alarm of April 19, 1775 from Reading. Length of ser- 
vice, 12 days. Second Lieutenant in James Bancroft's 
(4th) Company, 2nd Middlesex County, Regiment. 
Commissioned May 6, 1776. First Lieutenant in Capt. 
Abraham Foster's (4th) Company, 2nd Middlesex County, 
Regiment. Commissioned August 20, 1777. First Lieu- 
tenant in Capt. Jesse Wyman's Company, Col. Jacob 
Gerrish's Regiment from Feb. 18 to March 3, 1778, dated 
Bunker Hill, ^Lirch 6, 1778. Appointed Feb. 18, 1778. 
Detached as Guards to Burgoyne's army. 
Ivory Littlefield, Great-great-great-grandson 
James Bancroft Littlefield, Great-great-great-grand- 

ISAAC BARKER : O'f Middletown, R. I. Was living on his 
farm (called Paradise Farm) when the British took pos- 
session of the Island of Rhode Island in 1776. A Regi- 
ment of Hessians was quartered upon his farm, and the 
British Colonel with his staff took up their abode in his 
family. Pretending to be a strong Tory, he deceived the 
Colonel so well that the latter took him into his confi- 
dence, gave him a pass to go anywhere on the island, and 
would often urge him "to get all the information he could 
from the Rebel Camps." Barker conceived a perilous 
scheme for communicating all he learned of the British 
plans to his friends in the American Army, encamped on 
the main land across the channel in Little Compton. At 
this time all communication with the island was rigor- 
ously cut off by the Invaders, but Barker secretly 
arranged with Lieut. Chapin of Col. Sherburne's Regi- 

78 IS. J. i'orttty nf ti]p §>. A. 1. 

ment the following plan : when a pair of bars in a wall 
on Paradise Rocks were in a certain position, it meant 
that a letter was hidden in some white rocks on the shore. 
Other arrangements of the bars conveyed different infor- 
mation. Lieut. Chapin with a spy-glass could plainly see 
the bars, and upon the signal would row over in the night 
and secure the letter. This difficult and dangerous role 
was sustained for 14 months, and although many times 
in deadly peril, his shrewdness and coolness saved him. 
His services to the cause of Independence were acknowl- 
edged by Gen. Gates to have been of very great impor- 

Frederick Willard Easton, Jr., Great-great-grandson 

CALEB BARSTOW: Of Hanover, Mass. Private in Capt. 
John Turner's Company, Col. Theophilus Cotton's Regi- 
ment ; marched Sept. 28, 1777; service i month, 3 days 
on Alarm at R. L 

Arthur Abbot Thomas, Great-great-grandson 

WILLLAM BARTON: Of Providence, R. L Adjutant, 
1st Regiment Militia, Providence County, chosen August 
1775 ; Captain-Lieutenant, Colonel's Company Militia, 
Wm. Richmond Col., chosen Oct., 1775; resigned his com- 
mand and discharged with honor March, 1777; Major of 
Brigade, Providence County, chosen May, 1776; Brigade- 
Major of Colony's Brigade, Militia, chosen May, 1776; 
Major of Brigade, 2d Regiment Militia, chosen August, 
1776; Major, Col. Stanton's Regiment Militia, 15 months 
service, chosen December. 1776; Lieutenant-Colonel ist 
Regiment Militia, Joseph Stanton, Jr. Col.. 15 months 
service, chosen June, 1777; in command of expedition to 
capture Gen. Prescott, July 9, 1777; Lieutenant-Colonel, 
receives reward and recommended for promotion for cap- 
ture of Major General Prescott, August, 1777; Colonel, 
1st Regiment Militia, 16 months service, chosen Decem- 

jSprorDfi flf iRplioluttonarii AnrPBlora 79 

ber, 1777, in place of Col. Joseph Stanton, Jr. ; Colonel 
2d Batt. Militia, chosen Dec, 1777; Colonel, Continental 
Service, promoted from Colonel of the 2d Battalion, Feb., 
177&. Ordered by Council of War April 14. 1778, to pay 
monies received from the Assistant Paymaster General 
to the several companies in the Regiment he lately com- 
manded. Sent with 20 men against the enemy who was 
attacking Bristol, met them at Bristol Ferry, was 
wounded by musket ball and left the field, May, 1778; 
Colonel Light Corps of Foot, Return dated Pawtuxet, 
Sept. II, 1779; Pensioned. 
James Amos Barton, Great-great-grandson. 

EZEKIEL BATES: Of Bellingham, Mass. Served as sol- 
dier in Capt. Amos Smith's Company which marched to 
R. I. on a secret expedition, Sept. 30, 1777. A staunch 
patriot, serving on various important committees ap- 
pointed to further the cause of American independence, 
throughout the war. 
Herbert Ambrose Rice, Great-great-grandson 

JAMES BEAMIS: Of Weston, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Timothy Carey's Company, Col. Baldwin's Regiment. 
Enlisted April 26, 1775 — service to August i, 1775, 97 
days. Private in same company and regiment, return 
dated Sept. 2/, 1775. Appears in a return of men en- 
listed into the Continental Army from Middlesex County 
for the term of 9 months from the time of their arrival 
at Fishkill, July 8, 1778 — Capt. Weston's Company, Col. 
Brooks' Regiment. 

John Richard Bemis, Great-great-grandson 
Reuben Samuel Bemis, Great-great-grandson 

DR. BARNABUS BINNEY: Of Philadelphia, Pa. Senior 
Surgeon in the Continental Army hospital, 1780- 1787. 
Samuel Powel, Great-great-grandson 

80 IS. 3. i>ortpig of tl|p B. A. S. 

JAMES BIRGE: Of Litchfield, Conn. Served as Private 
in the Continental Army from March, 1776, until Janu- 
ary, 1777. Also. 2 weeks in April, 1777 and 2 months in 
the summer of 1777. Pensioned. 
William James Burge, Grandson 

JONATHAN BLAKE : Of Dorchester, Mass. Sergeant on 
Lexington Alarm Roll of Capt. Abraham Wheeler's 
Company, Colonel Lemuel Robinson's Regiment, which 
marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775. Length of ser- 
vice. 12 days. Private in Capt. Lemuel Clap's Company, 
Col. Benjamin Gill's Regiment. Enlisted June 13. 1776. 
Discharged June 16, 1776. Length of service 3 days. 
Private in Capt. Lemuel Clap's Company, Col. Pierce's 
Regiment. Marched, March i, 1778, discharged April 
8, 1778. Service, i month, 8 days, at Castle Island. 
Private in Capt. Job Cushing's Company. Lieutenant- 
Colonel Samuel Pierce's Regiment. Enlisted. May 18, 
1779. discharged July i, 1779. Service, i month, 17 days, 
at Tiverton, R. L 

Frederick Lewis Weis. Great-great-grandson 

CHRISTOPHER BLANDING: Of Rehoboth, ^lass. Pri- 
vate in Capt. Samuel Bliss' Company, which marched on 
the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 8 days. In Capt. 
Bliss' Company, Col. Walker's Regiment ; muster roll 
dated August i. 1775; enlisted April 28, 1775; service i 
month, 20 days ; reported enlisted in the train June 14, 
1775; also in return dated Oct. 6, 1775. Served at vari- 
ous times during the years 1775 and '^6, and marched 
from Rehoboth to Bristol, R. I., on the alarm of Dec. 8, 
1776; 1780, July 28th, he was a Corporal, Capt. Joseph 
Wilmarth's Company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regi- 
ment, which marched to Tiverton, R. I., on an alarm; 

^HOvhB of Ecuolitttonarg AnttBtors 81 

discharged July 31, 1780— service 5 days under Gen. 

WiLLiAAr Oliver Blanding. Great-grandson 

STEPHEN BOURNE: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Sergeant in 
Lieut. Samuel Brown's Company, Col. Thomas Carpen- 
ter's Regiment. Alarched from Rehoboth, Mass. to Tiv- 
erton. R. I., Aug. I, 1780, on an alarm ; discharged Aug. 8, 
1780 — service 9 days under Gen. Heath. 
Frank Baylie.s Bourne, Great-grandson 

JABEZ BOWEN : Of Providence, R. I. On the declaration 
of war, he resigned his position on the bench of the 
Supreme Court to become Colonel of the ist regiment of 
the county of Providence, 1778- '79. In 1780-1786, he 
was elected Deputy Governor, and through the whole con- 
flict was an active member of the Council of War. Gov. 
Bowen was placed on many important committees and his 
house was the headquarters for military ofificers. He 
was appointed l)y Washington, Commissioner of Loans 
for R. L The Declaration of Independence was read 
from the front balcony of his house in Market Square. 
Washington and Lafayette were entertained by Gov. 
Bowen when they came to Rhode Island and Gen. 
Rochambeau was always his guest while in Providence. 
Donald Flagg Bowen, Great-great-grandson 
Joseph Bowen, Great-great-grandson 

NATHAN BOWEN: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Private Capt. 
Perry's Company, Col. Abial Mitchell's Regiment— raised 
to reinforce the Continental Army in 1780. Time of ser- 
vice, 3 months, 5 days from appointment July 2y to dis- 
charge. Oct. 30. 

Amos Miller Bowen, Great-grandson 

JOHN BOYNTON : Of Rowley, Mass. Lieutenant in Capt. 
Abel Wilder's Company, Col. Ephraim Doolittle's Regi- 
ment, April 20. 1775. Captain 8th Company, Col. Nathan 

S2 a. H, i'ortptij of il|? ^. A. S. 

Sparhawk's Regiment. Also in Col. Sparhavvk's Regi- 
ment commanded by Col. Jacob Cashing, August 25, 

Lyndon Bigelow Taylor, Great-great-grandson 

NICHOLAS BRANCH: Of Providence, R. L Private, 
Capt. Asa Kimball's Company, Col. Chris. Lippitt's 2d 
Regiment of Foot, R. L Brigade. Newport, June 5, 1776 
— enlisted January 26, 1776. Private, Hoppin's Company, 
Lippitt's Regiment, Sept. 7, 1776 to Jan. 17, 1777. 
Appears on list of men that were in Capt. Hoppin's Com- 
pany that crossed the North River, Dec. 4, 1776. Drum- 
mer, Capt. Samuel Phillips' Company, Col. Stanton's 
Regiment, stationed at Tiverton, Howland's Ferry, Aug. 
10, 1777-Nov. 10, 1777-Jan. I, 1778-March 16, 1778— 
he served these various terms in the same company, but 
under different regimental commanders. Drum-Major, 
Col. John Topham's Regiment, from May 16, to Aug. 16, 
1778. Sergeant of Capt. Charles Handy's, Jr., Company, 
Col. William Barton's Light Corps, from his enlistment 
July 18, 1779, to Nov. I, 1779. Sergeant, Capt. Henry 
Dayton's Company, Corps Light Infantry, U. S. Service, 
Col. WilHam Barton, Sept. 6. 1779, to March 13. 1780. 
Frederick Hovey Franklin, Great-great-grandson 

ABRAHAM BROWER: Of Flatbush, L. I. Private, 2d 
regiment. Orange Company, New York ]\Iilitia. Lieuten- 
ant-Colonel Gilbert Cooper. Served as follows: 1776 and 
1777' 7 months, i week between March and January; 
1777. 2 months between April and December; 1778, 2 
months between April and December; 1779, 2 months 
between x-\pril and December; 1780, 2 months between 
April and December; 1781, i and jA months lietween 
April and December. In Battle of Long Island. 
Samuel Henry Brower, Great-great-grandson 
Albert Samuel Brower, Great-great-great-grandson 
Leon William Brower, Great-great-great-grandson 

IS^etavhB of Ufttalutionary Anrfatora 83 

ABEL BROWN : Of Concord, Mass. Private, Capt. Brown, 
Col. Nixon (5tli Infantry), 1775. Also Capt. Brown's 
Company, Col. Whitney, 1776. Also Capt. Miles' Com- 
pany, Col. Reed, 1777; also Capt. Rawles' Company, Col. 
Jacob. 1778. Also Capt. Jenkins' Company, Col. Ger- 
rick, 1779: also Capt. Manes' Company, 2nd Regiment, 
Continental establishment Col. Sprout, 1780-1783 Pen- 
Clarence WatsoxN Scott, Great-great-grandson 

GEORGE BROWN : Of South Kingstown. R. I. Private Capt. 
James Burrill's Company Militia in U. S. Service in 
Rhode Island, Col. Jabez Brown, engaged from x^pril 2, 
1778 to April 16, 1778, inclusive. On Guard, Troops 
stationed at house of George Brown at Boston Neck, 
South Kingstown, R. I, Assistant, 1783. 
Albert Rodman Nichols, Great-great-grandson 

NICHOLAS BROWN: Of Providence, R. I. Member of 
a committee in 1770 to see that no importation of Euro- 
pean and India goods from Great Britain took place in 
Providence. Member of a committee appointed by Con- 
gress, Dec. 14, 1775, to build vessels of war. Member of 
a committee appointed by the General Assembly of 
Rhode Island to inquire the price of cannon, 1776. 
Samuel Powel, Great-great-great-grandson 

SYLVESTER BROWNELL: Of W'estport. Mass. He was 
one of the men who, under command of Col. Prescott, 
threw up the redoubt at Bunker Hill the night before the 
battle, in which battle he also served. He was also under 
command of Gen. Sullivan at the battle of Long Island, 
and served throughout the war. Pensioned. 
Frederick Richmond Brownell, Great-grandson 

84 IS. 3. g>orirty of tl|P ^. A, K 

JEHIAL BRYANT, ist: Of Milford, Conn. Captain in the 
5th Battalion, Wadsworth Brigade, Col. Douglas' Regi- 
ment. Battalion raised June 1776, to reinforce Wash- 
ington's Army at New York. Served in the city and on 
the Brooklyn front, heing at the right of line of works 
during the hattle of Long Island, August 27th. Engaged 
in the retreat to N. Y., August 29, and 30th ; stationed 
with militia hrigade under Col. Douglas at Kipps' Bay, 
34th St., on East River at the time of enemy attack on 
N. Y. 

George Henry Collett, Great-great-great-grandson 

BARAK BULLOCK: Of Rehohoth, Mass. Private, Capt. 
Sylvanus ALartin's Company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's 
Regiment, marched from Rehoboth to Bristol, Rhode 
Island on the alarm of Dec. 8, 1776 — service 16 days; 
also Capt. Joseph Wilmarth's Company, Col. Carpenter's 
Regiment, marched from Rehoboth to Tiverton, R. I., 
Aug. I. 1780, on an alarm; discharged Aug. 8, 1780 — 
service, 9 days under Gen. Heath. 
Leprilete Sweet, Great-sjreat-grandson 

JABEZ BULLOCK: Of Rehoboth, Mass. First Lieutenant, 
Capt. Phanuel Bishop's Company, Col. Thomas Carpen- 
ter's Regiment, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 
1775- Fii'st Lieutenant in Capt. Joseph Franklin's Com- 
pany, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regiment — marched on 
the alarm of Dec. 8, 1776. First Lieutenant in Capt. 
Hill's Company, 1777. Captain in Col. John Jacob's Regi- 
ment in 1778. Captain in Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regi- 
ment ; commissioned April 13, 1779. Also in same, com- 
missioned July 27, 1780, and again on August i. 1780 — 
both of the latter on alarms to Tiverton, R. I. 
William Oliver Blanding, Great-grandson 

i&Hitrh& of S^uolutionaru Anrpatora 85 

GIDEON BURGESS: Of Foster, R. I. Private with Cap- 
tain General's Cavaliers in the expedition to Rhode Island, 
from July 24, to August 31, 1778. 
Stuart Morgan Aldrich, Great-great-grandson 

JAMES BUXTON: Of Smithfield, R. I. Enlisted in 1776 
as Ensign in the 3d Company, 15th Massachusetts Regi- 
ment. His Captain was Noah Littlefield, his Colonel, 
John Bailey. Lieutenant in March, 1779. Commissioned 
as Captain Jan. i. 1781. Served on the Hudson under 
Gen. Lee. 

GoNZALo Edward Buxton, Great-grandson 

DAVID CADY, JR. Of Killingly, Conn. Captain. Marched 
from Killingly Conn., for the relief of Boston in tlie 
Lexington Alarm, April, 1775. Was with the 25th Regi- 
ment •Militia, commanded by Col. Obadiah Johnson, 
which marched in the alarm when the British ships lay 
off New London, Sept. 4, 1778. 
Joseph Clarence Reeve, Great-grandson 

JOSEPH CAPRON : Of Cumberland, R. I. Private in Capt. 
Reuben Ballou's Company, under IVIajor Eiske— service, 
I month. In 1777, he served in the same company under 
Col. George Peck, and was in Gen. Spencer's expedition 
—service, 4 months. In 1778, he served under Capt. 
Amos Whipple and was in Gen. Sullivan's expedition-^ 
service, 4 months. In 1779, under Capt. x^mos Whipple, 
served, 3 months. Pensioned. 
George Nash Capron, Grandson 
Frank Jencks Capron, Great-grandson 
Charles Smith Mathewson, Great-grandson 

JOSEPH CARPENTER: Of Uxbridge. Mass. Private in 
Capt. Joseph Chapin's Company of Minute Men. which 
marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 15 days. 

86 iR. 3. i'omly of ll|p g>. A. IS. 

Also in Capt. Edward Seagrave's Company, Col. Wade's 
Regiment. Enlisted June 19, 1778; discharged July ig, 
1778; service, 30 days at Rhode Island. 
William Arnold Spicer, Great-great-grandson 

THOMAS CARPENTER: Of Rehohoth, Mass. Colonel of 
the 1st Bristol County Regiment; also Colonel of a regi- 
ment raised from Brigadier Geo. Godfrey's Brigade ; also 
Colonel of a regiment, which with eight other regiments, 
marched to New York under command of Major Gen- 
eral Lincoln. Was in Sullivan's expedition on the island 
of Rhode Island, with a large detachment of his regiment, 
who marched to join the army on the island, and distin- 
guished themselves for their hravery. He was in the 
action in Rhode Island, Aug. 29, 1778. It is said that in 
the first charge. Col. Carpenter pushed on with so much 
bravery that the enemy opposed to him gave back and he 
was drawn so far in advance of the army that the British 
made an attempt, by dispatching a division around the 
side of a hill opposite him, to attack him in the rear, and 
cut him off from the main army. Being apprised of his 
danger by one of the aids of Gen. Sullivan, he very dex- 
terously managed to fall back in good order to the line 
of the main army. Col. Carpenter was a staunch friend 
of the government in the time of "Shay's Rebellion."' 
Leprilete Sweet, Great-great-grandson 

URIAH CARPENTER: Of Ashford, Conn. Private. En- 
tered service Jan. 15, 1778, in Capt. John Williams' Com- 
pany, Col. Obadiah Johnson's Regiment. Served in Rhode 
Island for two months. Also served from August 16, 
1779 to January 15. 1780. On list of Short Term Levies. 
From return of the eight months men that belonged to 
the 4th Conn. Regiment, commanded by John Durker, 
Colonel, 1779. 
Elias Carpenter, Great-grandson 

SworiJa of iSruolultoitary AnteBtovB 87 

MAXELON CHACE: Of Westerly, R. I. When the Con- 
tinental Congress appointed Com. Esek Hopkins of 
Rhode Island to organize a fleet of war vessels and to 
command the same, Maxelon Chace enlisted as seaman 
and was appointed Ship Carpenter's mate (he being a 
Ship Carpenter by trade). He assisted materially in fit- 
ting out the ships of war. On the return trip from the 
West Indies, he contracted the yellow fever, and died in 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
James Edward Chace, Great-grandson 

HARRIS CHADWELL: Of Lynn, Mass. Lieutenant; 
served at Concord battle and elsewhere, year not given ; 
First Lieutenant, Capt. Samuel King's Company. En- 
listed July 14, 1775 — service, 6 months, 2 days; Second 
Lieutenant. Capt. Benjamin Epes' Company, Col. Isaac 
Smith's Regiment; list of officers appointed to serve until 
April I, (year not given) commissioned March 13, 1776; 
First Lieutenant, Capt. Joseph Hiller's Company, list 
dated April 30, 1777; company raised in Salem and Lynn 
and ordered to Rhode Island to reinforce troops under 
Gen. Spencer — also Capt. Hiller's Company, Col. Jona- 
than Titcomb's Regiment, arrived at destination May 5, 
1777, discharged July 5, 1777 — service, 2 months, 6 days. 
Joseph Harris Johnson, Great-great-grandson 

SETH CHAPIN: Of Mendon, :\Iass. Corporal on the 
Lexington alarm roll, April 19, 1775; Corporal in Massa- 
chusetts Militia, 10, Dec, 1775 ; Second Lieutenant in 
the 3d Worcester County Regiment, July 9, 1776 under 
Gen. Sullivan on Long Island ; Paymaster in same regi- 
ment ; First Lieutenant in same regiment from 8 Dec, 
1776 to 21 Jan., 1777: served in Rhode Island on 15 
March, 1778 and in July, 1778 under Gen. Sullivan in 
expedition against Newport ; also on Aug. 2-/, 1779, in 

88 1. 3. ^aciHu of tlie ^. A. IS. 

Sept., 1/79, ^"<^ from the alarm of 2y July, to 8th of 

August, 1780, in Rhode Island. 

Howard Millar Chapix, Great-great-grandson 

THOMAS CHURCH: Of Little Compton. R. I. Colonel. 
Commanded a Rhode Island Regiment encamped at 
Jamaica Plains at the siege of Boston. Commissioner 
for Rhode Island for exchange of prisoners. 
Frederick Richmond Brownell, Great-great-great 

\ , grandson 

JOHN CHURCHILL: Of East Scott, N. Y. As a private 
citizen he was taken prisoner hy the British in the border 
raids incident to the battle of Hubbardton. July 7, 1777, 
an incident in Burgoyne's campaign. He was carried to 
Ticonderoga and kept there until October, when he 
returned home. Enlisted in Jan., 1781, in Capt. Roger 
Alden's Company, Third Regiment, Connecticut Line, Col. 
Webb, and on Pel). 26, 1781. he enlisted in Capt. Timothy 
Allyn's Company (same regiment) for duration of the 
Herman Chcrchill, Great-grandson 

LEMUEL CLAP: Of Dorchester. Mass. First Lieutenant, 
sharing a command with Capt. Oliver Billings of a com- 
pany in Col. Lemuel Robinson's Regiment on the alarm 
of April 19, 1775. Service, 12 days. Captain, ist Dor- 
chester Company, Col. Benjamin Gill's Regiment, March 
4, 1776, time of engagement, discharged March 8, 1776. 
Service. 5 days at the taking of Dorchester Heights. 
Served with same company and regiment March 14, 1776 
— March 26. 1776. Length of service, 12 days. With 
same company and regiment June 13. to June 16. 1776. 
Length of service, 3 days. Captain of company in Col. 
Pierce's Regiment from March i, 1778, to April 3. 1778, 
company having been ordered to march to Castle Island. 
Captain on list of officers commissioned to command the 

ISeror&B af iSpuolutionary Anrpators 89 

guards raised to do duty under Maj. Gen. Gates and Maj. 
Gen. Heath at and al)out Boston. Commissioned May 
II, 1779. Company stationed at Dorchester Heights. 
Time of engagement May 7, 1779, time of discharge, 
October 16, 1780. Length of service, i year, 5 months, 
II days. Captain in Col. Solomon Lovell's Regiment, on 
a return of officers, who marched to reinforce Continental 
Army for 3 months (year not given). 

Frederick Lewis Weis, Great-great-grandson 

PITT CLARKE: Of Medfield and Norton, Mass. Served 
on a sudden expedition to Rhode Island. Private, Capt. 
Adam Peter's Company, Maj. Seth Bullard's Regiment; 
ordered to march July 28, 1780 — discharged Aug. 6, 
1780. Service, 12 days, travel included, on an alarm at 
Rhode Island. 
Prescott Orloff Clarke. Grandson 

THOMAS CLARKE: Of North Kingstown, R. I. Was com- 
missioned June 19, 1775, Captain of ist Company of 
Militia of North Kingstown, served in 2d Regiment 
under Col. Charles Dyer and continued in service till the 
British left Rhode Island. He was in Generals Spencer 
and Sullivan's expedition and captured the British vessel, 
"Syren," which ran ashore near the South Ferry. His 
appointments follow: Capt., ist Company Militia, 
North Kingstown, June, 1775, also same for May, 1776. 
Major, 2d Regiment Militia, King's County, Dec. 2t„ 
1776. Major same regiment. May, 1777. Major same 
regiment. May, 1779. Resigned, June, 1779. 
Frank Manley Mason, Great-great-grandson 

DUDLEY COLMAN: Of Newbury, Mass. Lieutenant- 
Colonel Dudley Colman was attached to Col. Edward 
Wigglesworth's Regiment. Adjutant, 12th Continental 
Infantry, ist of Jan., to 31st of December, 1776. Major, 

90 iR. J. ^onrty of ll|p i>. A. E. 

13th Massachusetts Regiment — Jan. i, 1777 — Lieutenant- 
Colonel, 3cl July, 1777, resigned loth March, 1779. 
George Leon Stevenson, Great-great-great-grandson 

STEPHEN COLWELL: Of Gloucester, R. L Private, R. 
L Militia and Continental Line; enlisted August, 1776; 
served three months under Capt. Samuel May, Col. Chad 
Brown; enlisted November, 1776, under Capt. Timothy 
Wilmarth, Independent Company; served one month; 
enlisted August, 1778; served two months under Wind- 
sor, Col. Chad Brown ; battle engaged in, Quaker Hill, 
and in this battle he was wounded in the shoulder. ■ Pen- 
Clarence Mann Stevens, Great-great-grandson 

WILLL^M COMINS: Of Oxford and Charlton, :NLass. 
First Lieutenant in Capt. William. Tucker's 5th W'orces- 
ter County Regiment, Massachusetts Militia. He served 
at Dobbs' Ferry, Tarrytown and North Castle. Com- 
mission dated April 4, 1776. 
Frederick Granville Comins, Great-great-grandson 

STEPHEN COOPER-: Of Glocester, R. L Private in Capt. 
James Parker's Company, Col. Archibald Crary's Regi- 
ment. Service from June 9. 1778, to Sept. 16, 1778. 
Hunter Carson White, Great-great-great-grandson 

MELVIN COTTON : Of Pomfret, Conn., and Hartland, 
Vermont. Private in Capt. Benjamin Alton's Company, 
Col. John Rand's Regiment. Enlisted July 9. 1 780, dis- 
charged, Oct. 10, 1780; service, 3 months, 11 days. Com- 
pany raised for 3 month's service at West Point. 
Clarence Arthur Cotton, Great-grandson 

HS^etathB of Sfnolutiniiarij Attrrators 91 

THOMAS COTTON: Of Hartland, ^-en.ont. Served in 
the Lexington Alarm. 1775; and afterwards in the nth 
Connecticut Regiment, Capt. Clark's Company "First 
Company at New York in 1776. 
Clarence Arthuk Cottox. Great-great-grandson 

JOHN COX: Of Bloomsbnry, N. J. Member of Pennsyl- 
vania Provn.cml Conventions, 1774-75. Major in Penn 

Read 'V'' T '''' nf"'"""' ^^"^n^anded by Col. Joseph 
Read. Lieutenant-Colonel, Dec, 1776, of 2d Battalion 
of Penn. Mihtia at Bristol, Pa. Ordered by Gen. Wash- 
mgton to pursue the enemy after the battle of Trenton, 
Jan. 4, I Aie„,ber of Council of Safety, 1776 1777 

Assistant Quartermaster General under Gen. NatLanS 
Greene, 17/8-1779. Vice-President of New Jersey 178; 
Samuel Powel, Great-great-grandson 

WILLIAM CRANE: Of Cranetown. N. J. Captain ist 
^.^ment. Essex Company, New Jersey Mi IU-^mIj 
Co S^"""' Essex Company. N. J. Militia Ma or,' 
Col. Sylvanus Seeleys Battalion, N. T State Tmon^ 

Lje^enant. Colonel Oliver Spence;-sRin^tc'Z^:: 
tal Army; commissioned Captain, Col. Oliver Spencer's 
Regiment, Continental Army Feb i^ t7-. ' ,' 
in service. ' ^'^' ^^'^""ded 

Charles Dodd Crake, Great-great-grandson 


anri Ccr.,.; ' r^i , ^^ '^'^'^e"- ^- T Quartermaster 

and Captains Clerk on the row galley Spitfire under 
Capt. Joseph Crandall. Also served as private i the 
army-length of entire service. 3 years 
William Ira Cranston. Great-great-grandson 

the alarm of April 19, 1775 ; also Colonel, Tan 

r. 1778, discharged Anril t t--«. • ""^^^^ J^"- 

^cQ /ipni I, i^^^. service, 3 months, i 

92 IS. 3. ^oripty nf tl|p ^. A. 2S. 

day with Brig. Gen. Ezek Cornell's Brigade ; regiment 
stationed at Rhode Island for 3 months from Jan. i, 
1778; also Colonel, engaged Aug. 18, 1778, discharged 
Aug. 31, 1778; service, 16 days at Rhode Island. In 
1775 Col. John Daggett undertook the expedition to 
Assonet for the purpose of l)reaking up a Royalist com- 
bine, which had stored up ammunition in that place. He 
and his comrades thus had the honor of being the first 
actors in the first scene of the great Revolutionary drama. 
Col. Daggett commanded the regiment from County of 
Bristol both in Spencer's and Sullivan's expedition on 
Rhode Island in 1777 and 1779. 
Charles Willia>[ Youxg, Great-great-great-grandson 

BENJAMIN DAMON : Of Reading, Mass. Served as fol- 
lows : Enlisted 1776 for 2 months under Capt. Balknap, 
Col. Eleazer Brooks; Aug. 18, 1777 to Nov. 30, 1777, 
under Capt. Abraham Foster, Col. Samuel Bullard; May 
7, 1779. to July I, 1779, under Capt. L. Buckmenster, Col. 
Samuel Pierce. Was at the surrender of Gen. Burgoyne. 
Samuel Chester Damox, Great-grandson 

SIMON DAVIS: Of Acton, Mass. Served in Capt. Nathan 
Hale's Company, at time of Lexington Alarm. April 19. 
1775 ; also served in Capt. Philip Thomas' Company. Col. 
James Reed's Regiment, April 23, 1775 — on roll to Aug. 
I. 1775. Bunker Hill service. Was serving C)ct. 4. 1775, 
and marched with Lieutenant-Colonel Heald's detail to 
reinforce Garrison at Ticonderoga, June 29, 1777. 
Frederick Richmond Allen, Great-great-grandson 

PARDON DA VOL : Of Freetown, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Joseph Durfee's Company, Col. Pope's Regiment. He 
enlisted Dec. 7th, 1775, and was discharged Dec. 12, 
1776. His service covered 5 days at the Rhode Island 
Alarm. He enlisted again on August 3rd. 1780, in Capt. 

WiHorhB of iSpuoluttotiarg Ktin&iovs 93 

Henry Brightmau's Company, Col. John Hathaway's 
Regiment from Freetown, Mass. Discharged on August 
7, 1780. serving 4 days on a Rhode Island Alarm. 
Charles Joseph Davol, Great-great-grandson 

ASA DEAN: Of Attleborough, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Samuel Robinson's Company, Col. Josiah Whitney's Regi- 
ment. Enlisted July 29, 1778 — service, i month, 14 days 
at R. I. In Capt. Enoch Robinson's Company. Enlisted 
Aug. 12, 1779 — service, i month, i day at Rhode Island 
in a regiment under command of Capt. Commandant 
Samuel Fisher. Also in Capt. Alexander Foster's Com- 
pany, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regiment. Marched July 
27, 1780, discharged July 31, 1780 — service, 5 days on 
an alarm. Company marched to Tiverton, R. I. 
Frank Baylies Bourne, Great-grandson 

ENOS DEAN: Of Taunton, Mass. In Dec, 1776, he served 
22 days as commander of a detachment of guards to pre- 
vent Highlanders (prisoners) from escaping from Taun- 
ton jail upon the alarm of Dec. 8, 1776. Private in Capt. 
James Cooper's Company in Col. Gamaliel Bradford's 
Regiment from Feb. 14, 1777, to March 14, 1777. Ser- 
geant of same company April i. 1777. Served to Dec. 
31, 1779. Marched to Bennington, and on another roll, 
he saw service from Jan. i, 1780, to Feb. 14. 1780. Dis- 
charged from service Dec. 17, 1780, near West Point. 
Isaac Lewis Goff, Jr., Great-great-grandson 
William David Goff, Great-great-grandson 

SOLOMON DEMING: Of Sandisfield. Mass. Upon the 
alarm from Lexington, he was one of the first to enlist 
and was appointed Ensign in Capt. Moses Soules' Com- 
pany in Col. John Fellows' Regiment, which rank he held 
during 1775. He was commissioned 6th of May, 1776, 
First Lieutenant in Capt. Samuel Walcott's Company, ist 

94 K J. ^oriptg of tt^e ^. A. il. 

Berkshire Regiment, which rank he retained in the vari- 
ous companies to which he was assigned. 
Richard Deminc. Hollington, Great-great-grandson 

SAMUEL DOTY: Of Saybrook, Conn. Enhsted May 8, 
1/75 ^^ Sergeant in Capt. John Ely's Company, Col. Sam- 
uel H. Parson's Regiment — served at the siege of Bos- 
ton. Honorably discharged Dec. i8, 1775. Re-inlisted 
as private, June 15. 1776 in Capt. Lathrop Allen's Com- 
pany, Col. Samuel Elmore's Regiment. Re-inlisted in 
Capt. Richard's Company, Jan. 27, 1777, ist Regiment, 
Connecticut Line. Participated in battle of Germantown 
and wintered at Valley Forge. Present at battle of Mon- 
mouth, June 28, 1778. In 1780 he was Ensign in the 
7th Regiment. Connecticut Militia under Col. William 
Worthington, being detached April, 1780, to serve as 
Ensign in Capt. Jacob Whitmore's Company, Lieutenant- 
Colonel (Commander) Bezaliel Beebe's Regiment. Was in 
U. S. service until Oct. 17, 1780. He probably served to 
the close of the war, 1783, as Ensign of Capt. James 
Smith's Company, Col. Mead's Regiment. 
Hrrman Churchill, Great-great-great-grandson 

ROBERT DRAKE: Of Easton, Mass. Corporal in Capt. 
Randall's Company, Col. George Williams' Regiment in 
Rhode Lsland 24 days, Dec. 7, 1776; and from Jan. 7, 
1778. to April, 1778, in the same service in the same com- 
pany under command of Col. John Daggett. 
Frederic Henry Fuller, Great-great-great-grandson 
Caleb Allen Fuller, Great-great-great-great-grandson 

JOHN DUNHAM : Of Attleborough, Mass. Private. Capt. 
Nathan Smith's Company. Service from Jan. 18, I776> 

iSnortifl of ISeoolutioitarQ Aurpatura 95 

to Sept. I. 1776. Company stationed at Martha's Vine- 
yard, Mass., for defence of seacoast. 
Leprilete Sweet. Great-sfrandson 

SOLOMON DUNHAM : Of Attleborough, Mass. Private, 
Capt. Elisha May's Company. Engaged Sept., 1776, dis- 
charged Nov., 1776. Company served on a two-month's 
campaign at New York ; also Capt. Stephen Richardson's 
Company — service from April 21, 1777, to hold the lines 
until men could be raised for that purpose, for two 
months; also same company marched Sept. 25, 1777, dis- 
charged Oct. 29, 1777. Service, i month and 6 days. 
Company marched from Attleborough under command 
of Col. George Williams on a secret expedition ; also 
Capt. Caleb Richardson's Company. Col. John Hatha- 
way's Regiment; enlisted March 25, 1779. service, 21 
days at Rhode Island ; also Corporal of Capt. Sam Robin- 
son's Company, Col. Isaac Dean's Regiment ; marched 
March 6, 1781, discharged March 14. 1781. Service, 11 
days, travel included, at Rhode Island. 
Leprieete Sweet, Great-great-grandson 

URIAH EAGER, JR: Of Marlboro, Mass. Marched to 
Cambridge on the Lexington Alarm in Capt. Howe's 
Company, Uriah Eager, Ensign. Also served in Rhode 
Island. ■ 
George Dow Lansing, 2d, Great-great-great-grandson 

DANIEL EAMES : Of Haverhill, Mass. He loaned money 
to the town of Haverhill to equip and pay its soldiers in 
1776, a patriot. 

Arthur Abbot Thomas, Great-great-great-great-grand- 

96 K 3. ^oriPty of tl]p i>. A. SI. 

SAMUEL EAMES: Of Haverhill, Mass. Private from 
Haverhill in 1778. Service, 9 months. Also, private in 
Capt. Jonathan Ayer's Company, Col. Nathaniel Wade's 
Essex County Regiment, enlisted July 15, 1780, dis- 
charged Oct. 10, 1780 — service, 3 months, 7 days. 
Arthur Abbot Thomas^ Great-great-great-grandson 

BARNARD EDDY: Of Providence, R. I. He enlisted 
June, 1775, and served to May, 1779, as Private under 
Colonel Elliott, Capt. Barnard Eddy, in the Militia. From 
May, 1779, he served two years as Captain and Lieuten- 
ant of Sloop Lively, of R. L, Navy. Pensioned. Capt. 
Barnard Eddy, father of the said Captain and Lieutenant 
Barnard Eddy, had charge of the fortifications erected at 
Field's and Sassafras Points to protect the town of Provi- 
dence in case of attack from the British. The works 
then built are still preserved and are called Robin Hill 
Fort and Fort Independence. 
Richard Lewis Calder, Great-grandson 

WILLL\M EDDY: Of Providence, R. L In May, 1775, 
he served one month as a substitute and private at Cam- 
bridge in Capt. vSmith's Company, Col. Gridley's Regi- 
ment of Artillery. In July, 1776, he enlisted and served 
two months as a private in the Crown Point and Lake 
Champlain Expedition in Capt. Barnard Eddy's Com- 
pany of R. I. Militia, and was under the command of 
Gen. Spencer. He was drafted Oct., 1777, and served 
two months as a private in Capt. James Hill's Company, 
Col. Walker's Regiment of Massachusetts Militia, and 
was in Spencer's Expedition. In May, 1777, he was 
drafted and served one month as a Private at Bristol in 
the same company and regiment. In August, 1778, he 
was drafted and served one month as a Private in Sulli- 
van's Expedition in the same company and regiment. In 
Rhode Island, he was detached to the l)oat service imder 

EeroriB of Upuulwttmtary Anrfstora 97 

. Capt. Eddy. He served out all his time and was honor- 
ably discharged, but never had any written discharge. He 
lived in Rehoboth when he entered the service, and from 
the conclusion of the Revolutionary War until his death, 
he resided in Providence, R. I. Pensioned. 
Frederick Williard Easton, Jr., Great-great-grandson 

STEPHEN EATON: Of Ashford, Conn. Private in Capt. 
Daniel Allen's Company, Col. Samuel Wyllys' Regiment, 
(3d) Connecticut Line. Served 3 and Yi years. Com- 
pany and regiment named above have the record of 
"Peekskill, West Point, Storming of Stony Point, en- 
camped at White Plains." He was on duty at .the exe- 
cution of Maj. Andre, and was present at the burning of 
Norwalk by the British. Pensioned. 
Stephen David Paddock, Great-great-grandson 

NATHANIEL FANNING: Of Stonington, Conn. Mid- 
shipman on U. S. S. Bon Homme Richard, Capt. John 
Paul Jones, commanding. Was commended by that offi- 
cer for his services during the celebrated battle between 
the Bon Homme Richard and H. M. S. Serapis, and a 
certificate testifying to his bravery in that action was 
sent by Capt. Jones to Congress. 
Ralph Edgar Bailey, Great-great-great-grandson 

AMOSFARNSWORTH: Of Groton, Mass. Joined a com- 
pany of Minute Men at Groton, Mass., under Capt. 
Henry Farwell. He served from Concord to Bunker Hill 
where he was wounded. Furloughed till September of 
the year— from that time on, he was in continuous ser- 
vice till the end of the war. He was at Ticonderoga in 
^77^^ — in New Jersey under Washington for some time 
in 1777, but served principally in his own state. 
Claude Joseph Farnsworth, Great-great-grandson 

98 1. 3. ^nriptg of tl|P ^. A. S. 

RICHARD FENNER, JR.: Of Johnston, R. I. Lieut., ist 
Company, Johnston, 1775. Captain same company, 1776. 
Major of the ist Regiment of Militia, Providence Com- 
pany, 1778, 1779. Lieutenant-Colonel of the same, 1779, 
Herbert Lodowick Fenner, Great-great-great-grandson 

SAMUEL FISHER: Of Wrentham, Mass. Captain, 2d 
Company, Col. Ephraim Wheelock's Regiment of Massa- 
chusetts Militia. Commissioned April 21, 1776; Captain 
in same regiment — service, 23 days. Company ordered 
to march to Warwick. R. I., on the alarm of Dec. 8. 
1776; ordered to command soldiers drafted from the 
training band of Col. Ephraim Wheelock's Regiment, and 
ordered to march to Providence, R. I., April 23, 1777; 
Captain of company raised in Wrentham ; also, Col. 
Wheelock's Regiment — service, 12 days ; company marched 
to Rhode Island on the alarm of April 21, 1777; Capt. 
Col. Jonathan Titcomb's Regiment — service, 2 months, 3 
days. Company marched to Rhode Island, May 3, 1777; 
Captain of North Company in ist Precinct in W^rentham, 
Col. Benjamin Hawes' Regiment. . . . Held various 
other commands during the years — 1777-1781. 
Marshall Elwood Fisher, Great-great-grandson 

EBENEZER FOSTER: Of Rutland, Mass. He was a 
"Minute Man'"' and marched with his company at the 
Lexington Alarm. He served as part of the Guard of 
British Prisoners at Rutland, Mass., for six months. He 
was commissioned Lieutenant Adjutant, June 4, 1776, 
4th Worcester County, Massachusetts Militia. 
Henry Arthur White, Great-great-grandson 
Herbert Otis White, Great-great-great-grandson 

Rx^LPH FREEMAN, JR.: Of W^rentham, Mass. Private 
in Capt. Samuel Kollick's Company, Col. John Smith's 

Eerorlia of ?&ftiolutiouary Atirffltnra 99 

Regiment, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775. 
Joseph Wood Freeman, Great-great-grandson 
Edward Livingston Freeman, Great-great-great-grand- 

EZRA FRENCH : Of Attleborough, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Alexander Foster's Company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's 
Regiment. Enlisted July 27, 1780, discharged July 31, 
1780; served, 7 days, travel included, on an alarm. Com- 
pany marched on a 6 days expedition to Tiverton, R. I. 
Also in Capt. Moses Wilmarth's Company, Col. Isaac 
Dean's Regiment. Marched July 31, 1780, discharged 
Aug. 7, 1780. Service, 10 days at Rhode Island on the 
alarm of July 31, 1780. In Capt. Jahez Barney's Com- 
pany, Col. Luke Drury's regiment; marched July 13, 
1781. Enlisted July 23, 1781, joined regiment at West 
Point, Aug. II, 1 781, discharged Nov. 8, 1781. Service, 
3 months, 27 days. 
Walter Everett French, Great-great-grandson 

ELEAZER FULLER: Of Needham, Mass. Sergeant in 
Capt. Robert Smith's Company of Minute Men at Battle 
of Lexington. Was on committee to hire soldiers. Served 
also at the fortification of Dorchester Heights, March, 
1776. Also in Capt. Battle's Company, Col. Mclntock's 
Regiment, Marqh 23. 1778, to April 5, 1778. Marched to 
Roxbury Lines. 

Frederick Richmond Allen, Great-great-great-grand- 

JESSE FULLER: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Soldier in Capt. 
Nathaniel Carpenter's Company stationed at Brookline 
six weeks. Dismissed Jan. 15, 1776. In Capt. Carpen- 
ter's Company, Col. Simeon Carey's Regiment, Gen. Fel- 
lows' Brigade at New York and White Plains for 5 

14)0 la. 3. Bonenj of tl|p B. A. 1. 

months. (Dismissed Dec. i, 1776.) Private in Capt. S. 
Martin's Company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regiment 
for service in Rhode Island, Dec. 8, 1776. Service, 16 
days. In Capt. James HilTs Company. Col. John Daggett's 
Regiment at Bristol, R. I., for 3 months from Dec. 28, 
1776. In Capt. Israel Hick's Company, Col. John Dag- 
gett's Regiment for service in Rhode Island. Enlisted 
Jan. 2, 1778, discharged March 31, 1778. Sergeant in 
Capt. Jacoh Fuller's Company, Col. John Jacob's Regi- 
ment for service in Rhode Island. Enlisted May i, 1778, 
discharged Jan. i, 1779. Service. 8 months, i day. 
Leslie Cornell Powers, Great-great-grandson 

STEPHEN FULLER: Of Attleboro, Mass. Marched in the 
alarm caused by the Battle of Bunker Hill. Member of 
Committee of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety, 
1777. Served in Enoch Richardson's Company of Col. 
Isaac Dean's Regiment 8 days at Tiverton, R. I. 
Frederic Henry Fuller, Great-great-grandson 
Caleb Allen Fuller, Great-great-great-grandson 

CHRISTOPHER GARDNER: Of South Kingston, R. I. 
Captain of Company of Artillery, ist Division of Col. 
Dyer's Regiment. Service, 17 days, Dec. 4-20, 1777. 
Captain of Company of Artillery in South Kingstown, 2d 
Division. Served from Dec. 20, 1777, to Jan. i, 1778. 
Albert Rodman Nichols, Great-great-grandson 

SAMUEL GARDNER : Of Marblehead, ^lass. Enlisted in 
the Massachusetts troops, serving time between the years, 
1776 and 1780 — viz.: under Capt. Tuckerman in Col. 
Ebenezer Francis' Regiment ; under Capt. Caleb Chani- 
pany in Maj. Heath's detachment of guards; under Capt. 
Enoch Whiton and under Capt. Joseph Bradley Varnum 

Slerorba nf jSeuoUiticttaru Aurpatora 101 

in Col. Simon Spaulding's Regiment, serving with the 
rank of Private and Sergeant. 

George Warren Gardner. Great-great-grandson 

EZEKIEL GILE : Of Plastow, N. H. First Lieutenant of 
Capt. Jacob Webster's Company of "Six Weeks' Men," 
enlisted in N. H. in Dec, 1775, to reinforce the troops 
of Gen. Sullivan at "Winter Hill" near Boston ; this com- 
pany served till the evacuation of Boston by the British, 
March 17. 1776. Ensign in Capt. David Quimby's Com- 
pany of Col. Joshua Wingate's Regiment of N. H. troops 
raised in July and August, 1776, to reinforce the Con- 
tinental Army in Canada, then in retreat. Said army 
having retreated from the Province before the new troops 
reached the frontier, they served out their enlistment 
with the Northern Army in N. Y. Captain of the 5th 
Company of Lieut-Col. Joseph Welch's Regiment of N. 
H. troops in Gen. William Whipple's Brigade, which 
marched in the summer of 1777 to reinforce the army 
confronting Burgoyne's force of British and Hessians; 
took part in the battles which led to the surrender of 
Burgoyne in October. Captain of the 6th Company of 
Col. Stephen Peabody's Regiment, Gen. William Whip- 
ple's Brigade of N. H. troops, which joined the Connect- 
icut Army in Rhode Island in the summer of 1778, and 
participated in that campaign. Member of N. H. Legisla- 
ture in 1779. By this Legislature he was appointed as 
Captain of a company of 60 men to be stationed at Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 
George Warren Gardner, Great-great-grandson 

PHINEAS GLEASON: Of Marlborough, ALass. Served 
as private soldier in Capt. Edmund Brigham's Company 
and Maj. Gen. Ward's Regiment, April 19. 1775. Ser- 

102 IS. 3. ^omty of t\)t B, A. E. 

vice, 15 and yi days. Reported enlisted, May 3, 1775. 
Also in return of train band and alarm list. 
Philip Train Gleason, Great-great-grandson 

JOHN GOULD : Of Topsfield, Mass. He died while attend- 
ing the Provincial Congress at Watertown. His instruc- 
tions are entitled — "Instructions for Mr. John Gould rep- 
resentative of Topsfield as a rule for conduct in the Gen- 
eral Court respecting the United Colonies in America 
being declared independent of the Kingdom of Great 
Britain" and close as follows: "Having thus spoken our 
sentiments in respect to Independence &c, we now 
instruct you. Sir, to give the Honorable Continental Con- 
gress the strongest assurances that, if for the safety of 
these United Colonies, they shall declare America to be 
Independent of the Kingdom of Great Britain, your con- 
stitutents will support and defend the measure with lives 
and fortunes to the utmost of their power." 
Charles Warren Bubier, Great-great-grandson 

SAMUEL GOWDY: Of Enfield, Conn. Enlisted July loth, 

1780, Second Regiment, Connecticut Short Lines. 1777- 

1781. In Captain Parson's Company commanded by Col. 
Zebulon Butler. Discharged December 9, 1780. 
Maiilon Myron Gowdy, Great-great-grandson 

JOSEPH GREELEY, SR.: Of Haverhill. Alass. Private in 
Capt. William W^alker's Company in Col. James Reed's 
Regiment of N. H. troops. Service, 3 months, 3 days 
from date of enlistment, May 6, 1775. Served from 
Dec, '76, to March ist, yy, in a company of 42 men 
raised out of the 5th Regiment of Militia, to reinforce 
the Continental Army in New York. Served in Capt. 
Ford's Company, which marched from Nottingham, June 
30, 1777 for Ticonderoga. reached Dublin, N. H., and 
was ordered back, arriving July 5. Company marched 

iRrrortifl nf ISruoluttonartr AiupBtora 103 

forward again to Number 4 (Charlestown., N. H.) and 
once more were ordered back. Service, 14 days. Served 
in Capt. Samuel Brown's Company of Col. Daniel 
Moore's Regiment, which marched from Dimstable and 
joined the Northern Continental Army at Saratoga in 
Sept., 1777. Served from Sept. 29, to Oct. 28th. 
George Warren Gardner, Great-great-grandson 

CHRISTOPHER GREENE: Of Warwick, R. I. He en- 
listed in the earliest period of the War of Independence. 
Was a charter member of the Kentish Guards organized 
in 1774. This company was the primary school of the 
R. I. Continental Line of the American Army. On Sept. 
5th, 1776, he was elected by Gen. Washington to com- 
mand as Lieutenant-Colonel a picked infantry battalion 
and was attached to Gen. Benedict Arnold's Expedition 
against Quebec. He belonged to the attacking party 
entering the lower town and was taken prisoner. He was 
exchanged July i, 1777, and was promoted to a full 
. Colonelcy in the same year. In 1778, Col. Greene en- 
listed a regiment of colored troops who behaved with 
such bravery at the Battle of Bloody Run, Portsmouth, 
R. I., on the 28th of August, as to elicit high praise from 
Gen. Lafayette. Prior to this date, however, Col. 
Greene had repulsed an attack by the British and Hes- 
sians on Fort Mercer, Red Bank, N. J., Oct. 22, 1777; 
an action regarded among the most brilliant of the war. 
He was killed on ]\Iay 13th, 1781, at Pines Bridge on the 
Croton River, Westchester Co., N. Y., while defending 
himself against an attack by Gen. DeLancey's Loyalist 

Henry Greene Jackson, Great-great-great-grandson 
Francis Vreeland Greene, Great-great-great-grandson 

JAMES GREENE: Of Coventry, R. 1. Private— enlisted 
at Providence for 9 months in Rhode Island Regiment 

104 IS. 3. g'orietii of tl|? ^. A. K. 

for year 1781. Enlisted March 1782 for 9 months. Capt. 
Allen's Company, Col. Olney's Regiment, transferred to 
Capt. Macomber's Company. Private, enlisted from 
Coventry, April 12, 1782, for 9 months, Richard Water- 
man's Class, Campaign of 1782. 
Warren Manford Greene, Great-grandson 

GEORGE HADLEY: Of Weare, N. H. Member of the 
Committee of Safety at Weare, N. H. In 1776, he served 
as Private, length of service 4 months and 24 days. In 
1777 he served as a Private in Gen. Gates' Army, length 
of service 13 weeks in a campaign to Fort Edward. 
Ralph Vincent Hadley, Great-grandson 

WILLIAM HANDY: Of Guilford, Conn. Member of 
Stephen Hall's Company in the 7th Regiment, Connecti- 
cut Line. He enlisted April 22, 1777, and was honorably 
discharged Jan. 9, 1778. This regiment, commanded by 
Gen. McDougall, was with Washington's Army in Penn- 
sylvania and fought at Germantown Oct. 4, 1777, suffer- 
ing some loss. Wintered at Valley Forge, i777-'78. June 
28th. present at the Battle of Alonmouth. He enlisted 
again Feb. 9, 1778, for the war in Capt. Panitus' Regi- 
ment of "Artificers." This regiment was at Brandywine, 
Germantown, Monmouth and other fields. 
Barnes Newberry, Great-great-great-grandson 

JOHN HATHAWAY: Of Dighton, Mass. Lieutenant- 
Colonel in John Daggett's Regiment. Enlisted Jan. i, 
1778, discharged April i. 1778 — service, 3 months. 2 
days. With Brig. Gen. Ezek Cornell's Brigade, Regi- 
ment stationed at Rhode Island for 3 months. June 9, 
1777, appointed Colonel, 2d Bristol Company Regiment 
of Masachusetts Militia. Commissioned June 9, 1778. 
Colonel of same regiment, Brig. Gen. George Godfrey's 
Brigade, returns dated July 5th, 1779. 
Edward Everett Goff, Great-great-grandson 

Eprar&s of Spuolutinuary Anrpatorfi 105 

SAMUEL HAYWARD: Of Newport, R. I. Enlisted in 
Capt. Caleb Carr's Company, Col. Lippitt's Regiment, at 
Newport in 1776. He served with the regiment in New 
York and New Jersey. Subsequently, the British having 
occupied Newport during his absence^ he was a Private 
in Col. Sherburne's Regiment in the attempted capture 
of Newport from the British. Later he was on the pri- 
vateer or Warship Deane (Hague), and the last record 
of him reports him a prisoner of war in Forton Prison, 
Portsmouth, England. 

Ralph Eldredge Hayward, Great-great-grandson 
Walter Hayward, Great-great-grandson 

THADDEUS HAZELTINE: Of Townshend, Vt. Private 
in Capt. John Burt's Company, Col. Samuel Fletche's 
Regiment of Militia. Served in March, 1781. 
William Frederick Hazelton, Great-grandson 

R. I. — Captain, 2d Company, Militia, Scituate, chosen 
May, 1776. Captain of a company in Col. West's Regi- 
ment, 1776. Captain of a company in Col. Barton's Regi- 
ment of Militia, 1777. Captain, 2d Company Militia, 
Scituate, chosen May, 1778. Captain same company, 
chosen May, 1779. Captain same company, chosen Feb- 
ruary, 1780, and June, 1780. 

Arthur Milton McCrillis, Great-great-great-grandson 

NATHAN HICKS: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Sergeant, Capt. 
Nathaniel Carpenter's Company, — stationed at Brookline 
for 6 weeks, and dismissed Jan. 15, 1776. Capt. Isaac 
Hodge's Company — service from Aug. 12, 1776, to Octo- 
ber, 1776. Same company. Col. Ebenezer Francis' Regi- 
ment. Company receipt for wages for Octolier, 1776, 
dated Dorchester. Sergeant in same company and regi- 
ment. Capt. Sylvanus Martin's Company, Col. Williams' 

106 la. 3. ^fldpty ot t\}t ^. A. la. 

Regiment — service from Sept. 29, 1777, to Oct. 30, 1777, 

at Tiverton, R. I. 

Hunter Carson White, Great-great-grandson 

DANIF:L HOPKINS: Of Scituate, R. I.— June, 1775, 3 
months in Capt. Stephen Sheldon's Company ; December, 
1776 and Fel)ruary, 1777, same company under Capt. 
Isaac Hopkins, and Lieut. Thomas Field's Company ; 
August, 1778, 20 days in Capt. William Howard's Com- 
Arthur Milton McCrillts, Great-great-grandson 

ESEK HOPKINS: Of Scituate and Providence, R. I. Com- 
mander-in-Chief of the Continental Navy, Dec. 22, 1775, 
to Jan. 2, 1778. Also holder of various military and civil 
offices in Rhode Island. 
Marshall Hopkins Gould, Great-great-great-grandson 

NATHAN HOW: Of Shrewsbury, Alass. Captain. Com- 
mission dated Feb. 5th, 1776. He commanded a company 
in Col. Josiah Whitney's Regiment during the siege of 
Boston, and said company assisted in throwing up works 
on Dorchester Heights during the night. From an ill- 
ness taken at that time, he never recovered. 
Clarence Raymond Howe, Great-great-great-grandson 

NOAH ELY HUBBARD: Of Sheffield, Alass. Enlisted in 
Berkshire County, ]^Iass., Sept. 21, 1777. Discharged 
October 9, 1777. Private, Capt. William Fellows' Com- 
pany of matrosses under Lieut. Paul Dewey in Brig. Gen. 
John Fellows' Brigade of Berkshire County, Mass. 
Fought against Burgoyne under Gen. Horatio Gates in 
the Saratoga Campaign. 
Frederick Irving Collins, Great-grandson 

JOSEPH JAMES i Of Exeter, R. I. Sergeant in Capt. 
Thomas Gorton's Company, Col. Christopher Lippitt's 

ISprorbs of ISfunlutiotiarii AnrrstorB 107 

Regiment, 1776 and 1777. Lieutenant in Capt. Joseph 
• Draper's Company, 3d West Greenwich Company of R. 
I. Mihtia, 1777, 1778, 1779, 1780. and 1781. 
Henry Morris James, Great-grandson 

JEREMIAH JENKS: Of Newport, N. H. Lieutenant of 
the Newport, N. H. vokuiteers (July, 1776), and was 
among those who left June 9, 1777 to take part in the 
capture of Ticonderoga. 
Thomas Allen Jenckes, Jr., Great-great-grandson 

JOHN COLE JEWETT: Of Ipswich, ^lass. Private in 
Capt. Daniels Rogers' Company, — marched on the alarm 
of the 19th of April, 1775- 
Earle Charles Taylor Jewett, Great-great-grandson 

OLIVER JILLSON: Of Attlehoro, Mass. Left home at 
the age of fifteen and enlisted in the navy. Served on 
several vessels — one was the General Mifflin of twenty 
guns and two hundred men, which made several cap- 
tures near the English coast, including a privateer of 
eighteen guns and 80 men. He was on hoard one of the 
vessels under the command of Commodore Whipple at 
the surrender of Charleston to the British, May 12, 1780. 
He returned home on parole, and enlisted again in July 
of the same year, serving in the navy and merchant ser- 
vice till some time after the close of the war. 
- Clifford Greene Dyer, Great-great-grandson 

Benjamin Reynolds Thurston, Great-great-grandson 

THOMAS JOHNSON : Of Newhury, Vt.— Captain of Vol- 
unteers, 1777. Colonel and aide to Gen. Lincoln at Ticon- 
deroga. Captured hy the British and held as a prisoner 
in Canada. 1781 ; paroled Oct. 5, 1781. 
Carleton Hale, Great-great-grandson 
Gordon Dyer Hale, Great-great-grandson 

108 1. 3. i'oripty of tl|P i*. A. IS. 

MICAJAH KELLEY: Of Amesbury. Mass. Enlisted June, 
1776 at the age of 15 in Capt. Dodge's Company, Col. 
Francis' (N. H.) Regiment. He re-inlisted July, 1779 
in Capt. Jonathan Leavett's Company, Col. jMooney's N. 
H. Regiment. He first served 2 months as a substitute 
and in the second enlistment, 6 months as a Private. Pen- 
Arthur Livingston Kelley, Great-great-grandson 

JOHN KELTON: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Private, Capt. 
Isaac Hodge's Company. Service from Aug. 12, 1776, 
to Oct. I, 1776. Also Capt. Hodge's Company, Col. 
Ebenezer Francis' Regiment, company receipt for wages 
for October and November, 1776. 
Hunter Carson White, Great-great-grandson 

WILLIAM KENYON: Of Charlestown. R. I. Enlisted 
August I, 1776, as Orderly Sergeant and served 4 months 
under Capt. Samuel Sweet, Col. John Cook ; December, 
1776, or January, 1777, he served 8 months with same 
rank under Capt. Ebenezer Adams, Col. Elliott; he was 
drafted from above company and served under Capt. 
Amos Green; March, 1778, he served 2 months under 
Capt. John Clark, Col. Charles Dyer; July, 1778, i month 
under Capt. Amos Green, Col. Noyes ; March, 1779, 4 
months under Capt. Lewis, Col. Joseph Noyes, serving 
with the rank of Orderly Sergeant throughout. Pen- 
Walter Kenyon Pullen, Great-great-grandson 

TIMOTHY KETCHAM: Of Huntington, L. 1. In May, 
1775, he with other residents of the town, pledged them- 
selves to support the cause of the Colonies in the coming 
struggle for independence. When the British landed on 
Long Island, he joined the army and was in the Battle of 
Long Island, serving in Gen. Putnam's Brigade. Was 
one of the defenders of the town of Fairfield, Conn., 

l&vttivh& of iSruolutiottary AttrrfitorB 109 

. when it was taken and burned by Gov. Tyren, and in the 
retreat he was wounded in the head. He recovered and 
once more joined the army, serving until the close of the 
Russell Howard Handy, Great-great-grandson 

JOHN JENCKS KILTON : Of Providence, R. I. In June. 
1772, member of the party which, disguised as Indians, 
boarded the British Revenue Sloop "Gaspee," and set her 
on fire. He was frequently in service during the war, 
and was in Sullivan's Expedition to the Island of Rhode 
Island in 1778. 
Leverett Cooper Stevens, Great-grandson 

ROBERT KYLE: Of Cumberland Co., Penn. Private of 
the 5th class during two years, 1780 and 1781, in the 
Cumberland County Militia of the State of Pennsylva« 
nia. He was enrolled in Capt. William Huston's Com- 
pany, which was the 5th Company of the 4th Battalion 
of the Cumberland County ]\Iilitia, commanded by Col. 
Samuel Culberston. 
Louis Edwin Jones, Great-great-grandson 

BENONI LATHAM : Of Smithfield, R. I. Private in Col. 
Robert Elliott's Regiment, Capt. Wescott's Company. 
His time of enlistment in Col. Elliott's Regiment of Artil- 
lery expired March 29, 1780. 
Jonatham Farnum Comstock, Great-great-grandson 

Private. Service about 2 years, between November, I775> 
and November, 1779. Officers under whom he served: 
Capt. Roswell Smith, Col. John Cooke, Capt. Amos 
Greene, Col. Joseph Noyes, Lieut. Beriah Lewis, Col. 
Joseph Noyes. Wa.s engaged in Spencer's and Sullivan's 
Expeditions. Pensioned. 
Hunter Carson White. Great-great-grandson 

110 a. J. ^oriptg of % ^, A. iR. 

JONATHAN LILLIBRIDGE : Of Exeter, R. I. Ensign of 
3d Company from town of Exeter, June, 1778. 
Benjamin Franklin Tefft, Jr., Great-great-grandson 

CHARLES LIPPITT: Of Cranston and Providence, R. I. 
Asst. Commissary of Issues at Warwick, R. I., April i, 
1778. Pensioned. 

Charles Warren Lippitt, Jr., Great-great-grandson 

ISAIAH LINDLEY: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Sylvanus Martin's Company, Col. Williams' Regiment. 
Service from Sept. 29, 1777, to Oct. 30, 1777, at Tiver- 
ton, R. I. 

Hunter Carson White, Great-great-great-grandson 

JOHN LOO-MIS: Of Lebanon, Conn. Private in Capt. 
Sergeant's Company, Major Backus' Regiment, Connec- 
ticut Light Horse. 1776 — Sept. 7, -Nov. 2. 
Arthur Miltox McCrillis. Great-great-grandson 

JACOBUS LOW: Of Kingston, N. Y. Private in Capt. 
Tobias \'an Buren's Company of the regiment of Ulster 
county militia commanded by Col. Johannis Snyder and 
Major Adrian Wynkoop. Oct. 10. 1778. June 8, 1779, 
July 3. 1780. 
McDonald Low Edixger, Great-great-great-grandson 

NATHANIEL MANCHESTER: Of Bristol. R. I. Private 
in the Continental Troops at periods, 1775 to 1780. — 

HoW' ard Norcott Manchester, Great-great-great-grand- 

ISAAC MARSHALL: Of Billerica, Mass. He responded to 
the Lexington Alarm in Col. Moses Parker's Company, 
1775 ; was at the Battle of White Plains in Capt. Zacheus 

^ttorha of l^uolutianarQ Anreatnrfl 111 

Wright's Company, Col. Brook's Regiment, October, 
1776; served in Rhode Island in Capt. John Minot's Com- 
pany, Col. Josiah Whitney's Regiment, Massachusetts 
Militia, 1777; served in Capt. Stephen Russell's Company, 
Col. Samuel Bullard's Regiment. Massachusetts Militia, 
1777; commissioned First Lieutenant, 2d Company, 7th 
Division, Massachusetts Militia, June 29, 1790. 
John Carter Brown Woods, (supplemental). Great- 

JOHN MANSUR: Of Methuen, Mass. Sergeant in com- 
pany commanded by Maj. Samuel Bodwell, which 
marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 3/^ 
days, — Methuen Train Band. 
William Louis Chapman, Great-great-grandson 

GIDEON MARTIN : Of Woodlniry, Conn. Captain in the 
Fifth Regiment of Light Horse, Major Elisha Sheldon, 
which was organized in May, 1776, with five troops. 
Quartermaster in Capt. Thomas Bull's Company, marched 
October 23, 1776. discharged November 30. 1776. In 
Major Sheldon's Regiment of Light Horse, which ac- 
companied Washington on his retreat through New Jer- 
sey. Appears with rank of Quartermaster on payroll of 
Capt. Thomas Bull's Company of Light Horse when 
ordered to New York in July, 1776. Marched July 4, 
1776. — Discharged or returned home July 20, 1776. 
Frederick Rov Martin. Great-great-grandson 

NATHANIEL MARTIN: Of Barrington, R. I. Elected by 
the General Assembly at its May session, 1771. and May 
session, 1772, Lieutenant-Colonel for Bristol County. At 
the May session, 1776, he was made Colonel of the regi- 
ment of militia for the county oi Bristol, and at the 
October session, 1776. he was appointed Colonel of the 
1st Regiment of Militia of Bristol County. At the April 
session, 1777, he was appointed to advance bounties to 

112 IS. 3. g'oripty of % B, A. U. 

soldiers of the state enlisted from the town of Barring- 
George Wilson Payne, Great-great-great-grandson 

SYLVANUS MARTIN: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Captain, 3d 
Company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regiment of Massa- 
chusetts Militia. Commissioned March 2/, 1776; Cap- 
tain of a company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regiment — 
service, 16 days at Bristol, R. I., on the alarm of Dec. 8, 
1776; Captain of a company. Col. Williams' Regiment — 
service from Sept. 29, 1777, to Oct. 30, 1777, at Tiverton, 
R. I.; Captain in Col. George Williams' Regiment — 1777 
and 1778. A member of the Com. of Safetv- He com- 
manded a company in the Expedition of Gen. Spencer 
against the British on Rhode Island, and in a spirited 
action, he drove the British ships, commanded by Capt. 
Wallace, from Bristol Harbor. 

WiLLiAAr Oliver Blanding, Great-great-grandson 
Herbert Allen Matteson, Great-great-great-grandson 

AMOS MASON : Of Swansea, Mass. Served in Col. Thomas 
Carpenter's (Bristol County) Regiment. Private, Capt. 
Peleg Shearman's Company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's 
Regiment. Served from Oct. 13,-Oct. 18, 1777, 5 days 
on a secret expedition to Rhode Island, at request of 
Gen. Spencer, mileage (12 miles) allowed from Swanzey 
to Howland's Ferry. Also Capt Peter Peck's Company, 
Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regiment. Entered service, 
Aug. 2, 1780, discharged Aug. 9, 1780 — service, 8 days. 
Company marched to Tiverton, R. I., on an alarm. All 
the men in Swanzey were joined in one company under 
Capt. Peck, the other officers refusing to serve. 
Leprilete Sweet, Great-great-grandson 

ASA MASON: Of Medfield, Mass. Marched on the Lex- 
ington Alarm, April 19, 1775. Also on the alarm of 

iSrrorJifi nf JSruolutinttaru AtiUBtona 113 

Bunker Hill. June ly, 1775. Served at Dorchester Heights 
and at Castle Island in 1776. 

Frederick RicHAroND Allen, Great-great-great-grand- 

BENJA^IIN MASON: Of Dublin, N. H. Chairman of 
Committee of Inspection (Dublin, N. H.), chosen March 
7, 1775, who were to see that the Resolves of the Con- 
tinental Congress were enforced. One of Dublin's fifty- 
seven signers of the declaration (May or June, 1776) 
supporting the Continental Congress. One of the twenty- 
six citizens of Dublin, N. H., who were soldiers of the 

Henry Harrington Broadfoot, Great-great-great-great- 

CALEB MASON: Of Swansea, Mass. Private, on Lex- 
ington Alarm Roll, Capt. Phanuel Bishop's Company, on 
alarm April 19, 1775, from Rehoboth, Mass., served 8 
days. Also Private Muster Roll, Capt. James Hill's Re- 
hoboth Company, Col. Williams' Regiment — served from 
Sept. 29, 1777, to Oct. 30, 1777; served at Tiverton, R. 
I. ; also on list of men in Capt. Hill's Company, serving 
on expedition against Rhode Island for i month ; dis- 
charged Oct. 3, 1777. Also Private, Muster Roll, Capt. 
Jabez Bullock's Company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regi- 
ment ; enlisted Aug. i, 1780, discharged Aug. 9, 1780 — 
service, 9 days. Company marched to Tiverton, R. I., on 
on the alarm of Aug. i, 1780, and there served under 
Gen. Heath ; also Capt. Peleg Shearman's Company, Col. 
Thomas Carpenter's Bristol County Regiment — service 
from Oct. 13, to Oct. 18, 1777, 5 days on a secret expe- 
dition to Rhode Island on request of Gen. Spencer — 
mileage (12 miles) allowed from Swanzea to Howland's 
Ferry; also Capt. Peleg Peck's Company, regiment en- 
tered service Aug i, 1780. discharged Aug. 9, 1780 — ser- 

114 U. 3. ^omtg of tl?f §>. A. S. 

vice, 9 days. Company marched to Tiverton, R. I., on 

an alarm. 

Leprilete Sweet, Great-great-great-grandson 

JOSEPH CARLO MAURAN : Of Barrington, R. I. March, 

1776, appointed Master of Row Galley ''Spitfire." June, 

1777, Captain of Row Galley "Washington." May 25, 

1778, 500 British landed at Bristol. R. I., and destroyed 
the Row Galley "Washington" and many other hoats 
near Warren. R. I. The enemy returned to Bristol and 
hurned over 22 houses. An armed force made an attack 
on them and forced them back to their landing place. 
Capt. Mauran rendered effective service on this occasion, 
having brought to the scene of conflict a cannon which 
did good work in repelling the enemy. — July 16, 1778, 
the Council of War "recommended Capt. Mauran as a 
good and faithful sea officer to all Ye Friends of Ye 
United American Colonies." Capt. Mauran in the Pri- 
vateer schooner "Weazle" of Warren, R. L, in Novem- 
ber. 1778, took a brig of 140 tons, with wood and pro- 
visions bound from New York to Newport, and carried 
her into a safe port. 

EnwARD Df)ur,LAS Pearce, Great-grandson 

JAMES MAXWELL: Of Warren, R. L Private in Capt. 
Ezra Ormsl)ee's Company, 1776. Drafted in Capt. Caleb 
Carr's Company, 1777, to serve under Gen. Spencer. In 
Capt. Curtis Cole's Company, 1781. A prisoner on 
liritish prison ship, ''Jersey." 
Joseph Tho^fas Ada^nfs Eddy, Great-grandson 

ROBERT McCRILLIS: Of Lebanon. Elaine. Private 
under Capt. David Place. Col. Joshua Wingate of Stra- 
tham on Seavey's Island in the defense of Piscataqua 
Harbor, Nov. 5, 1775. Private under Capt. David Copp in 
the siege of Boston at Winter Hill, Nov. 25, 1775. Private 
under Capt. John Drew, Col. Isaac Wyman of Keene in 

Uerorba of ISfttoUttiouary Anrpatflrs 115 

the battalion of troops sent in the summer of 1776 to 

reinforce the army in Canada. 

Arthur Milton McCrillis, Great-great-grandson 

JOHN MEDBERY: Of Rehoboth. Mass. Marched on 
alarm of z'Vpril 19, 1775. Lyons and Perren's (Mass.) 
Companies. Service. 7 days. In Capt. John Perry's 
Company, Col. Timothy Walker's Regiment, 8 months to 
August I, 1775. Lieutenant in Col. Henry Jackson's 
Regiment, April zj, 1777 to April 9, 1779. 
Arthur Herbert Armington, Great-grandson 
Herbert Hamlin Armington, Great-great-grandson 

THEODORE MIDDLETON : Of Prince George's County, 
Maryland. Lieutenant in the Second Maryland Extra 
Regiment of the Maryland Line, April, 1779, (having 
trained since 1776 in various companies for service in 
the Continental Army). He served under the following 
officers: Capt. Mounting fiailey, Maj. Giles, Col. Alex- 
ander Smith and Gen. Greear. As Lieutenant, he served 
two different terms— one of 14 months' duration and 
one of 16 months. Was at the Battle of Guilford Court 
House (and other engagements), returned home inva- 
lided in the month of Octoiber, 1781. Shortly after a 
commission was conferred upon him as Captain, and he 
was immediately sent to Annapolis, wdiere he acted as 
Recruiting Officer for some months, at the expiration of 
which time he was discharged. He served from 1779 to 
'81, without pay. He also raised and equipped his com- 
panies at his own charge. Pensioned. 
St. George Leakin Sioussat, Great-great-grandson 

NATHAN MILLER: Of Warren, R. I. 1775, member of 
committee to audit accounts of Committee of Safety. 
Appointed Commissary and Sutler to troops under com- 
mand of General Hopkins. 1776, Commissary of the 
brigade established by the General Assembly. 1777, 

116 i&. il. ^ortpty of ll|p ^. A. E. 

appointed Colonel of Regiment of ^Militia for Bristol Co. 
Recruiting Ofificer, Town of Warren. 1778, Colonel of 
Regiment of Militia for Bristol Co. Member of Council 
of War, Bristol County. 1779, Colonel of Regiment of 
Militia for Bristol County. Brig. General of the brigade 
in the Counties of Newport and Bristol. 1780, 1781, 
1782 and 1783, Brigadier General in the Militia for the 
Counties of Newport and Bristol. 1784, Brigadier Gen- 
eral. 1785. Delegate to Congress. 
William Parker Sargent, Great-great-grandson 

NELSON MILLER: Of Warren, R. L Drummer in Capt. 
Martindale's Company, Col. Church's Regiment. Ser- 
vice, 8 months from May, 1775. Re-inlisted in January, 

1776, for 12 months as Drum-Major under Capt. Loring 
Peck and Col. Henry Babcock. Re-inlisted in January, 

1777, for 15 months in Capt. Caleb Carr's Company, Col. 
Archibald Crary's Regiment. Participated in the battle 
at White Plains. Pensioned. 

John Mason B.vttey, Great-grandson 

Charles Walter Battey, Great-great-grandson 

CALEB MOULTON: Of Sudlniry, Mass. Sergeant, Capt. 
Nathaniel Cudworth's Company of Minute Men, Col. 
Abijah Pierce's Regiment, which marched on the alarm 
of April 19. 1775. Service, i month, 11 days. Lieutenant 
in Capt. Caleb 15rook's Company, Col. Nicholas Dike's 
Regiment. (Pay abstract for travel allowances dated 
Boston, Nov. 27. 1776). Captain of company commanded 
by Lieut. Eliphalet Hastings, subsequent to Oct. nth, 
1778 — Col. Thomas Poore's Regiment. Entered service 
June 8th, 1778, discharged Oct. nth, 1778. Service, 4 
months, 14 days at North River. Also same company 
and regiment, pay-roll for Septeml)er, 1778. Dated Fort 

Clinton. Also regimental order dated West Point, Oct. 
I2t|i, 1778. 

Richard Leonard Moulton, Great-great-great-grand- 

Eerorbs of Seuolutionarg KmsBtavs 117 

PHILEMON MUNROE: Of Lexington, Mass. Minute 
Man at the Battle of Lexington — April 19, 1775. Private 
in Capt. Benjamin Blaney's Company. Service, 3 days. 
Company marched to Point Shirley, June 13, 1776, by 
order of Gen. Lincoln. Private in Capt. Benjamin 
Blaney's Company, Col. Eleazer Brooke's Regiment of 
Guards. Enlisted Jan. 12, 1778, service to April 3, 
1778. — 83 days at Cambridge. Private in Capt. John 
Walton's Company. Service between Sept. 4, and Sept. 
II, 1778, — 6 days. 

James Emery Reed, Great-grandson 
Leslie Eowler Movvry, Great-great-grandson 
Percy Reed Mowry. Great-great-grandson 

AMASA NEWBERRY: Of Windsor, Conn. Enlisted July 
10, 1775, in Capt. Charles Ellsworth's East Windsor 
Company, the 5th of the 8th Regiment, Col. Jedediah 
Huntington commanding. This regiment was stationed 
on the Sound until Sept. 14th, when, at the request of 
Washington, it was ordered to Roxbury and assigned to 
Gen. Spencer's Brigade. Remained until expiration of 
term of service, December, 1775. He served also in 
Capt. John Simon's Company, Col. Erastus Wolcott, of 
Windsor, formed by a call from Gen. Washington to 
guard the lines at various points until the new army had 
been established. They remained in service about six 
weeks in Boston after the enemy evacuated. In this 
command he was a Corporal. He enlisted again in Capt. 
Roswell Grant's Company, Jan. 8, 1778, and served as 
Sergeant. The regiment, commanded l)y Col. Johnson, 
served in Rhode Island until March 7, 1778. 
Barnes Newbi-:rry, Great-great-grandson 

EMOR OLNEY: Of Johnston, R. I. Captain, 2d Com- 
pany Militia, Johnston, June, 1775; Captain same com- 
pany. May, 1776; Captain same company. May, 1778; 
Captain same company. May, 1779; declined to serve 
June, 1779; Captain in Col. John ]\Iathewson's Regiment, 

118 H. 3. i'ortpty of % B. A. IS. 

against Newport; served, 22 days, from Aug. 6-27, 1778. 
Endorsed for town of Johnston. Sept. 20, 1779; Cap- 
tain, 2d Company Militia. Johnston, Fdintary, 1780. 
Was in command of "Ye 2d Company, Johnston, in Col. 
Jahez Bowen's Regiment" (4th Division) at Pawtnxet, 
R. I., from Dec. 7, 1776, to April 21, 1777. Chairman 
of Commission from Johnston to complete state's quota 
of Continental Army, appointed hy (leneral Assembly, 
November session, 1780. 
William Alfred Potter, (jreat-grandson 
Henry Olney Potter, Great-great-grandson 

RICHARD PALMER: Of Little Compton, R. L First 
Master, Ship Independence, Joseph Olney, Captain, a 
privateer fitted out at, and sailing from. Providence, 
1781; was captured and imprisoned on the Jersey prison 
ship and died of fever contracted there shortly after his 
return home. 
John Simmons Palmer, 2d, Creat-great-grandson. 

JONATHAN PARKHURST: Of Connecticut. Served in 
Capt. David Cady's Company, Col. Samuel Chapman's 
Regiment in Newport. R. I. Expedition. Entered ser- 
vice Aug. 2. 1778, discharged Sept. 12, 1778. 
Edward Clixtox Parkhurst, Great-grandson 

JOSHUA PEARCE, JR: Of Rehoboth. Mass. Private, 
Capt. Stephen Bullock's Company, Col. Thomas Carpen- 
ter's Regiment ; company marched from Rehoboth to 
Bristol. R. I., on the alarm of Dec. 8. 1776. 
Walter Mason Baker, Great-great-grandson 

MOSES PEARSON: Of Bradford, Alass. Sergeant in 
Capt. Nathaniel Gage's Company of ^linute ^len at the 
Lexington Alarm, April 19, 1775. Marched to Cam- 
bridge, time, 7 days. Sergeant in Capt. Nathaniel Gage's 
Company, Col. Frye's Regiment — fought at Bunker Hill. 

Epror&B of iSruDluttonary Anrrstors 119 

Serjeant in Capt. Daniel Pilsbury's Company, Col. Ed- 
ward Wigglesworth. Enlisted Feb. 26, 1777, and served 
until Feb. 26, 1780. Pensioned. 
Byron Sprague Watson, Great-great-great-grandson 

JOSHUA PENDLETON: Of Westerly, R. I. Ensign of 
tbe 1st Company A'lilitia at W^esterly in August, 1774; re- 
appointed, June, 1775, commissioned Lieutenant, 31 Oc- 
tober, 1775. and 1776; Captain, May, 1777, and received 
subsequent appointments as Captain up to February, 
1780. In Gen. Sullivan's Expedition against Newport in 
August. 1778. He served as Captain in Col. Noyes' 
Regiment, and received payment for "Provisions found" 
from 25 July to i August, 1778. 
Matthias Wisen Baker, Great-great-grandson 
Matthias Wisen Baker, Jr., Great-great-great-grand- 

EBENEZER PERKINS: Of Exeter, R. I. Private, 3d 

Company of Exeter Militia, George Wilcox, Captain, 

William Lenox Perkins, Great-great-grandson 

SAMUEL PHILBRICK: Of Weare, N. H. Captain of the 
4th Company, 9th Regiment of ^lilitia of the Colony of 
New Hampshire, Septemljer, 1775. — Captain of a com- 
pany raised out of Col. ^Moore's Regiment of Militia, 
which marched to Charlestown on alarm of July, i777- 
He assisted in raising money and recruiting soldiers for 
several small expeditions to take Champlain. He took 
part in one of these expeditions, and was looked upon 
as a leader in Weare and surrounding towns. 
Arthur Lloyd Philbrick, Great-great-grandson 

JEDEDIAH PHIPPS: Of Sherburne, Mass. Appears on 
a list of men raised to serve in the Continental Army 
from Col. Bullard's Regiment as returned bv Aaron 

120 S. 3. ^oripty of % ^. A. H. 

Gardner, Captain ist Company. Joined Capt. Morse's 
Company. Col. Putnam's Regiment. Term, 3 years. 
Appears on list of men mustered by Nathaniel Barber, 
dated Boston, May 25, 1777, Capt. Morse's Company, 
Col. Putnam's Regiment. Appears as Private on muster 
return for same company and regiment, dated Feb. 9, 
1778. Appears as Private on Continental Army Pay 
Accounts of same company and regiment for service 
from April i, 1777, to December 31, 1779. Appears as 
Private on Continental Army Pay Accounts of Capt. 
Gardner's Company, Col. Putnam's Regiment, for ser- 
vice from Jan. i. 1780, to April i, 1780. Appears as 
Private on Muster and Pay Roll of Capt. Amos Perry's 
Company, Col. Abner Perry's Regiment. ^Marched July 
28, 1780, discharged x\ugust 8, 1780. Service, 14 days. 
Company marched to Rhode Island on the alarm of July 
28, 1780. 

Frederick Lewis Weis, Great-great-great-great-grand- 

JOHN PHIPPS: Of Sherburne, Mass. Fifer on Lexing- 
on Alarm Roll of Capt. Henry Leland's Company of 
Militia, Col. Samuel Bullard's Regiment, on the alarm of 
April 19, 1775. Length of service, 6 days. Private in 
Capt. Benjamin Bullard's Company, Col. Jonathan 
Brewer's Regiment. Enlisted April 25. 1775. Length of 
service, 98 days. Served in same company and regiment, 
Oct. 6, 1775. Appears in a list of men raised to serve in 
the Continental Army from Col. Bullard's Regiment, as 
returned by Aaron Gardner, Captain 1st Company. En- 
gaged for town of Sherliurne. Joined Capt. Morse's 
Company, Col. Putnam's Regiment — term. 3 years. Ap- 
]:)ears in a list of men mustered by Nathaniel Barber, 
dated Boston, March 30, 1777. Capt. Morse's Company, 
Col. Putnam's Regiment. First Sergeant, Capt. Joseph 
Morse's Company, Col. Putnam's Regiment, return dated 
Feb. 9. 1778. Sergeant on Continental Army Pay 

Uettirhs of Eptioluttonary Aurpatora 121 

Accounts of Capt. Joseph Morse's Company, Col. Rufus 
Putnam's 4th Regiment, for service from Jan. i, 1777, 
to Dec. 31, 1779. Fifer on Muster and Pay Roll of Capt. 
Amos Perry's Company, Col. Abner Perry's Regiment. 
Marched July 28, 1780, discharged July 31, 1780. Ser- 
vice, 6 days. Company marched to Rhode Island on the 
alarm of July 28. 1780. 

Frederick Lewis Wets. Great-great-great-grandson 

ISAAC PIERCE : Of Rehoboth, Mass. Served as a Private 
in the Continental Army when he was sixteen years old, 
while the British were at Newport, — part of the time 
under Col. Olney. Private in Capt. Nathaniel Ide's Com- 
pany, Col. Carpenter's Regiment. Enlisted Aug. 16, 
1779, discharged Sept. 15. 1779. Service, i month. Com- 
pany detached from militia to serve at Rhode Island for 
4 weeks in a regiment under Capt. Samuel Fisher. Pen- 
sion allowed for one year's actual service as a Private in 
the Rhode Island troops. 
Philip Allen Munroe, Grandson 
Harold Bateman Munroe, Great-grandson 
Chester Pierce Munroe, Great-grandson 
Waldo Everett Tanner, Great-great-great-grandson 

JONATHAN POLLARD: Of Harvard, Mass. Second 
Lieutenant in Capt. John Davis' Company of Minute 
Men. Service. 8 days. 

William Louis Chapman, Great-great-grandson 

NEHEMIAH PORTER: Of Rindge, N. H. Private in 
Capt. Philip Thomas' Company, Col. James Reed's Regi- 
ment to the 1st of August, 1775. Enlisted April 30, 
1775 — >^ervice. 3 months, 9 days. 
Philip Corydon Means, Great-great-great-grandson 

122 IS. 3. g>ortPtg of tl]r ^. A. S. 

SEWARD PORTER: Of Weymouth, ^lass. Private in 
Capt. John Wentworth's Company, Aug. 20, 1776. 
Philip Corydon Means, Great-great-grandson 

CALEB POTTER : Of Cranston, R. I. Private in the Cap- 
tain General's Cavaliers, a Corps of Cavalry under the 
command of Col. Benjamin Slack and Col. Manton, 
which did service in the expedition to Rhode Island from 
July 24 to Aug. 31, 1778. Also served in Capt. Charles 
Holden. Jr's. Company during Novemher, 1780. 

Marshall Kingston Sheldon, (jreat-great-great-grand- 

Edward Sheldon Spicer, (jreat-great-great-grandson 
William Arnold Spicer, Great-great-great-grandson 

MOWRY POTTER: Of Providence, R. I. Master. Sloop 
"Triton," 1776. W^is commissioned April 30th, 1777, as 
Captain of the privateer, "Eagle," a schooner of ten 
guns. This ship was put in commission l)y the state of 
Rhode Island, under the act of the Continental Congress ; 
and which vessel cruised against the enemies of the 
United States. Suhsequent to the termination of his ser- 
vices as Captain of the "Eagle,"" he entered the Merchant 
Marine service as Captain of Sloop "Industry." His ship 
was captured by the enemy and he was sent as a prisoner 
of war on l)oard the old prison ship "Jersey."' He was 
confined there for eighteen months, securing his release 
with the termination of the war. 
Ferdinand Willard Potter, Great-great-grandson 
Charles Alfred Potter, Great-great-grandson 

JOHN PRESTON: Of Windham, Conn. Served in Capt. 
Knowlton's Company, which marched for the relief of 
Boston upon the Lexington Alarm, April 19, 1775. Served 
under Capt. Asa Bacon in 6th Company, 6th Battalion, 
Connecticut, 1776. Sergeant in Capt. Aaron Foot's Com- 
pany, Col. Hooker's Regiment, Connecticut Line. 1777. 
Howard Willis Preston, Great-great-grandson 

iSfrnrba nf ISpuoluttonary AtutBtotB 123 

JOSHUA RANDALL: Of Dartmouth, Mass. FIfer in 
Capt. Daniel Egery's Company, Col. Danielson's Regi- 
ment. Enlisted May 4, 1775 — service, 3 months, 4 days. 
Fifer, Capt. Benjamin Dillingham's Company, enlisted 
April 17, 1776, service, 7 months, 11 days. Fifer in Capt. 
John Gibb's Company, Col. John Jacob's Regiment. En- 
listed July 2^, 1780, discharged Oct. 2^/, 1780 — service, 
3 months, 6 days in Rhode Island. 
Samuel Levi Gants, Great-great-grandson 

ROBERT RHODES: Of Warwick, R. L 1777, appointed 
Recruiting Officer, Warwick, R. L June, 1778, chosen 
Captain of Alarm Company, Warwick. June, 1779, 
chosen Captain of Alarm Company, Warwick, R. L June, 

1780, appointed to receive recruits in Warwick. May, 

1781, Captain in Battalion of Militia Artillery Company, 
senior class. 

William Arnold Spencer, Great-great-great-grandson 

EDWARD RICHARDS: Of Attleboro, Mass. Member of 
Committee of Safety and of Correspondence. Private in 
Capt. A])iel Clap's Company, Col. Carpenter's (Bristol 
County) Regiment — service, 34 days, from July 24, 
1777. Private in Capt. Samuel Robinson's Company. En- 
listed June 21, 1778 — service, 22 days at Rhode Island. 
Private in Capt. Alexander Foster's Company, Col. 
Thomas Carpenter's Regiment. Enlisted July 27, 1780. 
discharged July 31, 1780 — service, 7 days on an alarm, at 
Tiverton, R. I. 

Edgar Richards Barker, Great-great-grandson 

JESSE RICHARDS : Of Attleboro, Mass. Private in Capt. 
Isaac Hodge's Company, from Aug. 12, 1776, to Oct. i, 
1776. Private in same company, Col. Ebenezer Francis' 
Regiment, Nov. 29, 1776. Private in Capt. Stephen 

124 iR. J. ^oriplg of tl|e g». A. S. 

Richardson's Company — service. 25 days in Rhode Island, 
1777, April and May. Corporal in Capt. Enoch Robin- 
son's Company — enlisted Aug. 12, 1779, discharged Sept. 
II. 1779 — service, i month, i day. Detached duty in 
Rhode Island, 4 weeks. Corporal of Capt. Enoch Robin- 
son's Company, Col. Isaac Dean's Regiment, from. July 
31, 1780. to Aug. 8. 1780 — company marched to Tiver- 
ton, R. I. 

Edgar Rrc hards Barkkr, Great-grandson 

BENJAMIN RICHARDSON: Of Leicester, Mass. First 
Lieutenant on Lexington Alarm Roll of Capt. Thomas 
Newhall's Company of Militia, which marched on the 
alarm of April 19. 1775. to Cam1)ridge. Service. 10 and 
Yi days. Captain, ist Company, Col. Samuel Denny's 
Regiment of Massachusetts Militia. Commissioned April 
5, 1776. Captain on list of officers chosen to command 
three companies drafted from Brig. Jonathan Warner's 
Brigade, dated July 2y, 1776. the companies to serve at 
and al)0Ut Boston. Captain in Col. Dike's Regiment — 
returns dated. Sept. 21. Sept. 27. and November 28, 1776. 
Frederick Lewis Weis, Great-great-great-grandson 
Robert Lewis Weis. Great-great-great-grandson 

JOHN ROGERS RICHMOND: Of Reho])oth. Mass. Pri- 
vate in Capt. Joseph Franklin's Company. Col. Thomas 
Carpenter's Regiment — Dec. 8th. 1776. Private in Capt. 
Jabez Bullock's Company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regi- 
ment, Aug 1st. 1780. 
John Francis Rtciimoxd, Great-grandson 

JOHN HENRY RIEDEL: Of Douglas, lAIass. Private in 
Artillery Company. Capt. John Wiley, 1775; Sergeant, 
Capt. Winthrop Gray's 3d Company. Col. Thomas Crafts' 
(Artillery) Regiment — service from time of enlistment, 
83 days to Aug. i, 1777. In Capt Gray's Company as 
Sergeant, April 13, 1778: transferred to Col. Armand's 

jSrrorlis of iErtiolutionary AttrrfitorH 125 

Corps as Quartermaster and Ensign. In service as Ensign 

from April, 1778, to March 7, 1780. 

Edward Kimball Aldrich, Jr., Great-great-grandson 

SAMUEL ROBHINS: Of Voluntown, Conn. Lieutenant 
of the /th Company, 21st Regiment of Connecticut, 
March, 1775. Lieutenant, Capt. John Gordon's Com- 
pany, Major James Gordon — served, i day "for the 
rehef of Boston in the Lexington Alarm," April, 1775. 
Captain. 7th Company Militia, 21st Regiment, Col. Hunt- 
ington, residence Voluntown, Connecticut Line, 1777- 
Algernon Sterry Gallup, Great-grandson 

R. 1. First Lieutenant, 5th Company, Capt. Ehen Adams, 
Col. Roherts' Regiment of Artillery. June, 1777, Sec- 
ond Lieutenant, Capt. Adams' Company, Col. Elliott. 
Fehruary. 1778, Captain-Lieutenant in same company. 
July, 1779. Commissary for hospital. Second Lieutenant 
in Capt. Ebenezer Adams' Company of Militia, June, 
1777. First Lieutenant in 5th Company, Capt. Ebenezer 
Adams, Col. Robert Elliott's Regiment of Artillery. 
Return dated Oct. 2. 1777. 
Albert Rodman Nichols, Great-great-grandson 

BENJAMIN ROPER: Of Sterhng, Mass. A soldier in the 
Continental Army. Marched to camp July 10, 1780, dis- 
charged Dec. 15. 1780. 
Fremont Emerson Roper, Great-great-grandson 

ADNAH SACKETT: Of Westfield, Mass. Commissioned 
April 22, 1776. First Lieutenant of Capt. Daniel Sackett's 
Company of the 3rd Hampshire County, Massachusetts 
Regiment commanded by Col. John Moseley. 
Henry Weston Sackett, Great-great-grandson 

126 JS. J. i'omtg of % i'. A. H. 

CHRISTOPHER SARGENT: Of Amesbury, Mass. Pri- 
vate on the alarm of April 19, 1775. 
George Warren Gardner, Great-great-grandson 

JOHN SARGENT: Of Leicester, Mass. Was a soldier of 
the American Revolution. He joined the army as a pri- 
vate in 1780 in Capt. Frothingham's Company of Artil- 
lery — Fourth Division. Mass. 
William Parker Sargent, Great-grandson 

ROBERT SARGENT: Of Amesbury, Mass. Private on 
the alarm of April 19, 1775. 
George Warren Gardner, Great-great-great-grandson 

ISRAEL SAYLES: Of Glocester, R. I. Private in Capt. 
Asa Kimball's Company, 2d Regiment of Foot, R. I., Col. 
Christopher Lippitt's Brigade, June 5. 1776, Newport. 
Private in Capt. B. Hoppin's Company. Enlisted Feb. 
18, discharged Sept. 13. 1776. 
Fred Lincoln Sayles, Great-great-grandson 

MARTIN SENSENDERFER: Of New Hanover, Pa. Pri- 
vate in Capt. Beiteman's Company. 4th Battalion. Phila- 
delphia County Militia, Col. William Dean, Dec. 22, ^77^- 
Winfield Scott Solomon, Jr., Great-great-great-grand- 

JONATHAN SIMMONS : Of Newport, R. I. Ensign, 2d 
Company, Newport, 1774. Lieutenant of Capt. Tew's 
Company of Newport and Bristol Regiment in Army of 
Observation, 1775. Ensign of ist Company, ist Regi- 
ment, Newport Militia, 1776. Lieutenant of Church's 
Rhode Island Regiment, 3d, May to December, 1775. 
John Simmons Palmer, 2D, Great-great-grandson 

Herartia of Heuoluttoiiarii Anrestorfl 127 

SAMUEL SMITH: Of Suffolk County, N. Y. First Lieu- 

• tenant in Capt. Nathaniel Piatt's Company, Smithtown, 

and in Col. Josiah Smith's Regiment ist Suft'olk County, 

N. Y. Militia. He also signed Articles of Association 

adopted by Congress assembled in New York. May 25, 


William Mabley Muncv, G r e at-great-great-great- 

HENRY SOMERBY: Of Newbury. Mass. Sergeant in 
Capt. Gideon Woodwell's Detachment, Massachusetts 
Militia, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775, 
to Cambridge; service to April 23, 1775 — 6 days. 
Irving Masox Saul, Great-great-great-grandson 

SAMUEL SPENCER: Of Windham. Conn. Enlisted in 
the Corps of Artificers. Gen. Pialdwin's Regiment, Feb. 
20. 1778. at the age of sixteen years, and served three 
years. Pensioned. 
Charles Franklix Greexe. Great-great-grandson 

JOSEPH SPICER: Of Groton, Conn, and Hopkinton. R. I. 
A recognized patriot. At the time of the pillaging foray 
of Benedict Arnold into Connecticut, he was a boy of 
sixteen and with other volunteers went from Groton to 
Norwich with ox-carts, after the slaughter at Fort Gris- 
wold. Sept. 6, 1 781, to obtain cofifins in order that the 
victims might be properly interred. His impressions of 
the long night ride — with such a load — in the general 
terror-strickei;, condition of the country, were such as 
lasted throughout his long life. 

George Thurstox Spicer. (Supplemental), Great-grand- 

JOHN SPIES: Of New York. Served as private soldier 
and drummer in Capt. Benjamin Walker's Company, 2d 
New York Regiment, commanded by Col. Philip Cort- 

128 '£. J. Botutij of tl|P ^. A. K 

land. He enlisted April ist, 1781, to serve during the 
war. He was promoted to be drummer Oct. nth, 1781, 
and his name is last borne on the company's muster roll, 
dated May 21st, 1783. 
Frederick Spies Penfold, Great-grandson 

NATHANIEL STONE: Of Cranston, R. I. Served as pri- 
vate. January, 1776, 17 days, Capt. Joe King; January, 
1777, 2 months, Capt. Anthony Potter; April, 1777. i 
month, Capt. Day; June, 1777. i month, Capt. Congdon ; 
August, 1778, I month, Capt. Burlingame ; June, 1780, i 
month, Capt. Colvin ; August, 1780, i month, Capt. Peter 
Tyler; October, 1780, i month, Capt. Roberts; April, 
1781, I month as Sergeant, Capt. Roberts. Pensioned. 
Walter Ernest Randall, Great-grandson 

GIDEON SWEET: Of Attleboro, Mass. Appears with rank 
of Corporal on Lexington Alarm Roll of Capt. Moses 
Wilmarth's Company, Col. John Daggett's Regiment, 
which marched on the alarm of April 19, from Attlel)oro ; 
service, 11 days. Also appears with rank of Corporal on 
Muster and Pay Roll of Capt. Calel) Richardson's Com- 
pany, Col. Timothy Walker's Regiment, dated Aug. i, 
1775. Enlisted May i, 1775 — service. 3 months, 8 days. 
Also appears with rank of Corporal on company return 
of Capt. Richardson's Company, Col. Walker's Regiment, 
Oct. 6. 1775. His name appears among signatures to an 
order for Bounty Coat, or its ecpivalant in money due 
for the eight months' service in 1775, in Capt. Caleb 
Richardson's Company, Col. Timothy Walker's Regi- 
ment, dated Roxbury, Nov. 30, 1775. payable to Daniel 
Leprtlete Sweet, Great-grandson 

BENJAMIN TALLIVIAN : Of Portsmouth. R. I. Major of 
First Rhode Island Regiment in 1775, Lieutenant- 
Colonel, 1776, Colonel, December, 1776. In 1776, he built 

Henry Van Amburgh Joslin 
President, 1902-1903 

Uprorlia of l!ilptt0Utti0tiary Anrpatora 131 

for the Government two frigates, one named the Warren 
of thirty-two guns, commanded by Capt. Hopkins ; the 
other the Providence of twenty-eight guns, commanded 
by Capt. Abraham Whipple. After these vessels were 
finished he was placed in command of a regiment. Later 
he was sent to Black Rock on the river above New Lon- 
don to superintend the building of another vessel called 
the Confederacy. 

Harry Carr Tallman, Great-great-grandson 
Charles Albert Russell, Great-great-grandson 
Albert Irons Russell, Great-great-great-grandson 

WILLL\M TAYLOR: Of North Kingstown. In 1775, was 
appointed by the state as "Ensign"' of the 2nd Company 
of Militia in the Colony of North Kingstown. On the 
third Monday in August, 1775, he was appointed as "Cap- 
tain" of the same company. On the first W'ednesday of 
May, 1776, he was appointed "Captain" of the Second 
Company and also employed as special guard on the 
shores of Narragansett. In 1780, he was appointed Cap- 
tain of Senior Class Company, South Kingstown. 1781, 
he was appointed Captain of Senior Class Artillery Com- 
pany, Third Battalion in the County of Kings. 
EzBON Sanford Taylor, Great-grandson 
Albert RoD^rAN Nichols, Great-great-grandson 

JONATHAN THAYER: Of Braintree, Mass. Captain in 
Col. Baines' Regiment, Massachusetts Militia. Enlisted 
Oct. 14, 1781, discharged Oct. 24, 1781. Regiment 
marched to Stillwater on alarm. 

Harold Chester Barxefield, Great-great-great-grand- 

SETH THAYER: Of Milford, Mass. Private in Capt. 
William Jennison's Company, which marched on the 
alarm of April 19, 1775, from Mendon to Roxbury and 
Cambridge, serving 11 and Yi days. Served as First 

132 K 3. ^ortpty of tl]f i'. A. 1. 

Lieutenant in the 5th Company, 3d Worcester Regiment, 
Massachusetts ^lihtia, commissioned July 9, 1776. Served 
as First Lieutenant in Capt. Gershom Nelson's Company 
of 3d Worcester Regiment, Massachusetts ]\Iilitia. His 
name appears with the rank of Lieutenant on muster and 
pay roll of "Lt. Seth Thayer's Company." Lieutenant- 
Colonel Nathan Tyler's Regiment, for services at Rhode 
Lsland on the alarm of Decemher 8. 1776, as follows; 
Enlisted December 8. 1776, discharged January 2^,, ^777- 
Service, i month, 15 days. His resignation was dated 
Mendon. November 1st, 1779. and accepted by council 
Nov. 16, 1779. 
Gorton Tiiaykr Lippitt, Great-great-great-grandson 

AARON THRASHER: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Private. 
Lieut. James Horton's Company, Col. Thomas Carpen- 
ter's Regiment. Enlisted Aug. 2, 1780, discharged Aug. 
7. 1780 — service 6 days on an alarm at Tiverton. R. L 
I'rivate, Capt. Nathaniel Carpenter's Comj^any. Col. 
Thomas Carpenter's Regiment. Service from July 20, 
1777, I month. 5 days at Rhode Lsland. Private, Capt.. 
Joseph Wilmarth's Company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's 
Regiment. ^larched July 28, 1780, discharged July 31, 
1780 — service, 5 days on an alarm at Rhode Island. Com- 
])any detached for 6 days service and marched from 
Rehoboth to Tiverton, and there served under Gen. 
Hunter Carson White. Great-great-grandson 

ARTHUR THRESHER: Of Rehoboth. Mass. Private, 
Capt. Jonathan Danforth's Company, Col. David 
Brewer's (9th) Regiment. Enlisted July i, 1775 — ser- 
vice, I month. 3 days. Also company return dated, Oct. 
7, 1775. In Capt. Jonathan Danforth's Company, same 
regiment order for bounty coat dated Roxlniry Camp, 
Nov. 14. 1775. 
Hunter Carson White. Great-great-great-grandson 

ISerorDs of iSeuiilutionarij Aurrstors 133 

CHARLES TILLINGHAST : Of Quidnisset Neck, R. I. 
Appointed by the General Assembly of Rhode Island, 
Enlisting- Officer to raise troops for the Continental 
Army. He was so active and earnest in the work that 
the Tories formed a party to get rid of him. When the 
mob was on the wa_\- to his house, they waylaid his son, 
John Tilling-hast, who was also active and helping his 
father in the work, seized him, carried him off as a 
prisoner and killed him. Shortly after, the Tories broke 
in Charles Tillinghast's house, took him out of l)ed and 
carried him to the beach where they had a Iwat in which 
they conveyed him to Block Island. He died there from 
his wounds in seventeen days, thus giving up his life in 
the service of the Continental Army. 
Gardner Tillixghast. Great-great-great-grandson 
Charlrs Alfrko Potter, Great-great-great-grandson 

DANIEL TILLINGHAST: Of Providence. R. 1. Meml)er 
of the Committee of Safety of Rhode Island. Elected 
May, 1/75 '^^'^^^ ^lay 1776. Requested by General Assem- 
bly of Rhode Island to send field-piece to Warwick. Jan- 
uary. 1777. Was Providence member of committee to 
procure blankets for the soldiers, appointed by Genera! 
Assembly of Rhode Island, April, 1777. ^lay. 1777. the 
General Assembly directed all l)read and flour lately 
imported by the state be delivered to him for the use 
of the Continental frigates within the state ; and he was 
requested to remove flour and iron to places of safety. 
He was appointed Colonel of "The Company of the 
Train of Artillery." April 22, 1775. and each year there- 
after during the war. His gravestone at Uxbridge, Mass., 
says : "A man of great activity." 

William Richmond Tillinghast, Great-g-reat-grandson 
James Alexander Ttlltnghast, Great-great-great- 

134 IS. 3. g'oriplij nf H|P B. A. K 

BENJAMIN TINGLEY: Of Attlel)oro, Mass. Sergeant in 
Capt. Jal)ez Ellis' Company, which marched on the alarm 
of April 19, 1775; service, 11 days. Second Lieutenant 
in Capt. Jacoh Hide's (ist) Company, Col. John Dag- 
gett's (4th) Regiment. Commissioned ]\larch 21, 1776. 
Service on alarm caused by liattle of Bunker Hill. Ser- 
vice as Lieutenant in Capt. Stephen Richardson's (Attle- 
horo) Company at Rhode Island, April 21, 1777, to May 
15, 1777; service, 25 days. Quartermaster of Col. Isaac 
Dean's Regiment for service at Tiverton, R. I., on alarm, 
July 31, 1780. Engaged July 31, 1780, discharged August 
7, 1780; service, 10 days. 
RoscoE Morton Dexter, Great-great-grandson 

DANIEL TROWBRIDGE: Of Pomfret, Conn. Sergeant 
in the 8th Company, Capt. Zebadiah Ingall's iith Regi- 
ment, Connecticut Militia, which marched to Westchester. 
N. v., in the summer of 177*^. On his way home he was 
taken ill and died in New Haven, Conn. 
Albert Loom is Warner, Great-grandson 

AARON TURNER: Of Freetown, Mass. Enlisted in De- 
cember, 1776, as a Private under Capt. Joseph Durfee in 
the Massachusetts troops, serving for five months. Late 
in 1777, he re-enlisted under Capt. Joseph Durfee and 
served 6 months. Immediately after he held the rank of 
First Sergeant for 10 months in Capt. Jacob Haskin's 
Company, Col. John Jacob's Regiment. At the expira- 
tion of that i)erio(l he served as a Private for 3 months 
with the militia guarding Narragansett Bay. He next 
served as steward on the Privateer "Saucv Jack," under 
Capt. Isaac Freeborn. He took part in the ]>attle of 
Rhode Island. Pensioned. 
Charles Joseph Davol, Great-grandson 

JAMES TYLER: Of Scituate, R. I.: En>ign, 2d Company, 
vScituate Militia, appointed May, 1778, Simeon Herren- 
den, Captain. Ensign same company, appointed May, 

Eprorbs of ISpuoluttonaru AnrrBtors 135 

1779, Simeon Herrenden, Captain. Ensign same com- 
pany, same Captain, appointed Fel^niary, 1780, and June, 

1780, Served 6 months in Col. Green's Regiment from 
July, 1780. Private, Capt. Henry Dayton's Company of 
Infantry. U. S. service — on muster roll for November, 

1 781, enlisted Nov. 3, 1781 — term, 5 months, on duty at 
Providence. Private, same company, Henry Dayton, 
Captain — on muster roll for month of January, 1782, 
enlisted Noveml)er, 1781. 

Albert Tvlkr, Great-grandson 

Earl Albert Tyler, Great-great-grandson 

SAMUEL VIALL: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Second Lieutenant 
on Row Galley, also First Lieutenant on Row Galley, 
"Spitfire." Killed by an explosion on the "Spitfire," 
April 2, 1777. 

Herbert Hamlin Armixgton, Great-great-great-grand- 

JOHN WALKER: Of Rehoboth, Mass. Sergeant of Com- 
pany of Minute Men from Rehoboth on Lexington 
Alarm, and was in service during the Revolutionary War. 
William Howard W^alker, Great-great-grandson 
William Howard Walker, Jr., Great-great-great-grand- 
William Russell W^^lker, Great-great-great-grandson 

ANDREW WATERMAN: Of Smithfield, R. L In the 
first two years of the war, he served as Captain of militia 
or minute men of his town. He afterwards served re- 
peatedly as Committeeman in the prosecution of the war. 
He was one of his town's deputies in the General Assem- 
bly in 1776, 1777, and acted as such in the session which 
repealed the Act of Allegiance, and in effect declared the 
Colony's independence. Was Captain in Hitchcock's 
Regiment, May to December. 1775. and in Babcock's 
Regiment, January, 1776 and May, 1777. A^lember of the 

136 1. J. Batim of tlie ^. A. iJ. 

General Assembly which approved the Declaration of 


Ernest Stone Harrington, Great-great-great-grandson 

ELISHA WATERMAN: Of Cumberland, R. I. Deputy in 
General Assembly. 1776, and signer of R. I. Declaration 
of Independence and Captain of ^linute men. Cuml)er- 
land. R I.. 1776. 

David Waterman Huckftn, Great-great-grandson 
Elisha Waterman Bucklin, Great-great-grandson 

WTLLIAM WATERMAN: Of Warwick. R. I. Captain of 
the Warwick Militia Company, and served as follows : 
1776, 3 months; 1777. 4 months; 1778. 4 months; 1779, 4 
months; 1780. 4 months. Comi)any also called out on 
various alarms. Pensioned. 
BvRON Spra(;ue Watson, Great-great-great-grandson 

Eought at battle of Bunker Hill. June 17. 1775. and was 
present at the 50th anniversary thereof ; one of 170 sur- 
vivors. Private in Capt. Adams' Company, Col Thatcher's 
Regiment. Enlisted ]\Iarch 4. 1776. discharged March 
9, 1776 — service, 5 days. Marched by order of Gen. 
Washington to take Dorchester Heights. Third Sergeant 
in Capt. John Walton's Company, Col. Brooks' Regiment. 
Enlisted Sept 2y. 1776. — discharged Nov. 16. 1776. Ser- 
vice. 2 months, i day. 
Eleazer P)Artlett Homer, Great-grandson 

HEZEKIAH WETHERBEE: Of Riudge, N. H. Private 
in Capt. Philip Thomas' Company, Col. James Reed's 
Regiment, from April 30 to Aug. 3. 1775. Service. 3 
months, and 9 days. At Aledford, Mass.. Oct. 4. 1775, 
he acknowledged receipt of four dollars ($4) from New 
Ham])shire in place of the Regimental coat promised by 
the colony. Served also in 1779. 
Lewis Hamilton Meader, Great-grandson 

iAvtorhs of iSpuolutiouani Attrpfitnrs 137 

JOSEPH WHEELER, 3CI : Of Fairfield, Conn. Took part 
in the Concord fight. Private, Connecticut Militia at 
Battle of Bunker Hill. 

Alfred H. Wheeler, Great-great-grandson 

EDWARD WHITE: Of Attleboro, Mass. Private in Abiel 
Clap's Company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's Regiment. 
Enlisted July 24, 1777. Discharged Aug. 28, 1777, time, 

1 month. 4 days. Bristol County Regiment marched to 
Rhode Lsland. town not given. 

Leprilete Sweet. Great-great-grandson 

ISAAC WHITE: Of Mansfield, xMass. Lieutenant at Lex- 
ington AlaruL Roll of Capt. Abie! Clapp's Company, Col. 
John Daggett's Regiment, which marched April 19. 1775, 
from Mansfield, Mass. Service, 11 days. Second Lieu- 
tenant Massachusetts Militia — same officers as above 
chosen by company, Attleboro, March 18, 1776. Served 

2 days in Rhode Island— April and May, served 20 days 
in Rhode Island. Served i month, 24 days from May 
14. 1777. July 2/, 1778, with Capt. Isaac Hodges, Col. 
Carpenter's Regiment, 23 days in Rhode Island. June 
26. 1780, First Lieutenant, Massachusetts Militia. 3d 
Company. Bristol County Regiment, commanded by Col 
Dean. Afterwards Bristol County Adjutant on muster 
and pay roll under Col. Abiel :\Iitche]l. Engaged July 
14, 1780. discharged Oct. 31, 1780. Served 3 months, 
20 days. 

Paul Steere Burgess, Great-great-grandson 

DANIEL WHITNEY: Of Watertown, Mass. Ensign in 
Watertown Company (Rev. Army), commanded by 
Capt. Barnard. 

Frederick Richmond Allen, Great-great-great-oreat- 

138 IS. 3. g>ortrly of tl}t B, A. IS. 

ABIEL WILLIAMS : Of Taunton, Mass. Sergeant in Capt. 
Philip King's Company, Col. Gecjrge Williams' Regiment, 
on 25 clays' service to Warren. R. I. Discharged Dec. 31, 
1776. Third Lieutenant in Capt. Jonathan Shaw's Com- 
pany. Col. George Williams' Regiment on secret expedi- 
tion to Taunton and Easton in Septemher, 1777. Lieu- 
tenant in Capt. Shaw's Company in 1778. Also in Capt. 
Noah Hall's Company on march to Tiverton in August, 
Victor Harold King, Great-great-great-grandson 

GEORGE WILLIAMS: Of Taunton, Mass. Colonel, 3d 
Bristol County Regiment, Taunton, Mass. Commissioned 
Feb. 7, 1776. Saw service at Dorchester Heights in 1776, 
in Warren, R. I., in secret expedition to Rhode Island 
at Tiverton, in Gen. Sullivan's Campaign against New- 
port. Resigned commission February 17, 1779. 
Victor Harold King, Great-great-great-great-grandson 

JOHN WILLIAMS: Of Stonington, Conn. Lieutenant, 
wounded at the Battle of WHiite Plains, and was brought 
home strapped to his horse by his body servant. Served 
through the war — Lexington Army, Battle of Long 
Island, Aug. 2/, 1776. Was in W^ashington's Life 
Guards, transferred at \'alley Forge ; Corporal in Capt. 
Stanton's Company. Col. North's Battalion ; Ensign in 
the 4th Battalion, under Capt. Seldon, June. I77<^i; Lieu- 
tenant in Capt. Stanton's Company. 8th Regiment. Sept. 
8. 1776; Captain in Col. Johnson's Regiment. Jan. i, 
Albert Rodman Nichols, Great-great-great-grandson 

PELEG WILLIAMS: Of Johnston, R. I. Deputy in the 
General Assembly of Rhode Island from the town of 
Johnston, May. 1776. 

William Truman Aldrich, Great-great-great-grandson 
Gideon Albert Burgess, Great-great-great-grandson 

®frori)B of Efuoluttonary AtirpstorB 139 

DANIEL WOOD: Of Scituate, R. I. Matross, Capt. Ebe- 
nezer Adams' Company, Col. Rol^ert Elliott's Regiment 
of Artillery, on pay abstract from May i to Jime i, 1778, 
served i month. Matross, same company, same regiment 
— served i month from July i to Aug. i, 1778. Matross, 
same company, same regiment — served i month from 
Aug. I to Sept. I, 1778. Matross, same ccnnpany, same 
regiment — served i month from Oct. i to Nov. i, 1778. 
Name appears on an undated return of men enlisted in 
Capt. Adams' Company, Col. Elliott's Regiment, at 20 
pounds bounty. Name appears on an undated roll of 
Col. Robert Elliott's Regiment, 22 pounds, 13 shillings 
and 8 pence. 

Arthur Mtlton McCrillis. Great-great-great-grandson 

JOSIAH WOOD: Of Northbridge. Mass. Captain; 
marched from Northbridge to Roxl)ury with his company 
on alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 10 days. Captain in 
Col. Ezra Wood's (3d Worcester County) Regiment, 
July, 1776. Captain of men raised to serve in the Con- 
tinental Army, Fel)ruary. 1778. Member of the Commit- 
tee of Correspondence for the town of Northbridge. 
Edward Sheldon Spicer, Great-great-grandson 

SAMUEL WOODS: Of Princeton, Mass. Aleml)er of the 
Committee of Correspondence ; appointed at the annual 
Town Meeting of Princeton, Mass., held in March, 1774. 
John Carter Brown Woods, (Supplemental), Great- 

EPHRALM WOODWARD: Of Taunton, Mass. Private, 
Capt. Elisha Barney's (loth) Company, Col. George Wil- 
liam's Regiment ; service, 2^ days. Company marched to 
Warren, via Rehoboth, on the alarm at Rhode Island of 
Dec. 8, 1776. Corporal, Capt. Ichal)od Leonard's Com- 
pany, Col. John Hathaway's Regiment; service, 20 davs- 

140 S. J. g>flrirh; uf tbr §». A. K. 

at Rhode Inland. In Capt. Edward Blake's Company; 
service. 32 days at Rhode Island. Private in Capt. 
Nathaniel Snow's Company. Col. George Williams' Regi- 
ment ; enlisted June 22, 1778; service, 17 days. Corporal 
in Capt. Pelatiah Eddy's Company, Col. John Hathaway's 
Regiment; entered service March 23, 1779, discharged 
April 15. 1779; service, 24 days at Rhode Island. Private 
in Capt. Rutus Barney's Company, Col. Carpenter's Regi- 
ment ; service. 4 days on an alarm. In Capt. Xehemiah 
Pratt's Com])any. Col. ^^litchell's Regiment, commanded 
by Lieutenant-Colonel James Williams, Brig. Gen. Cieorge 
Godfrey's Brigade; service. 8 days. Comjiany marched 
on the alarm of Aug. 2, 1780. 
Charles Daniel Woodward, Great-grandson 
Charles Wentworth Woodward^ Great-great-grandson 

Joseph Balch 
President. 1912-1913 

George Carpenter Arnold 
Historian General, 192'>. Now in Office 

Jn iH^mnriam 

^^[}aht Ssinuh ^nrtrty of tl^r Bm\B of t[}t 
Ampnran ISpbalutton 


Andrews, Brig.-Gen. Geo. Lippitt, July 19. 1920, Washington, D. C. 
Arnold, Arthur Henry, April 24, 191 3, Providence. 
Arnold, Olney, March 5, 1916, Lisbon, Portugal. 
Atwood, Henry Clinton, December 9, 1913, Danielson, Conn. 
Austin, Amory, January 4, 1920, Newport, R. I. 
Baker, Matthias Wisen, Jr., Octolier 14, 1920, Saranac Lake, N. Y. 
Raich, Joseph, February 14, 1920, Providence, R. L 
Barton, Nathan Bowen, February 13, 191 7, Sharon, Mass. 
Battey, John Mason, February 14, 1916, Providence, R. L 
Benedict, William Curtis, April 22, 191 5, Providence, R. L 
Blodgett, John Taggard, March 4, 1912, Providence, R. L 
Bowen, Charles Wetter, August 15, 1916, St. Johnsbury, Vt. 
Brown. Daniel Russell, February 28, 1919, Providence, R. L 
Brown, Maj. Nath'l [lowland, February 17, 1916, E. Greenwich, R. I. 
Brown, Robert Perkins, March 5, 1921, Providence, R. L 
Brown, Thomas Linn, July 15, 1916, San Antonio, Texas. 
Bucklin, David Waterman, October 22, 1918, Litchfield, Conn. 
Burdick, Franklin Elisha, December 26, 191 7, Providence, R. L 
Cady, Frederic Waterman, July 2^, 1918, Riverside, R. L 
Chace, James Edward, Octol)er 15, 191 7, Chepiwanoxet, R. L 
*Church, William Howe, April 18, 1910, Bristol, R. L 
Cocroft, Mason Freeman, ^larch 27,, 1918, Providence, R. L 
Daniels, Capt. Geo. Metcalf, August 23, 1913, Burlington, Vt. 
Darling, George Curtis, October 4, 1918, Providence, R. L 
Dennis, Arthur Wellington, November 19, 1920, Saunderstown, R. L 
DeWolf, John Halsey, June 5, 191 5, Providence, R. L 
Earle, Charles Rhodes, June 2, 1918, Groton, Mass. 
Easton, Nicholas Howard, March 14, 1920, Central Falls, R. L 
Eaton, Amasa Mason, October 3, 1914, Providence, R. L 
Eccleston, Alvin Herbert, January 2t„ 1910, Providence, R. L 
Eddy, Joseph Thomas Adams, January 28, 191 5, Providence, R. L 
Farnsworth, John Prescott, December 3, 1919, Providence, R. L 

*Son of a Revolutionary Soldier. 

146 a. 3. i'onptg of % ^. A. IS. 

Fenner, Herbert Nicholas, January 5. 191 5, Providence, R. I. 
Foster. James Herbert, Auoust 10,, 1910, Providence, R. I. 
Gay, James Bacon, November 25, 191 1, Providence, R. I. 
Gibson, Henry Maitland, April 8, 191 5, Bristol, R. I. 
Gladding, Frederic Fillmore, March 24, 1919, Bristol, R. I. 
Goff, Edward Everett, February 9, 1920, Edgewood, R. L 
Granger, William Smith, January i, 1916, Providence, R. I. 
Greene, Frederic Albert, November 18, 191 3, Providence, R. L 
Cireene, Isaac Chase, December 15, 191 6, Providence, R. I. 
Greene, William Maxwell, August 25, 1920, East Greenwich, R. I. 
Hadley, Ralph Mncent, December 19, 1918, Providence, R. I. 
Hart, George Thomas, December zt,, 1916, Providence, R. I. 
Hayward, Walter, June 26, 1919, Providence, R. I. 
Healy, George Albert, February 23, 1917, Providence, R. I. 
Hill, Charles Greene, January 13, 1919, East Cireenwich, R. I. 
Hitchcock, George, September 2, 191 3, Island of Marken, Holland. 
Hodges. Maj-Gen. Chas. Li])I)eus. Dec. 26, 191 1, Washington, D. C. 
Hopkins, Charles Wyman. June 14, 1910, Providence. R. I. 
Hough, Walter Scott, January 29, 1914, Providence. R I. 
Humphrey. George, December 4, 1917, Providence. R. I. 
James, Henry Morris. October 24, 1916, Danielson. Conn. 
Johnson, Joseph Harris. April 3, 1916, Providence, R. I. 
Joslin, Henry Van Amburgh. January 19. 1918. Providence, R. I. 
Kelley, Arthur Livingston. April 7, 191 5, Providence, R. I. 
Kendrick. John Edmund. December 26, 1913, Cranston, R. I. 
*Kenyon. Albert Franklin. April 18. 1918. Providence. R. I. 
Kenyon, Edwin Almeron. January 14. 1912. Carolina, R. I. 
Kenyon. George Henry. May 7, 1910, Providence, R. I. 
Knight, Dr. Edward Balch. May 5. 1916. Providence, R. I. 
Lippitt, Rol)ert Lincoln, June 26, 1910. Providence, R. I. 
Lull. Warren Aiken. March 6. 1913, New IJerlin, N. Y. 
Manton. Benjamin Dyer, July 30, 191 1, Barbados, West Indies. 
Manton, Joseph P^'otter. October 15. 191 2. Providence, R. 1. 
Martin, Col. Benjamin luiker, April 11. 1915, Warren, R. I. 
Martin, Frank Howard, February 2. 1917, Providence, R. I. 
Mathewson, Everett Irving. Jan. 11. 1916, Narragansett Pier, R. I. 

*Son of a Revolutionary Soldier. 

Serpasri mpmbprs 147 

Mathewson. Syris Wilbur, Jr., July 2^, i</2o, Xarragausett Pier, R. I. 
Merrill, Johu Harvey, September 29, 1910, Stafford Springs, Conn. 
Metcalf, Howard Tucker, December 25, 1914, Providence, R. I. 
Morris, Edward Dexter, September 24, 191 1, Exeter, R. I. 
Nye, William Prince, December 31, 191 1, Providence, R. I. 
Potter, Dexter Burton, February 2"/, 191 7, Providence, R. I. 
Potter, Henry Olney, April 30, 1920, Washington, D. C. 
Potter, William Alfred, May 8, 1919, Providence. R. I. 
Reed, William Shelby, September 13, 1919, Chicago, Illinois. 
Rhodes, Christopher, August 10, 1918, Providence, R. I. 
Richmond, John Francis, November 11, 1918, W. Barrington, R. I. 
Rickard, James Helme, May 6, 1914, Woonsocket, R. I. 
Robinson. Isaac Rich, March 24, 1913, New^ York City, N. Y. 
Roelker, William Greene, January 24, 191 1. New York City, N. Y. 
Russell, Emery Poole, October i, 1917, Providence. R. I. 
Sanford. John Orren, December 9, 1910, AttleJ:)oro, Mass. 
Sheldon, Frank Augustus, November 18, 1920, Cranston, R. I. 
Sheldon, Philip Collins, February 3, 1916, Pawtucket, R. I. 
Slade, William Lloyd, September 7, 1914, Providence, R. I. 
Spink, Arthur Bradford, Noveml)er 3, 191 5, Providence, R. I. 
Steere, Charles Leveck, September 2y, 1910, Harrisville, R. I. 
Stevens, Leverett Cooper, May 20, 1920, Cowesset. R. I. 
Stevenson, Geo. Leon. October 31, 1918, Camp Polk, Raleigh, N-. C. 
Taft, Royal Chapin, June 4, 1912, Providence, R. I. 
Taylor, Dr. I'hilip Kittredge, August 21, 1917, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Thompson, Arthur Middleton, December 3, 191 3, Providence, R. I. 
Tillinghast, Lodowick Hoxie, May 2^^, 191 7. Providence, R. I. 
Wall, George Augustus, March 21, 1910, San Juan, Porto Rico. 
Warren, Joseph Draper, March 24, 191 5, Old Point Comfort, Va. 
Washburn. Roscoe Clifton, August 5, 1918, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Webb, Rev. Samuel Heber, February 16, 1912, Providence, R. I. 
White, Hunter Carson, August 26, 1910, Providence, R. I. 
Williamson. Frank Adolphus, September 7, 191 o, lamestown, R. I. 

Thomas Allen Jenckes 
President 1913-1914 

Sfnnor Hull 

PrpBpntattan of Har i>prbtrF fHrJialB 

iFpbruary 22. 1321 

AbbrrfiB an Pr^aputatton of Blar Swbirp 

Ea UptJibrrH an& Bowb nf MvmbttB, ^, A. 35. 

By Herbert Morton Clarke, President. 

To you, members and sons of meml^ers of the Rhode Island 
Society, Sons of the American Revolution, who served in the 
Army or Navy of the United States, in the World War, I 
extend a welcome and bring you oreeting in the name of our 
State and National Societies. 

All of you, I am sure, bore an honorable part in that 
struggle for the overthrow of autocracy and establishing of 
human rights on enduring foundations. Some of you may 
be saying in your hearts, "I did not have the chance I craved. 
I was kept at the camp and training station when I longed 
for service in the field." But here we recognize no such dis- 
tinction. Whether in camp or field; at home or abroad; 
whether facing the withering machine gun fire on the battle 
front, or serving with fidelity and devotion in the daily rou- 
tine of camp ; standing your watch on the storm-swept decks 
of destroyer or battleship; or guarding our coasts in the ports 
of the homeland ; each and all, you otTered your lives in proof 
of your unselfish devotion to the cause of human freedom, 
and showed yourselves worthy successors to the patriots of 
1776. whose memory we honor to-day, and fnmi whom you 
trace your noble lineage. In your breasts throbbed the same 
intense love of country that inspired the hearts of Washing- 
ton and Adams and Jefiferson ; of Greene and Hopkins and 
Varnum; of John Paul Jones and Richard Henry Lee; and 
of other more obscure, but no less noble souls — 

"The knightliest of the knightly race, 

Who since the days of old. 
Have ke])t the lamp of chivalry. 

Alight in hearts of gold."' 

Most of you have now returned to the ordinary duties of 
civil life, but should our country again be menaced by a for- 

152 IS. J. Batuh} of tl|p ^. A. K 

eign foe, or I)y traitors marching under the red flag within 
her own l)orders. you who caught the torch from falling hands 
on Flanders'. Fields, or served with no less devotion in the 
training camps at home, will spring to her defense with cheer- 
ful courage. And in time of peace, this same high spirit of 
patriotism will make you a force for righteousness in the 
councils of ])olitical parties and in the world of business, and 
thus help to answer the prayer of our poet-prophet, who 
wrote : 

"God give us men: a time like this demands 

Strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands ; 

Men whom the lust of office does not kill ; 
Men whom the spoils of office cannot Inty ; 

Men who possess opinions and a will ; 
Men who have honor ; men who will not lie ; 

Men who can stand before a demagogue 
And damn his treacherous flatteries without winking ; 

Tall men, sun-browned, who live above the fog. 
In public duty and in private thinking. 
For while the rabble, with their thumb-worn creeds. 
Their large professions and their little deeds. 
Mingle in selfish strife, lo ! Freedom weeps. 
Wrong rules the land, and waiting Justice sleeps." 

In this belief, we greet you to-day ; for this reason, we hail 
you as defenders of the highest American ideals. 

And thus in the name of the Rhode Island Society. Sons 
of the American Revolution, and of the National Society as 
well. I bestow on you these medals, and l)id you to wear them 
unsullied as worthy sons of patriot sires. 

liar irrbirr Mehnis 


Charles Wheaton Abbot— Colonel, U. S. A. Retired. 
Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Brown Uni- 
versity. 1 91 7-' 1 8. Commanding Officer, Students' 
Army Training Corps, Brown University, I9i8-'i9. 
As the Adjutant General of Rhode Island,' supervising 
Rccfistratiou and Selection under the Selective Service 

Frederick Richmond Allen— Quartermaster U S N R 

Herl)ert Hamlin Armington. M. D.— Captain. Medical 
Corps, U. S. A. 

Walter Mason Haker- Second Lieutenant, hifantry— 
13th Battalion. U. S. Guard. 

Joseph Balch— Private, 5rst Brigade Headquarters De- 
tachment, 26th Div., A. F. F. 

Donald Flagg Bowen— Sergeant, Company C, 78th Div., 
310th Infantry. A. E. F. 

Joseph Bowen— First Class Private, Quartermasters Re- 
serve Corps and Supply Company, 314, A. F. F. 

Albert Samuel P.rower— Drum Major 66th C \ C 
Band, A. F. F. 

Henry Seabury Brown, M. D.— Lieutenant (Passed 
Ass't. Surgeon) U. S. N. R. F. 

Ernest Henry Brownell— Commander. Civil Enoineer 
Corps, U. S. N. " 

Earle Balcom Dane— Captain. 3roth Infantry, 78th Div 
A. F. F. 

McDonald Low Edinger— Second Lieutenant, Field Ar- 
tillery, A. E. F. 

Marshall EI wood Fisher-Private. 301st Engineers Med 
Dept., A. E. F. ^ ■ 

Chester Curtis Foster-Second Lieutenant. Company K., 

iC4th Infantry, 26th Div.. A. E. F. 
Edward Livingston Freeman— Ensign, U. S. N. 

154 E. 3. §»oriPty of tl^ B. A. iS. 

George Warren Gardner. M. D.. — Major, Medical Corps, 
U. S. A. 

Clarence Henry Greene — Major and Constructing Uuar- 
termaster, U. S. A. 

Gordon Dyer Hale, M. D., — Lieutenant Commander, 
Med. Corps, U. S. N. 

Carroll Borden Hodges, Major. Inspector-General, U. S. 
A. (Cited an Officer of the Order of the Black Star, 
by the President of France. ) 

Thomas Allen Jenckes. Jr., — Second Lieutenant, U. S. A. 

Royal Knight Joslin — Lieutenant, Medical Corps, U. S. 

Arthur Livingston Kelley, Second Lieutenant, ii6th En- 
gineers. U. S. A. 

Charles Warren Lippitt, Jr.. — Sergeant, Headquarters 
Company, 103d Field Artillery, A. E. E. 

Gorton Thayer Lippitt — Corporal. A. Company, lOist 
Engineers. 26th Div.. A. E. E., {Croi.r de Guerre icith 
star ) . 

James Bancroft Littleheld — Major, 38th Artillery. (C. 
A. C). 

Howard Norcott ^lanchester — Eirst Lieutenant, Infan- 
try, U. S. A. 

Philij) Corydon Means. M. D., — Eirst Lieutenant, Medi- 
cal Corps, U. S. A. 

Manton Campbell Alitchell — Lieutenant-Colonel, 39th 
Infantry, 4th Div., A. E. E. — also Acting Colonel, 
47th Infantry, A. E. E. (Distin<jitished Sen'ice Cross — 
Croix de Guerre %^'ith pahns). 

I^arnes Newberry — Lieutenant. (J. G.). U. S. N. 

Stephen David Paddock — Chief Yeoman, U. S. N. R. E. 

Frederick Spies Pen fold, D. D. — Chaplain, 121st Field 
Artillery, 57th Brigade, 32nd Div., A. E. E. 

Arthur Lloyd Philbrick — Captain, Engineers Corps, U. 
S. A. 

r Bnmt£ Mthnis 155 

Ferdinand Willard Potter — Second Lieutenant. 149th 
Field Artillery, 42nd (Rainbow) Div., A. E. F. Cita- 

Rowland Rodman Robinson, M. D. — Contract Surgeon, 
U. S. N. 

Fremont Emerson Roper — Captain, Company D., 3iyth 
Engineers, A. E. F. 

Albert Irons Russell — First Lieutenant, Ordnance De- 
partment, Motor Section, A. E. F. 

Irving Mason Saul — Limited Service, Personnel Section. 
under Selective Service Law. 

Winlield Scott Solomon — Major, 417th Telegraph P>at- 
talion, A. E. F. 

Edward Sheldon Spicer — Gunner's Mate, Second Class. 
U. S. N. R. F. ; Second Lieutenant, Quartermaster 
Corps, U. S. A. 

George Thurston Spicer. M. D. — Registration Board for 
Conscription — Exemption Board under Selective Ser- 
vice Law, (Commission by the President) — Volunteer 
Medical Service Corps. 

Waldo Everett Tanner — Commissary Steward, U. S. N. 

Charles Foster Tillinghast — Colonel. C. A. C. 

James Alexander Tillinghast — Lieutenant. (J. G.). U. 

S. N. R. F. 
(jeorge Heber Webb — Captain, Infantry, U. S. A.; 

Director of Registration and Draft, 1917-1919; Direc- 
tor. R. I. Council of Defense, 1917-1919; Disbursing 

Ofificer for U. S. Government for War Dept., 1917-1919. 
Frederick Lewis Weis — Lieutenant, (J. G.), U. S. N. 
Robert Lewis Weis — First Sergeant, 319th l^utchery 

Company, Quartermaster Corps, 83d Div., A. E. F. 
Hunter Carson White — Captain, Coast Artillery, U. S. 



S. 3. ^nriplg of tl|e B. A. H. 


George Carpenter Arnold. Jr. — Aviation Dept., (M. I. 

T.), U. S. N. R. F. 
Philip Rhodes Arnold — P'rivate, 114th Ordnance Depot 

Company, U. S. A. 
Samuel Reed Damon — Second Lieutenant, 103d Field 

Artillery, A. E. F. 
John Winthrop DeWolf. Jr. — Ciunner's Mate, Second 

Class, U. S. N. R. F. 
Stephen Hunt Jencke.s — Ensign, U. S. N. R. F. 
Earl Rhodes Knight — Ordnance Sergeant, Company A., 

8th Provisional Ordnance Battalion, A. E. E. 
George Tucker Aletcalf — First Lieutenant, Lifantry, U. 

S. A. 
John Tucker Metcalf— Lieutenant, (S. G.), U. S. N. 
Paul Barney Aletcalf — Second Lieutenant, 137th Field 

Artillerv, U. S. A. 

AblirpBB on Pr?0pntaltmi of Mnr Bttbltt 

2I0 SfiirfBrntattbra of SrrraBrii fflrmbrrs anlJ S'ana of 
MvmbnB. ^. A. S. 

By Herbert Morton Clarke, President. 

What fitting words can 1)e used on an occasion like this 
concerning" those, who in the service of their country, have 
made the supreme sacrifice, and paid the last full measure of 
devotion to the cause of human freedcmi. — 

"On fame's eternal camping ground 

Their silent tents are spread. 
And glory guards with solemn round 

The hivouac of the dead."' 

They have ceased from their lahors here, hut their mem- 
ory is enshrined forever in the heart of the American people, 

And to you upon whom the blow has fallen with crush- 
ing force, we can only repeat the words of Lincoln to a 
bereaved mother : 

"I feel how weak and fruitless must be any words of 
mine which should attempt to beguile you from the grief of 
a loss so overwhelming. I ])ray that our heavenly Father may 
assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only 
the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn 
pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice 
upon the altar of freedom." 

With these medals which we hand you to-day, goes a 
deep sense of gratitude to Almighty God for the victory which 
these whom we honor helped to achieve, and the profound 
sympathy of every member of our Society for those who 
mourn the loved and lost. 

And now in the name of the National and State Socie- 
ties of the Sons of the American Revolution, I hand you these 
medals, which I know you will keep as a memorial of those 
who have passed from earth to their eternal reward. 

158 IS. 3. ^oriflg of % %>. A. 

jPoatltumous Aiuarba 

Colonel Henry Olney Potter 

Chairman. Exemption Hoard, under Selective Service law. 

(Commission l)y the President.) 

Claudius Ralph Farnsworth 
Corporal (Acting Sergeant) Battery A, loist Field Artillery, 

A. E. F. 

Killed in action. 

Walter March moxt Haywaru 

Private. Ordnance Department (Chemical Service) U. S. A. 

Died of chemical gas poisoning 

Alexander Farxim Lii'imtt 

First Lieutenant. Comjjany I, i66th Infantry, 42nd ( Kainhow) 

Division. A. E. F. 

Died of \vt)unds received in action. 

Distiiiaitisiicd Scrz'icc Cress ( posthumou.i award) 

Honor Roll Sitiinnary 

Presentations to Members 47 

Presentations to Sons of Members 9 

Posthumous Awards 4 

Total World War Service Medals 60 

Henry Clinton Dexter 
President, 1914-1915 

General Charles Wheaton Abbot. Jr. 
President. 1915-191() 

MatatBtmh AHBoriation 





second only to Washington 

built this House in 1770 

and lived in it until as a private 

he joined the Army 

at Camhridg-e in 1775. 

Inscription on Bronze Tablet — placed on Greene Homestead 
by R. I. Society, S. A. R. 

( For picture of the Homestead see Frontispiece) 


Herbert MoRTt)N Clarke, President 
Phenix, R. I. 

Charles Joseph Davol, First Vice President 
East Greenwich. R. I. 

Howard Vernon Allen, Second Vice President 
East Greenwich, R. I. 

Elisha Waterman Bucklin, Secretary 
East Greenwich, R. I. 

Frank Bailey Smith, M. D., Treasurer 
Washington, R. I. 

The house shown as frontispiece was built by General 
Nathanael Greene in 1770. It is supposed that it was built in 
part by his own labor, as he was skilled in the use of tools. 
Some of the old door latches appear to have been wrought by 
hand, and were, perhaps, hammered into shape at the forge 
nearby. The house stands on an elevation overlooking the 
valley of the Pawtuxet. in the town of Coventry, near the 

164 K. 3, ^onrty of % ^. A. K. 

present village of Anthony. On the hank of the river at low 
water may he seen the remains of the forge and mill estab- 
lished hy General Nathanael Greene and his brothers. The 
house remains substantially as it was built, though later hands 
added the wing, and the ugly canopy over the old colonial 
doorway, and topped out the big square stone chimneys with 
modern brick. 

It was in this house that Nathanael Greene lived while 
serving as a member of the General Assembly in 1771 and 
subsequent years. It was to this house that he brought his 
bride, Catherine Littlefield, in 1774. Here he continued to 
reside until he joined the Patriot Army under Washington. 
It was to this house that he returned for brief visits as his 
uiilitary duties would permit. Here his growing family con- 
tinued to live until his removal to Newport, and later to 
Georgia after the close of the Revolutionary War. On the 
north-westerly corner of the house is the bronze tablet placed 
there by the Rhode Island Society, Sons of the American 

The movement to purchase the house originated at a 
meeting of Kent County Chapter, S. A. R., held at the home 
of its president, Herbert Morton Clarke, who suggested that 
an option be secured on the property, with a view to acquir- 
ing and setting it apart as a permanent memorial. A few 
friends, nearly all members of Kent County Chapter, raised 
the money for the initial payment ; later the "General Nathan- 
ael Greene Homestead Association" was incorporated ; and by 
the generous assistance of local citizens and other friends, 
the remainder of the $4000 required was raised. The prop- 
erty has now been conveyed to a Board of Trustees to hold 
in perpetuity as a historic memorial. 

On Constitution Day, September 17, 1920, the comple- 
tion of the purchase was formally celebrated by memorial 
exercises held on the lawn in front of the house, under direc- 
tion of Mr. Henry Greene Jackson, the newly elected Presi- 
dent of Kent County Chapter, who is a descendant of Colonel 
Christopher Greene. Addresses were made, setting forth the 

($n\, Natiianapl (^rmu i^atmatmh ABaortatioit 165 

purpose of the Association to restore the house, beautify the 
grounds, and bring together a choice collection of relics and 
furniture of the period, so that the historic home may be pre- 
served to future generations as a fitting memorial of the fore- 
most soldier of the American Revolution next to Washington 
himself— a shrine of patriotic devotion— the Mount Vernon 
of Rhode Island. 

Frederick Dick man Carr 
President, 191G-1917 

(!?pnpral (^rsnw Mtmntmi Afisonation 167 

(^mnui (BuBm Mtmatmi hasatrntmn 

Members representing this Society in the General Greene 
Memorial Association : 

John Edward Studley Term expires Aug. 7. 1921 

Addison Pierce Munroe Term expires Aug. 7, 1922 

George Carpenter Arnold Term expires Aug. 7, 1923 

William Chace Greene Term expires Aug. 7. 1924 

WiLLiM Luther Sweet Term expires Aug. 7, 1925 

The General Greene Memorial Association was organized 
for the purpose of erecting a memorial to Major-General 
Nathanael Greene and was incorporated by the General 
Assembly of Rhode Island, April 18, 1907, consisting of the 
following-named organizations, viz. : 

Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Rhode Island. 

Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American Revo- 

Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the Revolution. 

State Conference of Daughters of the American Revolu- 
tion in Rhode Island. 

Rhode Island Historical Society. 

Newport Historical Society. 


George Franklin Weston 

President, 1907-1908 
1902-1906— Poet, 1920— Now in Office 


aiiobp Jslanti'a iPourtl| af ilag. ITZB 

Written by George Franklin Weston, 

Poet of the S. A. R. Read at the Annual Dinner, Feb. 22, 
1921, a)id ordered printed in the Manual. 

On the Fourth of May, 1776, the General Assembly of 
Rhode Island passed an Act liberating the state from further 
allegiance to Great Britain. 

Two months later to a day, on July 4th, followed the 
Declaration of Independence at Philadelphia. 

Previous to this session of the General Assembly there 
was written at the end of the records, "God save the King." 

At the close of this session and after was written, "God 
save the United States." 

Whatever may be said about the conservatism of Rhode 
Island and her hesitation to lead in progressive development, 
here was an instance of gravest import when Rhode Island 
led all the other colonies. 

This extraordinary procedure on the part of Rhode 
Island I make the subject of my poem. 

^\\vl\m ilfilanti'fl 3mtX\] nf iHay, irre 


All hail, Rhode Island's greatest day. 
The day that gave her just renown, 
The day that set a Nation's pace 
And stripped a monarch of his crown. 

A tyrant king in selfish pride 
Broke faith with men of spirit here. 
Sent fleets and armies to this land. 
Destroying rights we held most dear. 

No craven fear those freemen knew 
Who met our ship of state to guide, 
A tyrants yoke they would not wear 
And unjust laws they set aside. 

170 IS. 3. g>omlg of % §>. i\. iB. 


Do kings preside by right divine, 
And does God sanction what they say? 
These questions, startling all mankind, 
Were settled on that Fourth of May. 

Repeal those Acts, the people cried. 
Their hateful presence must not stay. 
And in their legislative halls, 
Rhode Island statesmen found a wav. 

The old State House we venerate 
.Still beckons to its sacred room. 
Where freemen met in hot debate 
To vote a faithless tyrant's doom. 

Whence came this spirit of the free 
That flung defiance to a crown, 
That set at naught traditions spell 
And threw an age worn scepter down? 

It came with Bradford cross the sea. 
With Brewster, Williams, and John Clarke, 
To found a Nation where good will 
Kindled its fire from freedom's spark. 

"Will they do it." Dare they do it?" 
Was not so hard a thing to say 
In that far ofif Quaker city. 
When our Rhode Island led the way. 


And so throughout the world to-day. 
Democracy has come to stay. 
The people's will is voice supreiue 
And this fulfils Rhode Island's dream. 

All glory then be to our state 
And sacred be the Fourth of May, 
When king's decrees were overthrown 
And our Rhode Island led the way. 


Then honor to the Fourth of May, 
The date we call our sacred day. 
When freemen scorned the scepter's sway 
And rule of kings was swept away. 

Howard Vernon Allen 
President, 1917-1918 

of ttjf 

iSljab^ Jakub ^nri^ty nf tlj^ §nna of 
ttj? Am^riran Seunlutinn 

Namra nf (ifftrprs far 1920-1921 

Iristnl (Hhaptpr. No. 1. Bristol, R. I. 

Chartered January 1, 1898 

President — Hezekiaii Church Wardwell 
Vice-President — Lewis Bradford Waldron 
Seeretarx — Joseph Franklin Farrally 
Treasurer — Willl\m Leonard Manchester 
Historian — George Ulric Arnold 
Poet — Orrin Luther Boswoktii 

^Prmtibnirr (Cbaptrr. No. 2. Providence, R. L 

Chartered Apru, 17, 1901 

'■^President — Robert Perkins Brown 
rice-President — Frederick Dickman Carr 
Secretary and Treasurer— AKiuim Preston Sumner 
Historian — Wilfred Harold Munro 
Poet — George Franklin Weston 

Pautturkpt (Chapter. No. 3. Pawtucket, R. L 

Chartered Feiiruary 18, 1909 

President — Henry Clinton Dexter 
]' ice-President — Charles Henry French 
Secretary — 

Treasurer^TwEODO-R^ Everett Dexter 

aHiaptfrfi 173 

SCpitt (finutttg ail^npttr, ^a. 4. East Greenwich, R. 1. 

Chartered February 18, 1909 
President — Henry Greene Jackson 
Vice-President — Benjamin Franklin Tefft 
Secretary — Elisha Waterman Bucklin 
Treasurer — Frank Bailey Smith 
Registrar — William Arnold Browning 
Historian — Albert Rodman Nichols 
Chaplain — Rev. Charles Fremont Roper 

Arthur Preston Sumner 

President, 1919-19^0 

Treasurer, 1898-1918 

Member, Executive Committee, 

National Soriety, S. A. R. 

(Srabps of Hfoolutionary ^oliiera 175 

O^rahffi nf Steoaluttattarij ^olJitprB 

Supplemental List of Patriots of the American Revolution Whose 
Graves Have Been Marked With S. A. R. Markers. 

Name Cemetery Town 

Asa Bartlett Town Farm Cuiiil)erland, R. I 

Clarke Brown First Avenue East Greenwich, R. I 

Joseph Carpenter Prospect Hill Uxhridge, Mass 

Joseph Greene Old Baptist Ground East Greenwich, R. I 
Lt. Samuel Hamlin Swan Point Providence, R. I 

Joseph Joslyn Old Baptist Ground East Greenwich, R. I 
Capt. Nathan Miller 

Richard Palmer Little Compton Commons Little Compton. R. I 
John Smith North Burial Ground Providence, R. I 

Capt. Joseph Spicer Spicer Ground Hopkinton City, R. I 
Capt. John Sprague Old Baptist Ground East Greenwich, R. I 
Levi Weatherhead Diamond Hill Cumherland. R. I 

Simon Whipple, Sr. Diamond Hill Cum])erland, R. I 

Committee on Marking Graves of Revolutionary Sol- 
diers and Sailors : 

George Thurston Spicer 


II! mil mil mil I 

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